Jack Barnes looks back at ICMI ’14 as we look forward to ICMI ’15

As we prepare for ICMI 15 in Houston this October, Jack Barnes recounts his experience at the event in St. Clair Shores last June. If you were there this will remind you why you want to come back, and if you were not it will give you a clue of what is in store for you this year if you attend.

Get your tickets now, while they are still at the lowest price. If you support men’s human rights, if you are angry about the current state of affairs, these conferences are just the right medicine.


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  • Sir Scatters

    Confused. Dr T is not TB

    • Susan Morris

      There’s no confusion. As Jack explains, he was at the airport to collect Dr T but she missed her connecting flight. Whilst Jack was waiting for her, he turned around and saw TB (Alison Tieman) walking towards him.

      • Sir Scatters

        Thank you I misinterpreted. Morphine for nerve damage in my arm does not make for great cognitive skills.

  • sputnik

    Damn fool Southerners. Señor Barnes, you’re way too laid back!

    I, too, was there, and in my experience, the exhilaration level, perhaps tentative at first, and unnecessarily so, became intense. I had many experiences similar to what Jack describes.

    I met some of those people, too – indeed, MOST of them — but more briefly, as a simple attendee, and what everybody should understand – and I know that y’all know this, but I want you to really, really GET it – is that these are some brilliant people, and highly dedicated, and their enthusiasm is infectious and energizing. (I’m tempted to start listing, but the list would be too long. Serious!)

    Beyond that, this superlative-level sort of adjective applies in roughly equal measure to ALL those in attendance: a bunch of otherwise “ordinary” guys, and some more-than-worthy gals. Countless fascinating people, many of whom have some stories to tell, boy howdy! You’d have to work real hard to NOT trip over an excellent conversation. Wherever you stationed yourself, you could NOT go wrong.

    Ya see, in any one place where you have assembled such a number of Men’s Human Rights Advocates, the intelligence level and the awareness level, and thus, most pointedly, the humanity level, is going to be just too cool for the room. Balm for the soul.

    For a quickie, hit the following link, and do nothing but scroll through the pictures. That oughtta do ya.

    (That guy in a sport jacket over a light blue t-shirt, with the classic gingery hair, declaiming something rather passionately to a guy in a purple t-shirt?— he’s a card! And he’s a brilliant writer.)

    This was so true that Jeff Sharlet(an) couldn’t even obscure the fact in his bottom-of-the-barrel coverage of the event for GQ. In his article, he quotes his sidekick, Blair Braverman: “What surprised me,” Blair says, “was how warm people were.” That may be the truest and most salient observation one could make about the whole shindig, and though the observation comes from a deliberately misleading article loaded with false impressions and mischaracterizations, I can attest to the fact that she said it, ’cuz I was there in the moment she said it. I’da taken up the point with great enthusiasm, but it was my job in the moment to just let the interview proceed.

    Our esteemed conference organizers have very wisely allowed for much more simple socialization time, this time ’round. It may well be the most important aspect of this whole idea, now that the first one – necessarily a bit more formal — is out of the way.

    That, and the fact that I had the opportunity to express my gratitude to some o’these muckety-mucks in person, was also balm for the soul. I have also kept up limited email correspondence with a couple of characters I met there, and I am SO looking forward to seeing them again. And…

    Now, I may been born at night, but I wudn’t born jus’ LAS’ night, so when Sage – and you simply HAVE to meet Sage! – when Sage had his little shindig in Atlanta, I volunteered to make myself useful if I showed up a little early.

    Thus it was that I had the opportunity to hang at greater length with a some of these characters, much more like Jack’s experience in St. Clair Shores. It was wonderful.

    And one of the wonderful characters I had the pleasure and privilege of hanging with in Atlanta was some guy by th’name o’Jack Barnes.

    “Clap your hand / if you know / that happiness is the truth—
    Clap your hands / if you feel / like a room without a roof…”

    Cheers, Jack.

    And to all, Yours Very Sincerely,


    PS. After hours in Deee-troit, I short-shrifted a conversation with Anil Kumar for a larger group including Mike Buchanan, because larger group. Shortly afterwards, somebody said something to me about a mesmerizing conversation with that guy over there, Anil Kumar –“He’s brilliant.” — and I was like, Oh my god, if I’d only known… But then I’da had to short-shrift a conversation with Mike Buchanan. Yeah, that’s how bad it gets. :-) And what, 42%? — reportedly — of ticket sales so far have gone to guys from overseas?