Important Message for AVFM Conference Ticket Holders

This just went out to all ticket purchasers for the International Conference on Men’s Isssues. If you did not get it, please check your spam folder. If you did not get it in spam or regular email please contact Paul at immediately.

Also, TICKETS ARE GOING UP IN PRICE TOMORROW. If you are coming, you should buy now. Thanks.


Dear Attendees of AVFM’s First International Conference on Men’s Issues,

First, thank you all so much for participating in this historic conference, and for showing such patience as we have worked under fire, successfully, to keep the event alive.

We are fully green-lighted and the event will go ahead as scheduled. I am also pleased to inform you that we have secured abundant security coverage and a venue with management who are sympathetic and friendly to us. They are dedicated to backing us all the way through.

We have used fundraising to secure a significant police presence and are 100% confident that we can provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable conference for all.

Also, please accept my apologies for shifting information, changes and the inconvenience of traveling to a new venue. This is the first conference for us, and learning the ropes while executing a sudden venue change has been quite challenging. It has also highlighted our inexperience. We regret any mistakes and are determined to learn from them.

If you were previously unaware of the new venue, please read the following link.

If you are flying in and need to be picked up at the airport, please read the following:

If this venue change impacts your choice of lodging for the event, please read the following link for options.

I would also like to relay some important information that will be helpful to you.

All tickets will be held in “will call” until your arrival at the event. You will need a government issued photo ID with you. We strongly suggest bringing a copy of the PayPal transaction receipt with you to avoid any confusion, especially in case the tickets have been purchased in a name different than who will actually be attending.

This includes Dr. Farrell’s workshop.

Also, there will be ideological opponents to the MHRM, including some members of the media, present at the event. Some will be looking for anything they can to hurt us with. They will be listening, eavesdropping, and if they can, gathering things to harm us with.

For that reason, ANYONE sitting around trash-talking women, men, making violent statements, even jokingly, will be brought to the attention of security who will issue ONE warning (or less). After that, they will be directed by security to leave. There are no exceptions.

Please, for all here who are attending, keep this in mind with everything you do and say. Even at after-hours social events, if you hear anyone saying anything that can be used against us, or that makes our gathering toxic, pull them aside politely and say, “Hey, you are hurting us with this. If you want to hang with this group you have to stop it.”

Any disruptions will be met with immediate ouster and probably arrest – regardless of the source.

Apologies for the bluntness on this, but we are insistent that this be an “uneventful” event, when it comes to matters like this. Rules will be printed on the reverse of your entrance badges. We intend for the First International Conference on Men’s Issues to be a victory for free speech and the open exchange of ideas, as well as a big step toward furthering awareness of men’s issues.

IMPORTANT: Registration begins at 08:45 EDT, where you will present your ID and receive your ticket, lanyard and pass.  In most cases, your pass will be pre-printed with the name with which you paid for your ticket.  In the event that this name does not match your ID, you must provide us your legal name by email from the same address from which you paid for your ticket before the event.  If you do not want your legal name used on your pass, we will issue a new badge on which you can hand-write a name.

If you have any questions you can email me at

Again, thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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  • Robert Brockway

    I wish I could be there but I don’t live in that part of the world any more. Good luck everyone!

    • Paul Elam

      Watch here for the live stream!

      • WiredWrong

        is the entire conference going to be on live stream?

        • Peter Wright

          I dont think it will all be live stream, but perhps most (if we are lucky). That’s contingent on whether the internet setup is adequate, which is not yet a certainty – people working on it. We’ll know by Thursday.

  • LaVar Patridge

    I want to be there sooooooo badly. No way I’m missing the next one.

  • Mike Hunt

    Thank you Paul. For the record, this is what I was referring to before when i suggested that the changes to the conference should be spelled out and compiled in one place, along with as much explanation as possible. This was it, no sharing of legal positions or plans needed.

    Thank you very much.

  • MGTOW-man

    Of course I understand why attendees can’t be honest about women and men while at venue but what is to stop those ideologues from cherry-picking and distorting things said on AVfM? What is the difference?

    Also, bummer! Isn’t part of the reason mhra’s are gathering…to learn more about each other, confirm similarities, discuss philosophies and potential solutions, and forge bonds, etc—especially during socializing time? It will be excruciatingly hard to do this if attendees lips must be sealed.

    Will attendees have to take their talk elsewhere if/when they need to be honest but in which outsiders obliviously cry ” hate” because they do not want the truth to be told?

    • Paul Elam

      Are these questions rhetorical?

      Whatever, those are the terms. A lot of people have more skin in this than you.

      • MGTOW-man

        Hello Doc. Nothing hostile from me. Thank you for stepping in here too.

        Agreed. There are sooo many people who have done more than I. I try in my own way, but nonetheless, you are correct. I am indebted to them. Like all MHRA’s, I would not want to blow it for them, myself or for all men and boys…and I won’t.

        My questions weren’t intended to be rhetorical. My purpose with this comment was to see if we are letting the punitive, control freak femmies indirectly censor us.. at our own function! No true MHRA’s would say or have in their heart that of violence. So, that aside, allow me to provide an example.

        During social after hours, a couple of us are talking among ourselves in which a solution to one of our dilemmas is proposed. Then if I were to say, “Naaah, I do not think most men would have enough courage to be THAT honest with women”, would such a statement qualify for my dismissal? Please answer because it is important since the last thing I would want is to be removed. It would crush me because I would only be telling the truth…and I believe it critical for our success that we address the underlying base causes of just why men and women tolerate/act as they do…. With solving any problem long-term, we should go right to the root.

        Such a statement could potentially be taken as “trash talking men”, even though I view it as merely being honest. I say things like that here at AVfM and no doubt some had-sucker might take those words and twist them into something very unlike what I said or meant…and the recipient of such distortion might not even actually read my comment but instead auto-believe what they heard primarily because that is what they WANT to believe…it makes them feel better. Never mind that it is not true.

        But I am not here—at AVfM, to lie— either outright or by omission.

        So, I was asking my questions to learn about any differences at the conference.

        I mean, you are (AVfM) is hosting the conference so of course you get to make the rules. Much respect for that as I would be the same way too…mostly. I am not debating or contesting that in any way. I will abide, but gosh, it hurts to travel all that way and not be able to take our conversations to the level we want and should be able to do.

        Perhaps in the near future, we won’t have to walk on eggshells just because another person who can’t cope with the inconvenient truth will get their feelings hurt or does not have the capacity to objectively and unselfishly understand the things I/we say.

        I understand that there are some hateful people who despise the truth we speak that will buy tickets and then get inside to trash women or men so to make it look like all of us are bad, bad people. Anyone doing that should be immediately removed as well as any suspicious “media” that is peculiarly tagging along (cohorts). Also, in my opinion, any media person that is suspected of being a cohort of such a lying troll should HAVE to relinquish any recording(s)…since it is dishonest…and should have pre-consented before entry into the conference.

        By the way, will our social time be there in the same building? If so, aside from trying to harm us, why would any outsider-media want to hang out with us unless they agree with us…and we should be able to tell if they agree very early? That is why I was suggesting that they not get to be with us during group-but-still-personal social events…unless they have proven to be truly friendly.

        Any socializing outside the venue, say at a restaurant or lounge, of course is a fishbowl. Thus, prudence is warranted. Ordinarily, it is against my nature to cower like such, but at/near this conference, it might be necessary since oblivio-truth haters are lurking.

        Thanks for any input you can provide..and for giving me my voice I otherwise wouldn’t have had…and for all you and your staff have done and will do to help men and boys.

    • Aaron the Just

      There will be male feminists in large numbers at this conference, who will be masquerading as your new best friend.
      This is not the forum to have heart to heart talks with someone you don’t already know.

  • 2cyar

    “They will be listening, eavesdropping, and if they can, gathering things to harm us with.”

    I’m thinking that the hookers and coke are probably out of the question then?

  • 2cyar

    Thanks for this information Paul. It was very helpful.

  • Aimee McGee

    Think of this as a professional event where your future employers are watching to see how you interact with others…

    I’m so wishing I could be there with you and am hoping it goes peacefully

  • Clint Carpentier

    So stoked for this. I hit the road tomorrow morning to drive across Canada. Can’t wait.

  • 2cyar

    What if we purchased more than 1 ticket? Should we email you the names of the other people attending, or will they get write in badges?

    • David King

      They’ll get write-in badges, but yes, please email us (me) with their names, and email addresses where appropriate (eg you don’t live together).

      • 2cyar

        Email sent to Paul already. Will forward to you also. Thanks.

  • Brad Janey

    I am so much looking forward to this. I recently leaned from Dean that many feminists are in a snit because of the CEUs offered. Evidently that level of credibility is quite a thumb in their eye. And that makes me just a little happier.

  • Clint Carpentier

    Just arrived in Edmonton. Sixteen hours of driving; would have been twelve, if not for the wife and three girls. Tomorrow I get to drive for hours into the sunrise… can’t wait :s

  • Peter Wright

    I dont think it will all be live stream, but perhps most (if we are lucky). That’s contingent on whether the internet setup is adequate, which is not yet a certainty – people working on it.

  • Clint Carpentier

    Figures – only Saskatchewan would have four straight borders, but just ONE through highway. I swear, the department of roads and highways are all on meth. If Saskatchewan were a person, it would be Rebecca Watson, personality is flat as a board; road networks are everywhere, but have no rhyme or reason, complete with dead-ends and T’s in the middle of nowhere for… why, if I hadn’t been paying attention, I would have driven clean off of several sharp 90′ turns, and I’m still trying to figure out why they exist, because a couple hundred meters later it 90’s the other way, so what was the point? So car caught up to me, and then rode my ass for a hundred miles on a wide open straight stretch; if you catch up to me, I’ll let you pass, and I’ll even move over so you can see how good the opportunity is, but NOOOOOO, not this car, and not just follow me, I swear it was huffing my exhaust. Why did I have to do a figure eight in Battleford, and do a dues in Saskatoon? Regina almost made sense, but the east exit was closed for construction, and I began doing loop-d-loos towards downtown. And then, after half a dozen no-vacancies in a row, we find out from the one that has one room left, that some farmer pow-wow is happening down here. Tomorrow I see Manitoba.

  • Clint Carpentier

    The day started by diving into a pothole that could swallow a small town; then I crashed into the other side and struggled back out of it, I guess I left Saskatchewan.

    But then, Manitoba wasn’t much better, more of the same. My buddy told me Manitoba has the worst road maintenance in Canada; I guess that explains the pothole welcome. Winnipeg has a ring road, but it’s well beyond the city rim; I think they believe the city will grow or something. After leaving the city, the wife informed me that someone on fembook shared a quote, “Faith will move mountains for you.” and then she said, “maybe that explains Saskatchewan?” I told her, “every 50 miles is a bar and a church surrounded by a handful of houses, yeah you could say faith leveled that land…”

    So after Winnipeg we discovered forest. Trees so crooked, politicians would blush with envy. I was starting to wonder when we would reach Ontario. Suddenly the road took a turn, a sign popped outta nowhere saying “welcome to Ontario” then the road fucked off again and we smashed into some provincial park; we were up down left right over under all around; if it weren’t for the pavement under us, I woulda thunk we had an accident or something. We stopped at some nifty little city tucked away back of beyond yonder called Kenora, I think I’m in love.

  • MGTOW-man

    Yeah, it is possible to not be stupid but still be oblivious. Those shoes fit the radical feminists who hate men and boys for wanting the same rights, recognition, and respect as the more provably privileged females get routinely.

    Don’t worry, I am not so anxious to make new best friends with people I do not know for a while—at least from this forum and beyond. I do want to be able to contribute more than just my presence however.

    What I would prefer is for there to be a way for us to meet up with known MHRA’s with some measure of proof that all in the group are friendly. Unless it is made easy, I guess we’ll have to wing it.

    If I find myself talking with people who have not pre-identified as bona fide MHRA’s, I think I will be able to tell if they are a fake. Those who know my commenting here, tell me, does it seem likely that I can’t pick out the fakers, liars, and haters? A few questions I have up my sleeve and I will see them quickly.

    But have no fear, I will use prudence and caution as my guide when conversing with new people.

    Sorry to learn you are not coming. Best wishes.

  • Clint Carpentier

    Ok, survived, and in the Toronto area, Niagara Falls to be exact. Last night we had to stop at some charming little mosquito farm which had no internet. Woke up this morning and hit the road suffering from jet-lag; locally it was about 7:30, but that’s 4:30 in my usual time, way too fucking early. Gonna try to unwind as best as one can, with the whole family packed into a one room motel after being confined inside a car on a 5 day trip. I’m glad I gotta couple days before the conference, I’m a fucking wreck.

  • FireBits

    We have great people speaking! All others should just enjoy the ride and stay mute and try to avoid any contacts with people they don’t know. Issues are dealt with on the floor by our chosen elites. Security is dealt with by police. And only thing you have to take care of is your own safety and behavior. You are not foot soldier, you’re not even activist, you are just listener, your participation is enough.

  • NewMHRA


    I recently watched a video of you discussing this event in which you mentioned attendees should avoid going anywhere alone with a woman (or anyone) they don’t know to avoid any subsequent allegations.

    I think this is an especially important suggestion under the circumstances. Perhaps you could add that to the rules somewhere as some may not have watched that video.

  • Daniel Freeman

    Oh noes! My trash talking is suddenly so limited! I am liable to faint like a fictional character in a Victorian romance novel due to not being able to trash talk in the manner to which I have become accustomed.

    That, or the whole point is to deny cherrypickers their cherries. One or the other. (Good luck figuring out which one! It’s a puzzle.)

  • Clint Carpentier

    Finally about to leave Niagara Falls; be there tonight.

  • Clint Carpentier

    Met all kinds of people with all kinds of accents, and had a blast. Made it back to Toronto last night; the hotel’s net connection sucked donkey balls, so I couldn’t confirm my survival.

    I gotta say this again. It totally sucks that I couldn’t find a map in Saint Clair Shores. It shouldn’t be assumed that everyone has a dumbphone or a GPS (Government’s Personal Spy); I was surprisingly offended when the third store that SHOULD have had maps asked me if I had either, and then the fourth. There is a laundry list of reasons for having paper maps available; NOT LEAST OF WHICH… my wife has learned to read one, rather than follow directions, that is a major win for drivers everywhere.

    Anyhow, turns out today is Sunday, I thought it would be Monday; can’t keep track of calendar to save my life. I guess there’s to be fireworks tomorrow night, I don’t know why, but hey, it’s Toronto; and the wife wants to see them.

    Update… whenever…

  • Clint Carpentier

    Crappy internet aside… ok, this is what you get for renting cheap hotels – looks exasperatedly at the sleeping wife. Internet has not been at my fingertips, though promised, but not fulfilled.

    So we’ve been on the road for two days now, and still in Ontario… Thunder Bay that is. It’s been an interesting day today (I may have to make an article about the journey there and back again) The wife drove most of the day today, seriously, most; I happily curled up in the passenger seat and slept and/or read “Why Men Earn More”.

    The youngest child has finally completed her traveler tests; while I was driving no less… typical. What I mean to say, is the girls are all good travelers, they all sleep well despite the jostling, they’ve all pottied in both outhouse and bush, and now, finally, the youngest has vomited in the car. I at first thought she needed to potty, because of her deceptively calm (if upset) “momom poo-key”.

    We’re shootin’ for Winterpeg tomorrow

  • Clint Carpentier

    Ah memories, they pop up in the damnedest of places; like that Timmy’s joint in a sleepy little town in Ontario called Dryden.

    We were ripping through town like bandits, tearing up the asphalt 4+SL. The wife looks over at me and says, “look, a Timmy’s, you want a mocha?”

    I wave a nonchalant negative, but at the last moment, I smoke the brakes, snap the wheel over, gun the engine, snap the wheel the other way and drift around forty parked cars, then I really giver the gas and we crack a nut and reverse drift into a smooth stop at the end of the drive-thru line.

    So then we find the line is agonizingly slow, and I’m looking to the left, and to the right; these Timmy’s folk are learning how to close off escape routes, and now I’m stuck with a car behind me. We inch forward. The line splits into two, it still baffles me, seeing as the line merges again into one after the menus. I choose the outside line, worst case scenario, I can hop the curb and tumble down the embankment to freedom; it was tempting, but priorities…

    I pull up to the crackle box, it hiss pops and sizzles something at me, sounds like shift change and sorting cash boxes. I lean out the window casually, and like the upstanding helpful citizen I am, I offer, “I think I got some space here you can store them.”

    No response, maybe the crackle box garbled my message beyond hope, ah well.

    Now I’m getting antsy. I’m forward on the wheel, staring at the dash gauges. I give the menu the stink eye, then I give the wife the “I know what’s going on here” eye. I glower at the gauges again, my mental gears turn… creaking. This is a clear form of anti-male bias; an innocent offer of help is automatically seen as evil intent; there outta be a law…

    She snickers, “what are you doing?”


    I look in the rear-view to see who I’m beating, then in the driver’s mirror to confirm. Someone’s one my six, and it ain’t the previous car, it’s a truck, and all the markings and after market gear make it unmistakable. I lean out the window again and casually, “can we speed this up, I’m being chased by a cop.”

    No response; did they call them on me? I study the pursuit vehicle carefully, then it happens, it rolls forward, barely noticeable, but MY eagle eyes see it, I lean out the window again, “hurry, she’s gaining.”

    The crackle box laughs, I knew, it, it was a plot, I’ve been had. I think quickly like molasses, then the crackle box attempts a stalling tactic. I have no choice, I place my order and slide into the single line. After respectfully asking for a dome-lid and a sleeve, we burst outta the lot and lay down the rubber, already at 5+SL we scream past a travel trailer hooked to a Ford SUV like it was parked on the side of the road. I snap an evil grin at the wife, “if I can put a couple more of them between us, we’re home free,” I laugh; and so does she, her maniacal evil hysteria laughter is addicting.

    Alas, no more campers were forth coming, but my amazing handling of 8+SL was enough to outrun the copper, there’s no stopping us, onward, chase that sunset before it gets away. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

  • Clint Carpentier

    Made it back to Edmonton, despite battery problems, flood threats, and vicious killer mosquitoes that gave the van a five o-clock shadow. Got here at 2:30am, but couldn’t find a vacancy until 4:00am; shoehorned a place call the Rosslyn Inn&Suites in northern E-town, pretty swank, I recommend it to anyone with a kinky heart and cash to burn, pity we have kids in tow, or we’d be making kids in tow right now.

    Gonna see my dad soon and inflict the ravenously cruelly cute girls upon him. Probably put off travel until tomorrow.

  • Clint Carpentier

    Finally home, ummmm… yeah…

  • driversuz

    It’s about feminists buying tickets and posing as MRAs in order to say stupid shit to make us look bad for the press.
    Nice try, troll.

  • Paul Elam

    Meh, there are countless examples on this website saying the same things in our regular interactions. I understand, you don’t want to see that, brave vagina and all.

  • Angry Harry

    It was a great conference. It woke me up again.

    So, big sucks to you!

  • Dean Esmay

    No, it was about being quoted out of context and having your words distorted, which happens to us all the time–and did, in fact, happen to conference speakers and attendees both anyway! But thanks for playing!