Jaclyn Friedman at Queen’s: What’s Feminism Got To Do With It? Audio recording.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Listen to:  WHAT’S FEMINISM GOT TO DO WITH IT – Jaclyn friedman – Queen’s University – April 7, 2014

I herewith revoke my word not to record the Jaclyn Friedman What’s Feminism Got To Do With It public event.  Had security not violated my Charter Rights I would never have had to take the steps I did to preserve those rights.  Section 183 and 184 of the CCC, Criminal Code of Canada, gives me every right to tape record.

On April 7, 2014, a group of five men and one woman were denied access to a public feminist event at Queen’s University for absolutely no reason at all. Security trampled on Charter rights of these Canadians. Suzy Enola, Jim Byset, Dan Perrins and Attila Vinczer were eventually allowed to enter the auditorium after tremendous resistance to let us attend a public feminist event. What were they hiding from us?

Adele Mercier unexpectedly withdrew from the event as one of the speakers and panel members. She was subjected to harsh criticism regarding her comments that, yes men are raped but only by men and female prison guards who have sex with under age incarcerated boys is ok because they (under age incarcerated boys) are asking for it (sex).

At the last moment, female organizers frantically put up notices that no video or audio recording would be allowed. Steve Brule, a documentarian and his assistant were denied access to the auditorium under any circumstances. Queen’s security told us they were acting under the direction of the feminist organizers.

I was able to get access to a digital recording of the event, which I feel is very important to share with the public. The public has a right to know what type of damaging and dangerous rhetoric is being spoken to highly impressionable young adult minds. For example, Jaclyn Friedman in her slide show failed to show a picture of a woman, to illustrate that women can and do rape men and women. Friedman thought it was only necessary to depict a young man as the image of a what a rapist is.

Have a listen, and determine for yourself if this feminist event is fair, balanced and just with the propaganda it propagates. Moreover, is this the kind of bigoted lecture that Queen’s University should permit on campus? One must wonder if they even are aware how deeply bigoted this event was.

Many thanks to Jim Byset and Dan Perrins for not resting until Jaclyn Friedman, the panel, and the audience heard the importance of including men and boys as victims of crime, not just women.

My thanks to the women who helped make this recording possible. I couldn’t have done it without you.

NOTICE! The contents of this audio clip may not be copied, downloaded or shared in any way shape or form without the explicit permission of Attila L. Vinczer or AVFM.

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AVfM's Director of Activism Attila Vinczer is a single father of two boys who has found it imperative to fight for the rights of children and families with the understanding that society grossly discriminates against, boys, men, and fathers in every way possible.

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  • Scrufflecat

    “NOTICE! The contents of this audio clip may not be copied, downloaded or shared in any way shape or form without the explicit permission of Attila L. Vinczer or AVFM.” Should have said “enthusiastic consent”.

    • https://twitter.com/TicklishQuill Isaac T. Quill

      Oh No – Audio Theft Culture Looms It’s Ugly Head!

  • https://twitter.com/TicklishQuill Isaac T. Quill

    Fascinating. Last time I heard this level of cognitive dissonance in one concerted lump was …. actually I haven’t heard anything like it before.

    We need a new word – “FriedmanMercieresque” – defined as Hyperbolic rambling incoherency in the hope that all within earshot are mentally incompetent and won’t notice the speakers lack of underwear.

    And some thought that Adele Mercier looked bad.

    • Kimski

      Someday I’m going to count the amounts of “Right?” she delivered, and write an article about Friedman’s overt need for constant validation.
      -And subsequently her obvious lack of faith in the cause she promotes, because of it.

      • https://twitter.com/TicklishQuill Isaac T. Quill

        Yup – Me Thinks The Lady Doth Protest Waaaaaay Toooo Muuuuuch – Right? OK? You Agree? Don’t You? Fine?

        • Bewildered

          “I don’t know what the hell you are talking about “

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ DannyboyCdnMra

    Bless that woman at 1:15 minutes in who exposed the blatant censoring engaged in by feminists that night.
    That being said ole Jackie never did answer the question about Mercier. And she would have us believe she knows nothing of Mercier.
    That indicates Friedman knows very little about the campuses she lectures at.

  • Kimski

    At approximately 15 min’s in, you can hear Dan Perrins say: “Extorting as much money as possible for your sexuality!”, to which Friedman agrees and runs with it.

    So, the purpose of feminism is apparently to teach women how to become prostitutes, according to Jacklyn Friedman. She then continues her little scheme of extortion possibilities by teaching these young women how to pressure young males into “loving them” by withholding sex. The purpose of course being with a later marriage in mind, which actually makes this another clear example of promoting outright prostitution.
    ‘Oh, the tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive’.

    No wonder they didn’t want you guys in there.
    The cover-up has been blown wide open:
    Jacklyn Friedman is actually a prostitution promoter in a feminist’s disguise.

    • DEDC

      This is where I see the feminism is ‘socialism in panties’ argument: wherein the only ‘legal’ or state sanctioned ‘sex-transaction’ is marriage and it is price-floored at the cost of your soul.

      • fathers4fairness

        “price-floored at the cost of your soul”
        Yup, that’a a keeper

    • DEDC

      Hey Kimski, just a heads up: looks like ol’ ‘Manboobz’ has featured this little exchange between us.


      Funny piece he has there. I screen-capped it as I may need it for future use. Gives me an opportunity to publicly psycho-analyze him (it?) too! The multiplicative ironies are difficult to map as it entirely misses the point when it writes that *WE* miss the point. We should listen to what Big Red, Chanty Binx (oh noes! making a bigot own her own words! Doxxing!) has to say, it says: “Ultimately Patriarchy™, aka men, are responsible for all the world’s problems, including prostitution!” and that this is what JF was trying to say. “We just don’t get it!”.

      The reason I made that socialism in panties argument is because not only if anyone is responsible for prostitution it is women (Yes, you are choosing, of your own agency, to survive through giving up your pussy! Oldest profession, remember? Modern primates do this spontaneously) , but that over the course of history, it has evolved (devolved) into and been institutionalized as modern marriage, with as I said, A PRICE FLOOR: your soul. If you wish to propagate your genes (a major impulse), this ‘institution’ cannot be avoided: it is called common law even if it is not ‘official’.

      Now I don’t give two shits what Jaclyn Friedman was on about with respect to ‘prostitution’ (some kind of self-evident ‘truth’ femtards tell themselves no doubt, like “prostitution bad for teh wymyns, we all know it!”). That is MY point, and perhaps the most common theme in MHRMs: We will not constrain ourselves to YOUR FEMTARDED BIGOTED NARRATIVES. And when you talk about prostitution without referring to Institutionalized-Indentured-Servitude-Compensated Prostitution, the best example of prostitution we have, then you are off on another dumb insignificant fish-on-a-bicycle tangent. That is the fucking point!

      As to Dipshit Futrelle, let’s pyscho-analyze it for a minute: Here is a creature who very likely has a piggly wiggly and scrotum much more closely resembling a clitoris and labia, which I am confidently certain, it had pointed out to it growing up (gym locker rooms, siblings etc). Now I can’t really criticize that too much. After all it was what it was born with. What I will criticize is its handling of that fact. It very clearly has Vagina Envy, wishes its piggly/sac really WAS a clit/lab. At least it would have *that* power over *men* (note its failure as journalist); but only AS a *feminist* would it have this power. It would very likely still be a whiny fat-ass with a poor self-image, but notice that it would be female, thus having a leg up in that matter. So what is the next best thing! Become a feminist anyway. Why bother with the sex-change operation when it ain’t gonna use its junk regardless? That way, it can fill another niche and still call itself a man (or so it thinks) feminist too. It can rethink its past, all of the hazing and shaming, by holding on to the thought: “So what if it looks like a clit and labia? What is wrong with that? I will get you hazers back one day, you wait and see! I will embody the very idea of Man with Vagina” The creature called Futrelle is an impossibly confused gender-ideologue who doesn’t even know whether it hates itself (or just all other men) or not! The whole think reminds me of an old SnL skit: “Your baby girl was born with a penis!”. A classic!

      I had better stop now. I am amusing myself far too much….

      • Kimski

        I read it the same day it was posted, but thanks anyway. That makes it 3 times in total I’ve visited his site in 5 years, and most likely the last.
        IT has simply become way to irrelevant, compared to what goes on on this site, and the speed things are happening with here.
        I was far more amused, (and, yes, I was slightly amused by Manboobz’ reality denial and apparent lack of batteries for its hearing aid), by the reply from ‘Auntie Alias’ in the comment section, where ‘she’ thanks me for revealing it was Dan Perrins who made the initial ‘Extortion’-suggestion.
        Besides the fact that DannyBoy probably would have been more than happy to take responsibility for saying it if anyone had cared to ask him, (which I did to make sure), it is also rather obvious that it is his voice, if you’ve done just a fraction of the homework ‘Auntie’ claims to have done, in the blog wars we’ve engaged eachother in.
        So, to use part of DannyBoy’s response below: That indicates that ‘Auntie Alias’ knows very litlle about the people ‘she’ has appointed as the enemy, if anything at all. And you know what they say about ‘knowing thy enemy’, right?

        But, just between you and me, I seriously suspect Manboobz has just created all these aliases, with ‘Auntie’ being only one of them, that he can use to jump all over the various comment sections with and have long conversations with on his website, because he simply don’t get enough visitors anymore to justify even having a comment section.

  • Bewildered

    I can’t stand this blatant intrusion into women’s safe spaces to shamelessly silence women’s voices.
    However it would have been a big shame if so much of ‘wisdom’ was hidden from the world.
    So Attila, unwittingly, has helped feminist’s cause.

  • Bewildered

    Attila, can you please edit this marathon of feminist wisdom and give us the segment where Jim Byset asks questions.I found their wisdom so overwhelming that I stopped listening.

    • Attila_L_Vinczer

      Go to 1:15:00 and start from there to hear the woman speak up about us and to hear Danny and Jim speak.

  • Phil McCracken

    75 minutes of banality without the standard male bashing, not much more to say about that. So then it’s time for the feminist to address mens issues when Mr. Perrins asks a question about Adele Mercier’s enthusiastic support of female pedophilia. No comment is her answer. At least Mr. Bysset seems get universal agreement that boys in juvenile detention centers cannot give consent to their female captors. And that Rick Perry is a douche for not supporting anti-rape programs for male prisoners, but hey, what’s feminism got to do with that anyway. They’ll get to that after their are no more men in the University, no more families and no more civilization, right?

  • Alex Cockell

    Friedman teaching those women to be vampires? How SICK to corrupt Song of Songs to this?

    • Bewildered

      She had their enthusiastic consent ! The giggling and the clapping proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      • https://twitter.com/TicklishQuill Isaac T. Quill

        Oh right – is that how you measure enthusiastic consent – clapping and giggling?

        Here’s a real catch then!

        • Bewildered

          Yep ! it’s just about perfect.

          • Kimski

            You guys are forgetting the jumping up and down.
            It’s important!

          • Bewildered

            Ah! yes of course ! That’s truly a sight to behold. The infantalization of a culture in its naked glory.But in the absence of a video you would need super natural vision to be able to witness it.
            Not everyone is as gifted as you are !

          • Kimski

            I’m absolutely dumbfounded every time I see adult women in groups doing it.
            To me, it beats when they’re going to the toilet in pairs by several miles, which always have me wondering if they’re expecting to be ambushed by tigers, hiding behind the waste baskets out there.
            I don’t get either, but it certainly is a constant source of utter amazement when it happens.

          • Bewildered

            Media[grrrrrr!] induced paranoia is the main culprit here.When you are constantly bombarded by their hysterical drivel about how no space is safe for women and prominent psycho bitches attest their nonsense then is it any wonder that many young girls are permanently in a state of siege?

          • Kimski

            Or could it be that they’re simply afraid of eachother, as in entering a toilet to meet a group of women who are acquainted with eachother, and risk being ‘outed’ or criticized by them?
            ‘Cause that thought would bring you right back to the group dynamics of grade school girls, wouldn’t it?
            And as such, you might have found the entire motivational drive behind feminism, actually…Hmm…

  • Bewildered

    My thanks to the women who helped make this recording possible. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    Ah! women ! The bad ones are very,very bad, the good ones are awesome and are the faces in the crowd ,the poor average ones are confused and besmirched by the deeds of the bad ones.

  • RiseOfDivergents

    Is it OK if I download the audio to create a transcript of the whole talk ?

    • Usagi Yojimbo

      It needs to be downloaded and archived. For reference to avoid such stupidity in the future. I do not want to live Santayana’s famous quote of repeating history.

    • Attila_L_Vinczer

      Connect with me on skype and I will give a copy of it to you. Attila Vinczer skype account

    • Bewildered

      Thanks in advance !

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    I couldn’t listen to more than a few minutes of this. It really sounded like the all the empty feminists heads there were amplifying the idiocy.

    I wish I had audio equipment that amplified signals like that. I could drown New York City in sound to the point where the population wouldn’t be able to hear themselves think with that much amplification.

  • Paul Johnson

    Son of a bitch…

    The “Commodity Model” of sex, described so clearly, with reference to “making men seem like all they want is sex…”

    As with much experience I’ve had with women growing up, I could never shake the nagging feeling that she thought that I, regardless of circumstances or any kind of affirmation, was just trying to get sex from her (qualifier unspecified). I had always taken by reflection implied that it was on men’s impetus that so much sex was on the commodity model, despite the result of most transactions.

    I’m ever blown-away by the dirty shit I find feminism at the bottom of. This must be one of those feminist “click” moments.

  • fathers4fairness

    I couldn’t do it.
    I tried to force myself to listen to Jaclyn Friedman (while pushing bamboo splinters under my fingernails to dull the pain) but I couldn’t make it past 39 mins.
    Now I understand why they don’t want anyone to hear her.
    It’s diabolical.

  • commoditytheory

    Jaclyn Friedman does not condemn or shame women who “claim”
    due to their ignorance they are not consciously aware they are using the ambiguity
    of sexuality as a control mechanism.

    She blames it on the “commodity model of sexuality” in a way
    to justify the behaviour of dishonest women who use the ambiguity of sexuality
    as a control mechanism.

    What a sham.

  • historylover

    “I herewith revoke my word not to record the Jaclyn Friedman What’s Feminism Got To Do With It public event.”

    “I hereby revoke my consent to the sexual activity I had last week.”

    Oh, what’s that? Only for you?

  • DEDC

    Just thought of a few more comments. This whole Pavlovian thing women do: withholding pussy to *make* the guy *care* about them?

    Are they all fucking retarded? This dehumanizes males right at the outset. We aren’t fucking dogs. I guess that is what irritates them about us, eh?

    This is one of the chief causes of female unhappiness nowadays. They think it is because they are not empowered enough, when in fact, the dumb cunts are over-empowered and lack sincerity, honor and genuineness in both themselves and by extension, their relationships. Then, like any addict, it is “let me get high on power again to fill the void, and pretend I don’t have a problem”

    • Paul Johnson

      The sad thing is, once a woman makes the decision to market her sexuality like a commodity, she has precluded her own ability to truly love the man to whom she is marketing her sex.


      BINGO!! You win the car behind door #2!!

  • JinnBottle

    I tried, but I can’t even describe how fucked up these people are. And it would all be ignorable – if they didn’t go on from college to become hi-income yuppies and bureaucrats and do nothing short of *make* legislation a couple of years afterward.

    Resegregate the sexes. Only more so, this time. Otherwise shut the fuck up, male and female cunts, alike.

  • Daniel Freeman

    What’s all this in the comments about a “commodity model?” I don’t watch or listen to things like this event, because rage. (Somehow reading is different, but no transcript.)

  • Mike Brentnall

    Now, if only the general public would assist in and pass on the following – get first hand irrefutable accounts of activities from within Women’s Studies programs, women’s shelters, all government subsidized female only social environments, and all government programs designed for females only. The truth be told then.
    Don’t think for a moment that any strident sympathizer to or beneficiary of feminism wouldn’t do the same toward “the patriarchy”.
    In the mean time, Attila’s inspired recording from a public gathering is enough to provide listeners with content they wouldn’t ordinarily hear anywhere else. “Anywhere else” eventually will be required to broadcast what we are aware of here or else be known for their difficult to ignore preselected reporting.

  • JinnBottle

    I notice the only times their inner-howler monkeys – that they used with such gusto against Dr Fiamenko – come out is when the speakers are introduced, and on their cues to laugh – otherwise you can hear a fuckin pin drop.

    Not that that helps these girly-giggly speakers much. Why is it that when a Feminist starts accelerating her speech and blurring her words even more than usual, you know men are about to get ripped off?

  • JinnBottle

    Ok, you lost me: How is simply letting Feminism speak for itself “feminist-bashing”? (…Oh wait, I think I get it!)

    …No but seriously, how? I can see where bringing up the moot point – since she’d dropped out of the talk, anyway – of Adele Mercier and her pro-statutory rape stance, might be a bit stale – especially after that dramatic intro to the MRAs in the crowd. But other than that, what’s wrong with exposing this latest, hypocritical to say the least, turn Feminism has taken, deciding that, after we’ve sent all the European-descended men and 90% of other penis-wielders to prison, it’s ok to fuck the remaining males, because certain feminists have developed an itch or might be bored after all that cis-celebacy?

  • Bewildered

    lol wut ?