Judicial Accountability Committee (JAC)


AVFM’s Judicial Accountability Committee (JAC) gets regular requests from individuals seeking assistance with injustices they are facing in the criminal justice system, family courts and in other spheres of public life. Because of the numbers of people seeking help, and the limitations of our resources, we must be highly selective of the cases we take.

If you wish to apply for our assistance, there are a few requirements you must meet, and some matters that we must make perfectly clear before reviewing your information and making a determination on whether we can do any work on your behalf. Our terms are direct and to the point. This is not to offend you or put you off, but to give you complete honesty from the beginning.

First, it is important to understand that JAC is an activist group, not a legal advisor or advocate. We strongly encourage you to have legal representation, but we do not work under your attorney’s direction, and often we take courses of action that your attorney would not advise you to take. Our work mainly consists of attempts to bring public pressure on the state functionaries and others involved in your case, which many attorneys do not like. We also know that most attorneys favor the path of least resistance toward their payday and often do not have the best interests of their clients in mind.

There is no anonymity with JAC. In order for us to take your case you must understand that we will use your name, and the names of all other individuals (aside from minor children) involved in the case. We require you to provide us with all legal documentation and other supporting evidence with the understanding that we may publish it at avoiceformen.com and other websites, as well as use it in other ways that involve the general public and the media.

JAC is the sole arbiter of how the activism is conducted. While we do consult at length with the individuals we serve, we make the final decisions about how and when and in what form the activism will take place.

THERE ARE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH ACTIVISM. This is something you must know. Corrupt public officials, including police, prosecutors, judges and elected public servants do not usually appreciate being publicly challenged and/or exposed. They can and will act with vindictiveness toward you for the measures we take exposing their actions to the public. You need to be prepared for that risk before proceeding. There is a possibility with any given case that the individual suffers more than he or she would without the activism.

Please, no surprise skeletons. If there is evidence in your case that incriminates you, we need to know about it from the start. It is much better to deal with a problem we know about in advance than to be hit with a crippling surprise at an inopportune time. Put your cards on the table with us from the start.

Be prepared to work. During the course of your case, if accepted, we will be assigning you work to perform, mainly in the form of gathering and organizing information. For instance, if we are going to do a letter writing or phone campaign with your local politicians, you will be asked to compile a list of those individuals and their contact information for our use. The same will apply to making lists of media contacts and others we may be canvassing on your behalf. This support for what we do is a vital part of our agreement for advocacy on your behalf.

This is the Intake Application for the AVFM Judicial Accountability Committee. You are encouraged to be honest and forthcoming in every aspect of this application. If a section is required, you must complete it to successfully submit the application. Answering the optional sections is not mandatory but will assist the Committee and support staff in making a decision about your case.

Completing this form does not indicate that your case has been accepted by the Committee.