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House passes VAWA reauthorization

AVFM News Thursday March 1st  2013)  The Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization passed through the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday ending a nearly year and a half period of limbo after the previous authorization expired in October of 2011.  The final tally was 286 to 148 with all 199 Democrats and 87 of the 225 House Republicans voting for reauthorization as. [1.] The bill is expected to hit President Obama’s desk as early as tomorrow where it is certain that he will sign it into law.

This version of VAWA allocates $659 million over the next five years for a domestic violence industry which still denies the existence of male victims of domestic violence and fails to recognize the fact that women have the same propensity as men to engage in violent and abusive behavior.  Furthermore, this version of VAWA has all of the same funding provisions for states that have mandatory arrest and predominant aggressor laws on the books taking away due process for the accused and exclusively profile heterosexual men as abusers.  Male victims of domestic violence are mentioned only once in the new version which is nearly 300 pages long and then only in the context of homosexual relationships. [3]

This vote follows a day of heated controversy among the Republican ranks when on Wednesday the House Leadership decided not to vet the house version of the bill through the committee hearing process.  This meant the House would simply vote on the majority proposal which did not pass due to a complete absence of Democratic and weak Republican support. [2.]This effectively doomed any challenge to VAWA renewal to failure.

The move by House Republican leadership to bypass the Judiciary and Ways and Means committees angered many conservatives in the house who were disturbed by Speaker Boehner’s acquiescence.  This marked the third time in the last two months the House passed pass a significant piece of legislation with minority Democrats carrying the vote. [2.]  The strong women voter turn out for the Democratic party in last falls election was cited as the reason for this.

The republican version, introduced by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington state excluded the Senate version’s provision for the LGBT community and modified federal jurisdiction over Indian territories. It also featured protections against immigration fraud. Interestingly, McMorris Rodgers voted for the Senate version after her’s was defeated and Speaker Boehner failed to vote.  [4.]

McMorris Rodgers’ VAWA bill was, in effect, little different than the Senate version of VAWA in the sense that it failed to recognize the truth about intimate partner violence that feminists have been suppressing all along; specifically that it is not sex specific.  In fact, the language in VAWA states repeatedly that domestic violence is a crime that “predominately affects women.” [5.]  This failure to acknowledge the facts concerning domestic violence has been mimicked across a wide array of prominent conservative groups who have publicly opposed VAWA renewal.

Penny Nance, the president of Concerned Women of America an extremely religious social conservative political organization, wrote a piece for the Washington Times titled “Why Congress ought to ditch VAWA” which parroted many of the pernicious lies concerning domestic violence. [6.]  She actually cited the “one in four” female college student victimization statistic so thoroughly debunked by many researchers.  The biggest problem she had with VAWA it seems is that it doesn’t promote the institution of marriage.

To be sure, the struggle for VAWA reauthorization over the past year and a half has marked a great leap forward for those who challenge the feminist narrative of gender violence.  It can no longer be said that feminist ideologues have a iron fisted grip on the public discourse concerning the issue.  Organizations like S.A.V.E. and many others were instrumental in this and the achievement cannot be ignored.  However, it seems that social conservatives have the same problems addressing the truth about intimate partner violence that feminists do.

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Bob O'Hara is the U.S. News Director for A Voice for Men. He is a men's rights activist living in the Washington, D. C. area who has done work with S.A.V.E. and is the host of a weekly radio show with news and analysis on men's and boys' issues.

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  • Clem Burke

    I did not even want “The Mathew Shepard Act” to pass. Sure, I am a gay man and the bill was to protect a minorty that is the most killed and beaten minority in America, but if I want equality I do not want a “special right” . My life is not more important than the man down the street raising three kids or a man fighting in the front lines for my freedoms.

  • tamerlame

    The police even arrest young boys, when a woman phones the police.

    My mum often used the police to lash out at me. My mum would flip out and go hysterical, and act like I was trying to attack when I wasn’t. She would phone the police telling them I was trying to kill her. She started doing this to me at the age of 13.

    It was very frustrating being taken to the police station, and then thrown in care.

    I didn’t even ever touch my mum. She attacked me a few times though. I think she got off on the power, of having access to the white knight police force.

    I got friends who have suffered from woman phoning the police on them. Phoning the police on someone, and getting them kidnapped by the state under a false accusation of violence, is the most common form of domestic violence in my opinion.

    • mstewart

      Thirteen sounds like the age where many boys become big enough to fight back, especially against a female abuser. Thanks to the state, the abuser has other violent criminals to help keep you quiet and save her face, while also punishing you (since it’s dangerous to keep hitting you directly now). The logical conclusion to all of this is a disavowal of the state, which loves to see boys and men broken, unable to fight its power or actively working for it by sacrificing themselves.

      • tamerlame

        I grew up in children’s homes thanks to my mums being so unstable. I know how worthless Politically correct do gooders are.

        I remember one mother coming to visit her son, and she was laughing and sneering at him, and told him directly she was in charge, and she had the police to keep him in line. He was about 14. It is amazing how shameless woman can be. I bet she saw herself as a strong empowered woman fighting her corner.

        A man can be forced to pay child support, a woman can abandon her kids at her whim, for any reason.

        • mstewart

          I am sorry you had to experience that, especially as a helpless child. It is one of the greatest evils human beings can inflict upon one another. Parenthood is a sacred duty and violating it is such a hideous transgression. I’m sorry your own mother treated you with such disrespect. You deserved better.

        • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

          Even with the knowledge that your country, and your people (in my case being American, that is a lot of nations, races and creeds) need your assistance even when maybe we all don’t deserve it; and when the darkest hour includes such draconian malfeasance such as this.

          But with stories like yours, laws like VAWA, and the Dept. Of Homeland security being A. formulated in the first place; and B. doing crap like using armed predator drones to watch our skies-I struggle with regret of joining the military sometimes. It makes me wonder what the boys who carried more of the work load than I ever did must feel when they come home seeing this.

          Or worse being victimized by it. Knowing they helped prop up a system that can destroy their kids and their livelihood on a woman’s whim. Without them being able to do a thing about it! The Spearhead just covered another travesty recently. A Ssgt being forced to pay anyways even after proving he is not the father for twelve more years.

          It makes me angry.

          Coupled with their gun control laws, and ever more draconian measures; I feel to weaken us and our resolve to counteract its seemingly more obvious intentions every day. Not to mention the possibility they are actually training the military for martial law?

          It leaves me to wonder just what the hell is going on?

          How can we muster up the inner strength to support a government that for all appearances and words it speaks; the actions it commits seem so fascist, and overtly destructive towards so many of its citizens; co completely contrary to what it says.

          Where bitches like Pelosi; who we have proof she abuses her position in so many ways and yet there she sits passing VAWA with all smiles. I know that politicians like her, Boehner, Reid, Obama; will never allow us a seat at the table. Merely tell us where to drop of our finances and then where to go die.

          So I see your story Tamerlame, and I have too many reasons to suspect you are telling the truth. I have seen this petition: http://www.petition2congress.com/1788/unfair-child-support-laws/view/2

          All I see are women decrying how men are robbing them from more money; and of course, the men’s story is the same as we all know. They are screwed, and can’t get relief; in fact they are not allowed it.

          We all know that Congress will of course see that; and take the women’s voice into account, and ignore completely what fathers say. It will not be until we in the movement as a collective are just too strong for any of them to have a say in silencing us.

          Yet, I fear it will never happen. I fear that until men can somehow provide a financial boon to government in place of our strong backs and support of idle, totally worthless, women; we will continue to be treated like it’s slaves.

          We will continue to see foster kids murdered and raped by foster parents and their DHHS/CPS officials who are “too busy” to care. Yet having the time and capability to pick up the support checks from our taxes for those same kids, and spend it on themselves.

          For government to have all the info on its finger tips; and pass VAWA anyways while knowingly lying about the facts. On top of that, the average citizen was like me several years ago; too busy to care. Did not affect me, so why bother?

          I’m sorry for your loss. Hopefully, we can really start getting some hope out there. We have waited long enough. All of us, from kids to adult men. We have had enough.

    • Bewildered

      The standard response to a narrative like yours is: ” What happened to you is a drop in the ocean ! It’s pure anectodal evidence,nothing more! ” In other words, “how dare you suspect the gospel truth that women are always the victims in these things ! ? “

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/MrShadowfax42 MrShadowfax42

        “How dare you expect us to address the injustice against you! Because we perceive that others who share your type of genitalia are violent, oppressive brutes, you get no help. Fuck you. And have a nice day.”

    • http://salientsight.com/ergot/ Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)

      Well put. A+ 😉

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    It is time for those good advocates working “within the system” to change VAWA to reconsider their tactics. I fear that all that has happened is for VAWA to be etched deeper in the cement of American political givens.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MrShadowfax42 MrShadowfax42


    A suggestion:

    March 8th is International Women’s Day. There is bound to be the usual deluge of VAWA propaganda circulating on Facebook and other social media platforms.

    Simply reply to these posts using this brilliant poster.


    If everybody who reads AVfM does this, it will create much more of an impression than posting physical posters locally.

    Another point is that the latest anti-feminism (or at least anti-women’s-studies) talk is being held at UoT on March 7th. So with a bit of luck – if events at UoT unfortunately turn violent (again) – we will have some thug footage to show too, on IWD.

  • bhwebb

    Went to THOMAS and checked the roll call on the vote to reauthorize VAWA and low and behold, my congresswoman voted in support. Sent an email to her office that in part, informed her that she had lost my support and my vote.

    • bhwebb

      Letter to Congresswoman Asshat (name changed to protect the identity of the clueless):

      Good morning. I was very troubled to learn that the House of Representatives voted to reauthorize the factually-challenged, blatantly gender-biased, and in my opinion unconstitutional law that is the Violence Against Women Act. I was equally troubled to learn that I cast a vote for a representative who supported this reauthorization.

      I take my right to vote serious and my vote is extremely important to me. When I cast a vote for a particular representative, it is based on the well-studied and informed opinion that said representative will make every effort to act in the best interests of ALL their constituents rather than CERTAIN constituents. In my opinion, each yea vote on this reauthorization represents the latter.

      Violence in America is not and never has been a gender-specific problem. Domestic violence is not nor ever has been a gender-specific problem. Moreover, VAWA and its supporters ignore decades of social science cementing that fact in relation to intimate partner violence or DV. Women are just as violent if not more violent than men. Women generally, are more likely to initiate violence against their partners, and are more violent towards children; most notably mothers. While representatives discuss inclusion of Native American Women and the LGBT community, this law, which is almost 20-years-old, virtually ignores male victims and female perpetrators of violence.

      I believe that for every reauthorization of VAWA represents a tremendous step back in the effort to address violence in society. Reauthorizing VAWA as a means of addressing violence in society, or only violence against the protected class that is women, is akin to having two flat tires on your vehicle, only fixing one, and insisting that effort somehow will fix the overall problem with your car.

      In voting to reauthorize VAWA, I believe you and your colleagues chose to cater to a significant voting bloc in this country, chose to cater to very powerful, yet very dishonest women’s advocacy groups and ultimately chose to engage in identity politics and play politics with an important social issue. Based on your support of the reauthorization of VAWA, you have lost my support and you have lost my vote. I ask that you remove me from your mailing list immediately.

  • http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/ Pierce Harlan

    The principal problem with the Reauthorization of VAWA is the threat to students’ double jeopardy interests. This is from FIRE’s blog:

    “. . . there was one concerning provision in the VAWA Reauthorization that made its way into the final version of the bill. That provision requires campus judiciaries to provide both the accusers and the accused information about their right to appeal disciplinary findings in campus sexual misconduct proceedings. The possibility of accusers appealing not-guilty findings represents a threat to fundamental fairness that is serious enough to be prohibited in criminal hearings by the Fifth Amendment’s bar against what’s known as “double jeopardy.” Indeed, FIRE has long argued that for the same reasons of fundamental fairness that our criminal justice system does not allow double jeopardy, colleges and universities should not force their students to face new hearings after being cleared. With this provision now likely to be signed into law, colleges and universities can be expected to start subjecting exonerated students to double (or even triple) jeopardy. FIRE will continue to explore ways to mitigate this threat to student due process rights.” http://thefire.org/torch/#15487

    • greg

      Also, I believe that this bill has made it a federal crime to cause a female “Emotional Distress” because of course that’s DV.

      The only good thing about this bill is that funding was cut by 17 percent.

      • greg

        Found article at RenewAmericaa

        DV is now causing emotional distress AND using unpleasant speech.

        Everyone in America is now a DV abuser.

      • tamerlame

        Woman love nagging men all the time. It is the main way they control them. That is the epitome of social violence. Woman now have license to nag you, and if you answer back, you are going to get the police phoned on you.

        When someone gets in your face, it is human nature to answer back,

  • Darryl X

    Look on the bright side concerning reauthorization of VAWA.

    Our current circumstances in a feminist totalitarian police state reveal the truth about those with whom we reside. Whether it be VAWA or any other misandrous or dishonest or unconstitutional law, they all reveal those who would take advantage of those developments at the expense of others. And those who do not. It is an important tool for distinguishing between those who are responsible and those who are not.

    People (feminists and related populations) are malignant narcissists. Malignant narcissists are the product of all the bad decisions they have made throughout life for which they did not take responsibility and for which they were not held accountable. When these kinds of people neither take responsibility for their behavior nor are held accountable, they never learn. So their misbehavior and crimes escalate throughout life. And their consequences. They don’t become more responsible but less. They don’t become less criminal but more.

    VAWA is used to fund women’s shelters. We all know that most women at shelters are more abusive than their male partners, are drug addicts, were expelled from their homes for adultery or violence or whatever reason, are homeless, suffer mental illness, are there to create the illusion that they have been abused to support their petitions for divorce and custody and child support (support their fraud), etc… I don’t know what percent of women at shelters are actually victims of abuse by a male partner, but I suspect it’s very low.

    A report issued to then President Bill Clinton in 1996 showed conclusively that despite the overwhelming number of women’s shelters that had been built in the previous twenty years, violence against women had not declined. And of course Congress needed to appropriate more money to shelters because even though all the shelters that had been built before did no good, more money and more shelters would solve the problem. Kinda like solving your problem of excessive debt by taking on more debt. Hmmmm….

    Even though violence against women (small a proportion as it was and still is) had not declined and the number of women murdered by their male partners had not declined (small a proportion as that was and still is too), the number of men murdered by their female partners actually had declined. And follow-up to that report showed that women’s shelters were responsible for saving the lives of those men by giving violent women who would otherwise have killed their male partners an alternative. A place to go and scheme and fume and conspire and awfulize rather than kill their male partners.

    Three months before my ex kidnapped our son and ran off to a woman’s shelter, she tried to kill me with a pair of butcher knives to the back. I was advised later by a Psychiatrist that had there been a gun in the house, she likely would have killed me with the gun. He also advised me that had there not been a women’s shelter, she probably would have kept trying with the butcher knives until she got it right. And of course I had no where to go to escape or get help. The police ha ha ha? A women’s shelter? Nope. A men’s shelter? Wait. What’s that?

    So there is a bright side to VAWA. Although she used the opportunity at the women’s shelter to conspire with a feminist attorney, Guardian ad Litem and Child Protective Services case worker to contrive evidence against me and take away our children and defraud me in family court of everything I’ve ever had and ever will have, I’m still alive because of that woman’s shelter and VAWA.

    Be grateful for small miracles.

    • tamerlame

      I’ve was forced to live in a homeless shelter. I lived with underclass men, and underclass woman. The woman where far more badly behaved. Even a ugly woman can find a man to support her, if she isn’t nuts.

      There was one woman who was strikingly beautiful, I tried getting to know her so I can get in her pants. I was having a conversation with her, she seemed interested in getting to know me. She suddenly started interrupting me, and telling me to shut up in the conversation. She was clearly mental, and had some sort of hostility complex. Since I had just started reading a voice for men, I knew that I had to stay away from her and I did. (Also I’ve learnt the hard way, not to put up with a hostile woman, because she is attractive.)

      Woman are not forced to be nice to people, they are able to away with hostile behaviour that would get a man a smack in the gob. Men have to stop tolerating anti social behaviour from woman, just because they want to get in their pants.

      The other woman where skanks and drug addicts. They where vindictive and hostile. One of them shamelessly borrowed money of someone, and reported him to the police for threating behaviour when he wanted his money back. The poor guy got kicked out the hostel.

      If a woman is fallen, you should be very weary of her. A nice humble guy can fall down the cracks in society easy. (Due to a lack of care or concern from society.) A woman who can’t keep her life together even though they get loads of benefits from the state, and can find a man easy, has to be very self destructive.

      Men of the men in the homeless shelter where fine. (Some of them where very nice humble guys.) I know for a fact more men are homeless than woman, yet somehow woman got got 50 percent of the places in the shelter.

      The way the benefit system, and the legal system works in the UK, woman get to be the gatekeepers to the family unit. Hostile woman can drive away and destroy low status young men.

      Sorry if this is low winded, I do think it is relevant to all these anti male domestic violence laws being passed.

  • Booyah

    (Darth Vader voice.) Now you know the power of the dark side!

  • Man

    When the voice and pen fails, what does that leave us ?

  • Astrokid

    Jessica Valenti is happy about VAWA, but is experiencing burnout.
    I kinda like to rile feminists up, so I left this comment on her blog.. got deleted soon.

    Even after 50+ years of feminism giving a massive leg up to women, there’s hardly any women that have moved civilization forward. There are hardly any female Nobel Prize winners in science, innovators like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, or even great highbrow art.. or even great standup comedians.. or even a chess grandmaster (judith polgar.. only one in top 100). There’s one woman sanding next to hundreds of men at that level.
    Looks like Camille Paglia was right when she said “If civilization was left to women, we would still be living in grass huts”.
    Does this reality cause burnout?

    • Zerbu

      So let’s marginalize men even further and give women even more preferential treatment to compensate for them not pulling their own weight.

    • Astrokid

      It got hilarious there. My next comment was this (which got deleted), and I got blocked from commenting. And a crazy response from their side was allowed to stand.

      Like I said before, 1 woman for hundreds of men at that level.
      Of course, birthing and raising children is a very important contribution to civilization. Roy Baumeister lists 5 things a culture needs
      1) Provision of material needs.. food, water, shelter, trade, etc
      2) Military defense.. such as protection from wild animals throughout the paleolithic and prehistory, and protection from other tribes and natural disasters as well in history till today.
      3) Stability.. via institutions such as law, police.. lest internal conflict and other disasters result in widespread psychological damage. Living day-to-day lives in fear results in PTSD like symptoms.. for e.g The Egyptian Old Kingdom had a period of 100 years of climate-driven instability that made people kill and eat their neighbours and own children.
      4) Progress.. innovations that make life easier/better.
      5) Population maintenance or increase.. Small tribes get wiped out facing wild nature, and small societies get wiped out by other cultures.. such as native america vs European invaders.

      The nature of men’s physiology and psychology has been suitable for 1-4.. and women’s for #5. This combination is what resulted in males being the disposable sex, and females being the preserved sex.

      Once modernity was achieved, women came out of their safe-havens and claiming to be as good as men in all aspects of culture, and using Patriarchy Bollocks Theory to cover up their non-contribution in 1-4.

      My question remains:
      Do feminists face burnout when this reality hit them in the face?

      maryann26 says:
      You seem totally unaware that women have provided for 1-4. Women certainly can have and do make all the contributions to keep a society going. Men certainly cannot perform number 5. It seems that you have not read anything about women throughout history. You want your ideas supported that men are necessary for civilization. It is men who destroy civilization

      maryann26 says:
      Feminists will NEVER face burnout. We will keep fighting because of jerks like you who refuse to admit the truth about women.
      The male sex is completely destructive. jedi_mindtrick mentioned a mere few of the men who destroy civilization. I am hoping that women scientists can one day eliminate the male sex

      • Peter Wright (Tawil)

        “I am hoping that women scientists can one day eliminate the male sex”

        Astrokid, make sure and keep this pearl of love handy in your files, it will come in useful when we try and expose feminism as a hate movement.

      • gwallan

        “You want your ideas supported that men are necessary for civilization. It is men who destroy civilization”

        The empowerment of women occurs as a function of decline in all civilisations, including our own. It is not a cause but a symptom.

        maryann26’s claim is a non sequitur. Women oversee nothing of the creation of civilisation nor it’s demise. They may, in future, be recognisable in some of the bruises on the decaying corpse. Were she to “eliminate the male sex” the women remaining would tear one another to pieces sooner rather than later.


        Rinse and repeat.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    “I think she got off on the power”

    Ya think. :)

  • JinnBottle

    March 1st…hm…First day of International Women’s Month…Also day of Congress’s reauthorization of VAWA.

    Preplanned? How dare you!

  • Bombay

    The Republican are funding the Democrats with VAWA. It is any wonder that the Republicans have less political power year after year.

  • rompastompa
    • http://none universe

      Somewhat unrelated as well:



      A recurring theme appears. Adapted from a novel the story makes the silver screen.
      The movie plot centers around an allegation of rape.
      Then victory for the kind-hearted accused.

      This “quora.com” story involves contemporary Indian domesticity of the worst kind in real time however. Perhaps the young man’s grievances will be visited upon his tormentors in this lifetime.

  • justcasually

    Hey just went to have a look at the actual act and noticed that although the name is worded poorly the actual definition of domestic violence has no mention of sex:

    ‘‘(6) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.—The term ‘domestic violence’
    includes felony or misdemeanor crimes of violence committed by a current or former spouse of the victim, by a person with whom the victim shares a child in common, by a person who is cohabitating with or has cohabitated with the victim as a spouse, by a person similarly situated to a spouse of the victim under the domestic or family violence laws of the jurisdic- tion receiving grant monies, or by any other person against an adult or youth victim who is protected from that person’s acts under the domestic or family violence laws of the jurisdiction.

    That is in the act itself. I also couldn’t find any other mention of sex specific priveleges in there (didn’t read the whole lot just key areas) I’m sure someone can point me in the right direction?

    Don’t get me wrong, I myself grew up in an abusive house hold where my mother used these same tactics I see in a lot of posts here, so I’m just asking how it specifically benefits women?

    Is the issue that women are already more likely to be believed when there is contention and so this act makes it easier for them to have men/boys arrested on false pretences?

    Ps sorry for long comment

  • Nightwing1029

    Okay, just a quick question on this.
    The article states:
    “This version of VAWA allocates $659 million over the next five years”
    The problem I am having with this is that the original VAWA was in the order of $2 billion per year.
    Somehow, I don’t think they actually dropped almost $1.4 billion from the budget.
    Might want someone to take a much closer look at how much is actually funding this.
    Saw some cuts, but no where near on that order.
    Of course, I didn’t read the WHOLE re-authorization. (200+ pages was a bit more than I wanted to run through)