Don’t Be That Guy

A statement to readers.

We have been contacted by a Canadian news correspondent informing us that the “Don’t Be That Guy” posters appearing at University of Ottawa are being torn down by vandals.

While the management team at AVFM finds the posters despicable, bigoted and horrifically misleading to the public about the nature of sexual assault, we are adamantly opposed to anyone tearing the posters down.

We encourage all MHRAs to leave the posters alone and to respond to them in the arena of public ideas. Their very existence is proof of the corruption that drives their creation. We do not benefit from acting as thugs and censors.

We also caution you that unlike the vandals tearing down MHRA posters, you are likely to experience retribution of some kind from authorities if caught. While we recognize this is part of a socially dysfunctional double standard, this website will disavow your actions and turn a blind eye to whatever consequences you experience.

Let free speech dictate the future understanding of sexual politics. Our message is stronger than theirs, and much more just. We have nothing to fear and everything to gain by allowing them to speak, and then responding with speech of our own.

Please. Don’t Be That Activist. PE

Dont be that girl

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  • Draigo Luther

    Do not stoop to the feminist level…WE ARE BETTER THEN THEM!!!! Tearing down posters, silencing discourse, discussion and/or debate, imtimadation, and other illegal activities is the M.O. of Feminists, not the M.O. of decent human beings. I know it goes without saying but still…..

    Glad to see you respond to this quickly Paul.

  • MRAlias

    Well said. All MRA’s should always oppose censorship. It is only through free speech and expression that our messages can be conveyed to the public. We cannot stoop to the level of our enemies and become hypocrites.

    • Deka Make

      Have you ever noticied that censorship is the best weapon of feminism? We shouldn’ t be naive. In this world, if you want to win you have to play dirty. (Ask a politician)

      No one convince anyone playing a fair play.

      Obviously, there is a possibility: A feminist would remove posters in a false flag operation.

      • Sebastien Milgrom

        It’s actually cooler to be disavowed…it has a Mission: Impossible flavor to it that appeals to my masculine desire to oppress posters and flyers.

      • MRAlias

        I have noticed that people that I would consider my ideological enemies always resort to censorship. It’s not just feminism, although they use it better than most.

  • NotoriousPAT

    I don’t think these posters should be torn down, but I’m glad someone felt the desire to do so, if that makes sense.

    • Jim Byset

      It makes perfect sense – you’re happy to see that people are getting angry and are no longer standing by – but we must always be careful not to impinge on anybody’s rights. Unlike our opponents – these things actually matter to us.

  • Jim Byset

    I’d also like to add my voice to this. While we don’t know the identities of those who are tearing down the posters, or even their motivation – it is likely that it is students who are sick to their back teeth of the bigoted ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ campaign. For what it’s worth, I understand the anger of those who would rip these posters down; they represent nothing more than gender based hatred. However, as despicable as the campaign, and the people behind it are, we can’t deny them their right to free speech. The best course of action is to respond with posters of our own. If the person or persons who tore those posters down is reading this I urge you to desist and to take the fight to our opponents in the correct fashion – by shouting back at them and highlighting their bigotry and rampant hypocrisy. Don’t stoop to their level.

  • Louie Cipher

    Plant a bronze statue of a man in just underwear; it’s so much more rapey than posters.