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Interview with JTO and Dannnyboy

Our very own JTO and Dannyboy were interviewed by news reporter Avery Haines at the recent event at the University of Toronto. They did a great job fielding questions.

What you will also pick up on during the interview is that Haines quoted CAFE member Iain Dwyer as saying that AVFM had put up posters on campus targeting protesters and making claims that “they would get theirs.” I knew that there was something seriously amiss about that statement and contacted Dwyer myself for a quote. He had the following to say:

I did not say that AVFM had put posters up on campus. I said that you put posts up, referring to your website. I think the reporter was campus focused, and that’s where the misunderstanding came from.

As for the ‘they’ll get theirs’ comment, I said nothing of the sort. The woman who was interviewed with me (you can see her speaking in some of the video taken before the talk started) did say things to that effect. I couldn’t tell you her exact words, but she did bring up the posting of some of the protesters twitter accounts and repeated the claims they had made about harrassment and threats.

Although it is possible the reporter was trying to create controversy, I think her questions came more from a lack of understanding. We knew Avery Haines from an interview she did with Dr. Farrell in November and she was very interested in what he had to say about the boys crisis.

I am inclined to agree with Dwyer. I note that in her questioning of JTO and Danny she appears to ask mostly balanced questions and allows them ample time to answer in detail. Still, I think that news media in general has become too lax in attention to detail and accuracy.

That being said, please join me in thanking Dan and JTO for a job well done.

I also note that it appears this interview did not make it to local news. No bother, it is still available here, at the real media. PE

  • oldfart

    Pretense of fear=implied THREAT of police action.

    I’m seeing this a lot these days,it so…empowering…
    Silencing tactics.
    There’s nothing innocent about that,given the very real threat of persecution under misandrist laws.

    • Paul Elam

      See TyphonBlue’s series on the threat narrative. Spells it out very nicely.

  • Truyardy

    I did not know that one of the stars of Duck Dynasty is a MHRA. Good deal, we’re becoming mainstream.

    • Paul Elam

      Who? You mean one of the guys that actually went there to stand up for our side?

      This is not a forum to insult our reps.

      • Truyardy

        It wasn’t meant to be an insult at all. There’s nothing wrong with the cast of Duck Dynasty.

  • Near Earth Object

    Great interview.

    lol @ “white fish”

    Great definition of “feminist” (for as long as it lasted).

    AVfM—The Real Media!

  • napocapo69

    Good interview, and to me the reporter was excellent.
    And also the “sensible” question, likely due to misleading information, was put with fairness.

  • JJ

    You know what?! I would take her questions any day!

    Even if her questions may have been laced with feminist undertones; I get the sense she was being very fair!

    That is a far cry from what Oprah, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert would ever give us. We are material for satire, or derision.

    This is a great step forward!

    Great job Dan and JTO.

    PS: JTO, you look like a Jon Lennin with a shaved head there. Or the dude from the professional. Very cool. I don’t know if either of you planned it with the shades? Very smart. LOL

    Dan, you look like you lost your Harley with a book on the history of the sixties in a saddle bag.

    It’s awesome. Hahahaha

  • The Real Peterman

    Good job, guys. I would have frozen likea deer in front of those camera lights.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    Gott im Himmel – I am amazed by the Junior League and incompetent Journalistic idiots that get caught on camera. So she claims there are posters… and she is asking about them and has not seen one!

    This smacks of smear – because now it can be repeatedly reported that reporters were told and other said no, and you have a never ending meme. I’m just waiting do the Tsunami of false report and desperate media linking from the feminist dragoons. The Old Tricks are the best ones!

  • ComradePrescott

    Ha! So true. For the real truth come to the internet.

    Yes, you have to wade through the crap too, but the truth is here! No matter how much you wade through the mainstream media you will never find the truth.

    She was more balanced than I might expect, but I still think she viewed them as crazies which is unfortunate. But maybe I am just a pessimist!

  • Jay

    Great stuff Dannnyboy and JTO. I think when these questions are asked to us – regarding is the MRM in response to feminism – we need to point out that we are addressing issues such as male disposability, men being valued only as doings not as beings, and the rape and torture of men in prison, that society has never fully addressed before. Feminism has caused a great many problems, however, above all, we are a movement which for the first time in history are attempting to give men and boys some level of compassion and kindness. Something women and girls have always been afforded.

  • Eriu

    What struck me the most about this interview with Mr. Perrins and Mr. Hembling was the contrast between their articulate reasoned and thoughtful responses to legitimate questions, and our favourite red-head screeching dictats from a plagiarised article written by another loony feminist.

    It is unfortunate that the interview didn’t make it to the MSM, but having said that, when people come visiting AVfM and see the difference in “style” it will make quite an impact on their perceptions.

    On one hand an obviously unstable woman as the face of modern feminism, and on the other two calm reasonable thoughtful men as the face of the MHRM.

    Perhaps AVfM should forward a copy of this interview to the most vociferous of the various feminist covens, oops, I mean groups as a training video on how to conduct oneself in public?

    • George P

      The sad truth is that media lives off of controversy. Two guys talking calmly and rationally isn’t news.

      What would have been good news was a story which cut back and forth between them and crazy red-haired woman.

  • Wilf

    Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey has written about the feminists at UofT:

    • Suzanne McCarley

      Comments are now closed, and some of the best are no longer there, including one spouting the usual feminist “victim” BS, and a few that refuted it exquisitely.
      Hmm. Imagine that.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        I know! I know! This is one I wanted to reply to:

        NoMoreFalseGods TAOtheGod • a day ago −
        When a man gets raped do they ask, ” What where you wearing?”

        A: When men start showing up in bars or walking alone in bad neighborhoods wearing next to nothing ‘ho clothes, or tottering around in short short short skirts and push up bras – then someone is going to ask them that question.

        When men start making rape accusations because they were too drunk to consent, or because they weren’t called the next day, or because they were treated like a slut, or late for work, or want your job or uh, can’t remember so it probably was rape…

        …THEN someone is going to start asking that question.

      • scatmaster

        Posted that link two days ago and it is still available on the Ottawa Sun website of Sun Media with comment thread open. Have at it.

        • Dr. F (Ian Williams)

          Thanks scatters.

          Your “linky” and other angled salient nuggets always cement our messages of injustice to our sex.

          Always appreciated old son.

          • scatmaster

            Do my best Ian . Good to see you back.

  • Kristina Hansen

    Well done guys! You were awesome.

  • Mr.Zeph

    Man. I thought that I was starting to get some of the basic patter down. JTO and DannyBoy have just showed me how much more work I have to put in. Good job guys, and +1 points for getting the back up video.

  • onca747

    Nice one guys.

  • Booyah

    Great job John and Danny. As for the reporter, well to me she endeavored to keep them on the back foot a little, rather than actually letting them discuss the issues they were versed on. Pretty good effort from the MSM though for sure. Guess its best to encourage them. I actually had a laugh during the anti-gay accusation though.

  • Robert Sides

    > “The sad truth is that media lives off of controversy. Two guys talking calmly and rationally isn’t news.”


    That key point is something left-brain boyos refuse to get despite it being at the heart of right-brain men’s creation of media, marketing, advertising, and other arts of suasion.

    Feelings trump facts.

    Stories trump arguments.

    You sell the sizzle, not the chemical composition of steaks.

    And by trump, I mean “has more impact on the public.”

    Reporters cover news, not ideology. So you need to create NEWS. That’s why I suggested the “Postcards for Papa” project. You create “buzz” when a lot of guys start sending cards and said cards are judiciously fed to media. Reporters ask, “What’s up with all the cards… and kids asking for “daddy” and vets recalling their fathers and so on?” THEN you bring up the “issues.”

    You get nowhere saying things should be better for fathers. You first have to attract reporters, cameras, audio-recorders. THEN you make your points.

    I did this at a female roadrace, showing up with a few other guys holding a hand-painted sheet/banner with “Men’s Rights Roadrunners” on it. We stood out. When reporters came we had a ONE-page, succinct, much-white-space explanation of our presence (with quotable, sound-bite-worthy bullet points). We also had ONE designated, camera-friendly guy fielding questions.

    That is, we got attention and helped reporters do their jobs.

    I know AVFM is not, strictly speaking, a group or movement. Sadly, that can preclude it from making news…unless it has huge traffic. It’s hard for reporters to quote someone whose cred is being a “contributor to a small website.”

    When I went on TV and radio I represented a group. Even then, I had to “give good show.” If listeners didn’t call in, if the studio audiences weren’t engaged, I didn’t get invited back. Or asked to appear on other shows (Producers monitor media for “new” stories and share info with other producers).

    I’m not saying AVFM does nothing. It’s perhaps the best pro-male website going. Just noting, IMHO, that THAT is necessary, but insufficient, to impact mass media.

    > “What would have been good news was a story which cut back and forth between them and crazy red-haired woman.”

    Yes! One of the guys should have acted like the woman (a la Chapin), the other being straight-man.. That is, demonstrate to the reporter what an interesting story that’d make.

    The guys forgot that part of their job was to help the reporter do her job.

    Despite decades of dreary results, too many men still think being “reasonable, rational, and factual” will stop feminism. It won’t. Fifty years of being ignored should have taught them that much. Instead, they’re like the mild, meek, polite trial lawyer who always loses in court. Why? Because he fails to move juries EMOTIONALLY.

    That is, they forgot the power of eMOTION to stir folks to action.

    The leaders of the men’s movement have similarly, and for decades, failed to move the public to their cause. Just like they failed to save their kids. They acted like accountants when “madmen” ad-men were needed. They emulated McClellan when Patton was needed to protect their kids, cash, homes, etc.

    Did acting “rationally and calmly” help them in Family Court?

    You’d think such guys, having repeatedly lost, would try new ways to act. But no. They still trust in “reason.”

    Well, what kind of “reason” ensures you repeatedly fail to achieve stated goals?

    There’s a reason poetry exists, why numbers and charts and insurance terminology aren’t the only ways to communicate.


    • Dr. F (Ian Williams)

      Robert Sides.

      Always great to get pointers from a chocolate armchair with a person as the soft centre.

      Pardon, but your laser-beam pointer shot from the hip buried between the Cheritos and Burger-Ring chip packets do little except expose the recalcitrance bellowing from your jiggly oft-seated bum. I mean c’mon mate give it a rest.

      That’s an ask from me by the way. What else can I do?

      You see two blokes with two cameras on them and a reporter and you reckon that your pearls of wisdom will fall as shiny grey beach-balls? They will fold at the knees and clasp their wee mitten wrapped paws at your myyr scented crown whilst you slowly unfurl your scroll o’ wisdom?

      Holy crap your comment stinks. I mean in the face of it.

      You remind me of some silent movie director with a tin cone megaphone on their gob barking out the magic script carved in stone. (May I call you Cecil and pull up a fold-away chair and serve you a cup of twining babytips?)

      You have been hilariously called out for being as Arnie once opined, “Dick-wad.”

      Do it not bleat it, and my for-what-it’s-worth reply to you will be honourably retracted with a sincere and expansive apology.

      Umm, Capice?

  • bubba_ho

    Hello Everyone I took the liberty of re-wording a well known Vancouver poster related to AVFM, simply because the font and the word count made it difficult to irritate enough radfems…I did not change the content, it is just easier to read…

    Here is the zipped PDF for your consideration:

    I also took the liberty of testing it in a well known easy to butthurt network: IMGUR

    may those ladies have nightmares featuring these posters…(it is gonna be downvoted to oblivion but that is the point…mwa ha ha ha )

  • Correctrix

    Great interviews.

  • Turbo

    JTO and Dan, really great job guys. Well done.

  • Dr. F (Ian Williams)

    Danny and John.

    Thank you.

    In the continual gusts of stale reportage you two represent an open window to all of that. In one unedited take you spoke as all of us who wanted to be you.

    To talk as evenly and well informed as you did here, it’s pretty difficult to not take vicarious satisfaction with your delivery. All sound and measured as any responsible MHRA could ever do.

    Yeah, I wish I was there with you hitting the bricks I am telling you. Perhaps you remind me of the pins and needles humming on my bum? Maybe I can rustle up a reporter too?

    In any case as said, thank you for batting and thank you for showing what it’s like.


    This story/interview is set to air on “the inside story” with Avery Haines on City TV at 6 pm EST today!


    I saw Avery Haines’ inside story today on City TV news. While the coverage could have been more complete, it was fair and neutral in the sense that it did not explicitly take a side. She asked more questions than she answered, but the footage of the frenzied protesters contrasted with the innocuous lectures, speaks for itself. She did let the protesters off easy with her description of the event, however, the protesters did not look good on camera. Any reasonable person watching the story will be wondering what is at the root of all of the hysteria, and might make them want to look into it more.

  • DarkByke

    Great work.