Mike Buchanan

We are winning the PR war

They did not get everything right, but they did something that will strike fear into the heart of every hateful ideologue out there.

They approached balance, and they started addressing the issues.

Everyone, keep doing what you are doing. Never relent!

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  • Max Cade

    I don’t see a link to any clip with Paul’s intro. Did anyone else have this problem? Anyone know where else the clip is available?

    • UKMan

      It won’t show if you don’t have Flash installed, so won’t play on an iPad/iPhone.

      • Max Cade

        Thanks. Strange, I can see and play all.the other videos on here.

  • confusion

    Love the cognitive dissonance of that last interviewee. “We’re going to keep naming names, while accusing them of calls for violence in the form of naming names.”

  • A Concerned Man

    Well it wasn’t horrible, but it sure has heck was sanitized. Not particularly enthused. Where was big red? Were was the real crazy shit?

    A snooze, really.

    Doesn’t make me feel any better at all about the fact that I tired to link to AVFM from wikipedia and discovered it’s a banned site.

  • Nightwing1029

    While it’s nice to see main stream news addressing the issues, I have to disagree with us winning the PR war, as the title suggests.

    It’s just one time, so far.

    When I start seeing this covered by MSNBC, CNN, etc, then I will agree with us winning the PR war.

    For now, I think we are just starting to get exposure.

    Just remember, Paul…
    The worst moments, are the quiet ones before the bullets fly.

    • Near Earth Object



      There is also a red pill, where the Main Street Media is concerned?
      I am going to stop here.
      It will mean more to you, if you investigate this for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

      I don’t need the MSM to validate our victories for me to believe what I am seeing with my own eyes, hearing with my own ears, and processing with my own mind.

      Every victory, however big or small, is a victory.

      • Nightwing1029

        I have been following things since before Dr. Farrell.

        I also know that this is but one incident.

        And while I agree it is a victory to (finally) receive some notice on the news for the MHRM, I also know that the US does NOT get Canadian news, except through the internet. (I live in the US, by the way)

        So, drawing my own conclusions: We are getting a little bit of time on the news and in front of people, in Canada.

        To me that is nothing more than a small victory, in a minor skirmish. Not winning the war.

        Sometimes, you need to give ground in minor battles in order to spread the enemy forces thin enough, to rout them without casualties of your own.

        Each small victory might cost them something, but I wonder more what it costs us.

        This is far from over. However, I also wonder if this might be more of a placation, instead of an actual winning of a battle.

        Only time, and how we use this, will tell.

        • Near Earth Object

          “US does NOT get Canadian news, except through the internet.”

          You have informed me that you are in the US (I live in the Canada, by the way).
          You HAVE ALSO informed me that you are receiving news out of Canada.
          Why would you discount a communication leviathan like the Internet, when it has already rendered much of the Main Street Media irrelevant? Side point: there is something substantial behind the efforts of governments around the world, to say nothing about Norton, and their attempts to control and censor the Internet.

          “To me that is nothing more than a small victory, in a minor skirmish. Not winning the war.”

          At this ‘point in time’, Paul has informed us—reported—by way of his article: “We are winning the PR war”.
          Can you show me, Nightwing, where at this ‘point in time’, he is mistaken? If not, then I am at a complete loss to get my head around what you are writing here.

          I doubt very much if the MHRAs that were on the ground would share your characterization of what recently went down in Ontario, as “small” … “minor” and “skirmish”. Perhaps any one of them would like to set me straight here, but my sense is that they have sustained battle-wounds of a kind. They!

          • Nightwing1029

            First off, I am just airing my thoughts. I am thinking more of the big picture, as opposed to little events.
            (Feel free to take that however you like)

            Second, try reading some of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Every war is made up of little battles. The over all war is never won, based upon a single battle. (Don’t believe me, let me point to the Battle of the Bulge, back in WWII)

            Third, while the internet is vast, not everyone goes searching for news from other countries. In order to get closer to “Winning the PR war” we need to be seen by larger groups of people. Thus why I say CNN, MSNBC, etc. (You can add in all the major news sources that are frequented, if you like)

            I am thinking more along the long term. While it’s great that this has been seen by people, and probably will by even more in the future, I am looking at this from a patient perspective. The thought kept coming to mind while I read this article of “Don’t count your chickens, before they hatch.”

            It’s A win. But as any sports team will tell you, sometimes a win is less important than the RIGHT win. (Just check out the Western Conference standings of the NHL, right now)

            Don’t get me wrong, I applaud those who did stand there and fought for what is right. Had I the money, I would have been right there with them.

            Still, my point stands as stated. It is just one battle. The war still needs to be fought. Feminists still try everything they can to censor the message. Still more to do, to win the war.

          • Near Earth Object

            Thank you for your reply, Nightwing.

            “First off, I am just airing my thoughts. I am thinking more of the big picture, as opposed to little events.
            (Feel free to take that however you like)”

            I am going to take that like I think you meant for it to be taken. You aired your thoughts; I aired some of mine; we discovered some of our differences—how could we not; and several exchanges later, I not only have far more context in which to interpret your initial comment, but I am beginning to see our similarities as well.

            Sun Tzu’s Art of War is on my current reading list. I am very, very familiar with the Battle of the Bulge. I have a passion for history, which would include that near-constant: warfare.

            I like these words: “patient perspective”.

  • Kosh

    More good news. I don’t know how many people here are familiar with Tracy Dawn Smith, but on July 1st, 2011, she crossed a double line in Langford, BC (part of Greater Victoria) and collided head on with a motorcyclist, killing him “instantly” (most likely maiming him first with death occurring later on impact with the ground). She was arrested, tried, and convicted, being “sentenced” to a whole day in jail, of which she served a whopping 1 HOUR, and 3 years of probation. This travesty was handed down even though she was both drunk and high on crack cocaine at the time of the collision. The prosecution immediately appealed the sentence and the BC Court of Appeals ruled on April 16th, 2013 that the sentence would be increased to 2 years less a day, PLUS 3 years of probation. Pussy pass REVOKED! It’s about time!

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/MrShadowfax42 MrShadowfax42

      Although it is good news that her sentence was increased, I can’t help but note that a man convicted of a similar offence would get three times that sentence, minimum. We’ve got a long way to go, I guess.

    • Shrek6

      What a great piece of news. There is only one thing that is wrong with it, she only got 2 years. Why is this thing not in prison for more than 5 years?

      And what about the mongrel judge (male or female) that gave out such are lunatic judgement in the first place. This idiot should be handed its stupid wig shoved down its throat for treating the poor chap she killed and his family, with such disdain and disrespect.

      Sometimes you just get so angry at these mongrels in wigs! Best I shut up now!

    • Fredrik

      Let me guess: she was in jail pending appeal (for three hots and a cot), and got credit for time served. So, the sentence that you’re celebrating is really just what, two and a half more months in jail? Please tell me that I’m wrong. I would love to hear that I’m a cynical jerk and totally wrong.

      • Kosh

        Shrek, Shadowfax, I completely agree. The prosecution was looking to get it bumped up to 3-5 years, but were only able to manage 2. Not as much as a man would get, but at least it’s a start in the right direction. Frederik, allow me to put your fears to rest. It’s the incident itself that happened on July 1st, 2011, not the sentencing. The original sentence only came down in December 2012 for which she only served 1 hour behind bars. Since then, she’s been on probation. Even if I’m wrong on this and she was getting “3 hots and a cot” and got credit for time served, she’d STILL need to be in prison until at least November 30th, 2014 (assuming that her time started on December 1st).

  • Shrek6

    Paul, I hope and pray that you, your family and friends and no one you know were in that tragic fertilizer factory blast today!

    And my prayers and thoughts go out to all those who have lost their lives, been injured and/or affected in any way.

    What a tragic week it has been for you guys in the US!

  • Grassee

    Hey, new member from Trinidad and Tobago here. I have learned so much from this site, people like Paul, JTO, Barb and GWW. Change is coming and this news coverage is a good indicator of it. Great work!

    • Bewildered

      WELCOME ! Please spread the word around !

  • lensman

    In somewhat related news, Big Red dropped by Manboobz and sent this message to our favourite Yellow Knight:

    Thank you so much for the support. The more support I hear, the more fearless of these MRA’s I become. I want to expose these assholes. I want the world to see what they’re really about, if not for me, then for anyone else they might attack in the future. They picked the wrong person to fuck with by choosing me, cuz this fiery redhead is having none of their shit. They don’t like the way I do things? They can have a guess at how many fucks I give. Hint: zero.

    These fuckers will have their day in the court of public opinion, and possibly real court should anyone else choose to come forward.

    Thanks everyone!!!

    Personally, I would like to send this message to Big Red, I hope she somehow reads this:

    Hallo “Fiery Redhead”,

    This is Lensman, the guy who actually told Manboobz what information to remove from his post to prevent potential on-line harassers to find your personal details in minutes using Google. (Let this be a lesson to all potential “Knights”; Careless chivalry can actually further harm the object of your protection)

    Yes, me, a member of the MHRM actually cares about your well-being and your safety. It’s not because of legal reasons (I don’t live in America or Canada), and not just for humanitarian reasons.

    Truth be told, you might think that we hate you, but we actually LOVE you here at AVfM.

    Why? Because you are the living proof that everything we have so far been saying is correct.

    For years we have been told that women like you don’t exist, that feminism is a humanitarian ideology which breeds well balanced and affectionate individuals…

    …and then we encounter you.

    I have an older cousin who is a card-carrying “Third Wave Feminist” (she has a PhD in Woman’s Studies from an American University). When I showed her the video of those protests, she honestly thought that you were an MRA-Plant. She couldn’t believe the amount of vitriol, hate and absolute disdain for male life (your “Cry Me a River” skit) that was coming out of you. For some reason, so did I, at least up until I read the Manboobz article.

    In all honesty, the most ridiculous feminist strawman that we could come up with, pales in comparison to you. You are Millie Tant meets Gillian Anderson. You are perfect!

    So, in overall, it’s nice to know that you are doing well, and that we will most likely get to see more of you in the future. We hope that you will be even more loud, obnoxious, rude and illogical in our next encounter.

    And we really hope that you once again sing for the camera.

  • pianoking

    Feminism has vastly contributed to a fast declining western civilization,sadly the greatest depression is almost upon us and this ultimately will be the end of misandry/feminism.

  • prince_tybalt

    More coverage of the MHRM. Negative coverage, but coverage nonetheless:


    • Bewildered

      All it shows is that the population of idiotic radfems and rabid manginas in the so called educational institutions is a formidable majority. Reading the comments was a sickening experience. All the ad homs were so predictable.
      These idiots should be challenged in a public debate.

  • Bewildered

    This gives a clue to the insanity :

    “Women’s studies needed a syllabus and so invented a canon overnight. It puffed up clunky, mundane contemporary women authors into Oz-like, skywriting dirigibles. Our best women students are being force-fed an appalling diet of cant, drivel and malarkey.”
    [Sex, Art and American Culture : New Essays (1992)]
    ―Camille Paglia

  • herman melville

    Paul – I would email the two hosts of the show and thank them for their balanced reporting. I would also point out that it’s not a fight between men and women but between MHRAs and feminists, and that there are plenty of women who understand and support the MHRA cause. The narrative that this is a fight between men and women turns off most everyday viewers, but they can back us if they understand that those opposing us aren’t women but feminists.

    • Bewildered

      “…. there are plenty of women who understand and support the MHRA cause ”

      There’s an urgent need for them to become visible to show that it’s not MEN vs WOMEN as painted by the feminists.That’s the best advertisement for the cause.

  • FullyAwake

    A lot of women see men as a business, a yard tool, a stock fund, or whatever. In other words, they see men as a means to an end. They care about men in terms of what men can do for them. Given that the pool of ‘marriageable men’ is shrinking and more and more men are opting out of marriage and family, my take is this:

    In one camp there will be rising voices standing against men’s downward spiral.

    In another camp there will be rising voices cheering the downward spiral of men.

    In another camp there will be voices demanding more government support for women.

    I believe all of the camps have the same objective, which is why I’m a MGHOW. I’m skeptical as to whether or not this report is a positive thing for men and boys.

    Many thanks to AVfM and the plethora of bloggers out there spreading the word!

  • FullyAwake

    Oh – and the verbally abusive manner in which those feminists attacked the men’s rights folks very much reminds me of my X’s tactics. When I didn’t do what she wanted me to do, she was much like those ‘women’. Still gives me nightmares. I just broke out in a sweat thinking about it. Funny, but that group of personality disordered misfits will never see the err in their ways.