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Fun Conversation with Dean Esmay and Karen Straughan

This was made back in September ’13 but we never got around to posting it on AVfM. It was just a little talk after the Men & Boys In Crisis rally in late September. A meandering conversation some people seemed to enjoy.

Film by Shawn Sutherland.

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  • Dagda Mór

    I played the soundtrack on this video backwards and it was just telling me about rape after rape. Onwards fellow Patriarchs!

    • Kimski

      Funny, ’cause I get this when I do the same:

  • Joe Raypen

    I just bought one yesterday and I’ll never smoke another cigarette again. Vaping is the way to go. By the Smoov, and ry4 ejuice.

  • Tallwheel

    Are you sure this hasn’t been posted here before? The same video is up on Dean’s channel since September, titled “Ginormous monster nearly devours Girl Writes What!” I seem to recall having found it through a posting here on AVfM.