Paul Elam Vs. David Futrelle

From Mancession’s Channel on Youtube.

Seriously, I had to force myself to stop laughing long enough to post this video. I know the person  that posted it to my Facebook page, but don’t know yet if that is the same person who made the vid.

Whoever it was, thank you. It made my day.  Lyrics are posted below the video.


paul elam’s got a question for you – run, david, run
paul’s got a question, what you gonna do? – run, david, run

paul’s got a difficult question for you – run, david, run
paul’s got a question, what you gonna do? – run, david, run
run, david, run

ah, david …

paul elam’s got a question for you – run, david, run
paul’s got a question, what you gonna do? – run, david, run
run, david, run

  • !!SPARTA!!

    lmao! That’s fucking AWESOME

    I’m sure Titboy Dave appreciates it

  • Dr. Deezee

    Manboobz hasn’t had enough cajones to tussle with the “big boys” anymore after the incident back in October. (By the way, the link to the debate seems to be nonfunctional – any reason why?) He’s resorted to his old-hat comment snipes. I mean he just ran a comment snipe on a subreddit with all of 12 readers. Targeting the fringe of the fringe there. Thank God for champions of truth and justice like David, bringing the light of reason to the dork corner of this great series of tubes.

  • zetamale

    no i didnt make it. somehow manboobz popped up again in discussion on reddit and someone posted this in the comments. You know my youtube sn, and I also dont have anywhere near that much musical talent.

  • Snark

    lol, I made the video. That’s me on guitar and vocals.

    I posted a link to it here ages ago, when Futrelle exploded. I guess it got buried amidst all the comments at that time.

    It just so happened that Futrelle went nuts on a night that I ‘jam’ with a couple other guys. This was written pretty much on the spot (can you tell? Actually I think I even ripped off someone else’s tune) and recorded live with the solo dubbed in afterwards.

    AND … there will be more to come. Oh, yeah!

    • Dusty

      You did lift someone else’s tune. That’s basically “Bullet” by Misfits.

      I think that makes it funnier actually. Why waste an original song on Dave Futrelle? :)

      • Snark

        In that case I think I stole it from someone else who stole it from The Misfits. I’ve not heard Bullet.

    • TDOM

      Oh God I may never stop laughing.


  • Jean Valjean

    I’m sure Futrelle got lots of attention from the ladies after his debate. Unfortunately for him they were all man hating feminists. I wouldn’t even wish that on Futrelle.

    That said, Paul, have you read Linda Kelly’s excellent report called, “Disabusing the Definition of Domestic Violence:. . . ”

    Kelly is a Juris Doctorate from IU, (just up the road from me) and has written about as comprehensive a report as I’ve ever seen. Using multiple disciplines, law, psychology, sociology, and statistics she eviscerates the DV industry and all the propaganda surrounding it. I think you could have copy and pasted directly from it and been done debating in just a few minutes.

    Some points I would have liked to have seen in this debate are:

    1. We don’t have to prove that women do more violence so much as show that they do a substantial amount of serious violence and that violence is ignored and covered up as well as a disproportionate amount of funding is given to women. This shows a clear bias against males.

    2. DV is about relationship control. Using violence is a way of gaining that control. That violence does not have to result in injury for control to be gained. Therefore, all female violence is just as serious as male violence.

    3. If the amount of serious injury is the only important factor as David asserts then why do feminists use a bait and switch tactic? They show the most violent scene and then claim that a million women are victims of that a year. This method is inherently unethical and anti-male.

    4. From #3, if serious violence is what makes the difference in DV does that mean that so long as men don’t leave a mark DV is OK? I think the resounding answer to that is NO. All DV is unacceptable and therefore violence committed by women, regardless of damage, is unacceptable. No one has the right to abuse another. Having a loved one hit you and abuse you hurts even if it doesn’t leave a mark. It hurts physically and emotionally and men who are forced to keep their emotions inside must carry those emotional wounds with them always. They never truly heal.

    5. Domestic violence also results in murder, however, when women murder their husbands it is almost never recorded as DV. Think of Steve McNair who’s girlfriend shot him in the head while he was sleeping. Not a single major news source called it domestic violence. Also, women have a prevalence to hiring someone to murder their husband for them. This is never recorded as DV but as murder for hire. Even the woman in question is only accused of conspiracy or some lesser charge if she’s ever suspected at all. None of these incidents make it into DV studies let alone are reported accurately in the media.

    All of this points to a pattern of discrimination against males. When you view it all in its context you realize that very little of it can be trusted or relied upon.

    5. Some of the “injuries” sustained during domestic violence can be acquired during the perpetration of violence against another. If a man restrains a woman attacking him and leaves bruises on her arm then he’s committed DV and can be arrested. If a woman punches her husband and bloodies her knuckles in the process then that counts as an injury during DV. Does the study distinguish between self-sustained injuries? I’ve seen nothing that says so. How many of women’s injuries have been sustained after she initiated violence? Also, women are more likely to view an injury as more serious not because it is but because she can then bring in police and social services to get revenge on her husband–a husband who is less likely to have initiated the violence in the first place.

    6. The movement against DV has always been political. Treatment for male perpetrators has revolved around re-education (indoctrination) in feminist theory. Males are forced to admit and accept that they are reinforcing patriarchal values and control over their partners through violence. This is a load of horseshit which has done nothing to protect women from violence or “treat” men for their violent actions. It has only made the problem worse.

    The primary correlating factor in ALL DV is alcohol abuse. Alcohol reduces inhibition and brings some personalities to violence–both men and women. Instead of acknowledging this FACT, the DV industry simply responds, “Alcohol is no excuse for DV”. They are correct of course, however an “excuse” is not the same as a “cause” or a “precipitating factor”. How can feminists acknowledge alcohol when they’ve built their cause around the so-called patriarchy?

    Because successfully treating alcohol abuse would likely cut serious DV by a huge amount, and feminists have avoided that discussion, they show once again that DV is a political tool to gain power over women and men and not a legitimate social service.

    • Introspectre

      I wish I could give you five thumbs up for that post but one will have to do.

  • Jean Valjean

    Speaking of domestic violence.

    I just found this video on YouTube about a woman who set her ex-boyfriend and herself on fire.

    Not a mention of domestic violence.

    Note that the narrator mentions that the woman’s lawyer says that Salazar, the man who died is the one who set her on fire. No doubt he will be unable to testify. If her claims are accepted I’m sure they will edit any future reports on this case to note that domestic violence was a factor.

    • Jean Valjean

      I’d say the above qualifies as “serious bodily injury”.

  • John A

    It’s a little off topic, but I just read this and it’s a reminder of what selfish heartless bastards men are <= (sarcasm)

  • Jean Valjean

    Those evil men. Their wives are the real victims here. Just ask any feminist.

    As a side note, the traditional Hindu wedding vow includes a promise by the groom not to let go of his wife in the case of rising waters but to help her to safety. (I kid you not)

  • http://Avoiceformen Patrick

    If DV is about relationship control, and woman get pregnant outside out of wedlock as a means of relationship control. Does that mean when a woman gets knocked up out of wedlock it counts as a form of DV?

    • Jean Valjean

      No. It is rape.

      The domestic violence part comes when she tries to extort the father out of money or denies him access to his child or uses/poisons the children against them.

      There are multiple crimes at play here. None of them recognized by courts.

      At every point in the reproductive process, from courtship to child rearing if a man makes a mistake he can be accused and incarcerated or have his life ruined.

      At every point in the reproductive process, a woman can commit fraud, violence, abuse, perjury, or simply walk away from any obligations and she will likely be rewarded by the state for doing so.

      We’re all equal, but women are more equal.

  • thomas mac

    This elam dude,is inlove with himself.

    • Paul Elam

      I don’t mind approving posts that are personal insults, as even illiterate trogs deserve their say in matters.

      But your post advocating murder got put in the trash, and with this comes the only warning you get. I don’t care if you had a fucked up childhood, or if you get a hard on dreaming up your own stupid ideas, if you post anything here again advocating violence, you will be immediately shit canned.