Femitheist Divine suicide

Five days ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota a 20 year old woman, Krista Jane Heflin, took her own life with a gunshot.  It appears, though we do not have 100% confirmation, that this is the same person who went by the name Femitheist Divine on a blog and on a Youtube Channel; a hateful and clearly disturbed individual, who, like scores of other similar persons, found refuge in radical feminism.

The events preceding her death were marked by a significant amount of public conflict with MRAs. She came under accurate and well-deserved fire for making posts that advocated murder, supported gendercide, eugenics and other forms of virulent misandry; the trademarks of both radical feminism and psychopathology; two barely discernible things.

Much will be made of that conflict. In fact, I assume we can all start the countdown till the first feminist or sycophant blog post comes out blaming the MRM, especially this site and its readers, for her self-destruction. Rather than try to understand her demise, and prevent more like it, they will simply exploit the suicide in a sick game of futrelian one-upmanship. They will pile on her corpse and pick her bones clean like vultures in order to enable the same kind of hate she expressed on her blog and in her videos, and to blame the people that would stop that hate peddling if they could.

One has to wonder why society does not see a man or woman who holds such hateful views and wishes for the extermination of half the world’s population as a potential threat to themselves and others. How is it that views like hers, when wrapped up in feminism, are somehow not seen for what they are, the ranting of a lunatic who should have a proper psychiatric evaluation, not a YouTube channel and blog?

There are few certainties that will ever emerge from this story, other than the fact that a misdirected, mentally ill kid wound up on a slab in the morgue. Another is that a two year old girl is now without a mother. We can only hope that the child winds up with better, more stable parenting than she would have ever gotten from Femitheist Divine. I won’t even bother asking, or trying to deduce, where the father is in this picture.

I have three hopes in this screwed up mess of human tragedy. One is that we always remember that Krista Jane Heflin is dead because of Krista Jane Heflin. She chose to die as surely as she chose to hate and call for the deaths of others. Feminists are gearing up now to crow otherwise. Let them crow and attack their words head on with everything you have.

Also, MRAs need to remember what happened when one of our brothers became despondent and made plans to end his life recently. We pulled together to help him, even as we witnessed feminists celebrating his despondency and trying to goad him into taking his life. For pity’s sake, people, let’s leave them as the sole inhabitants of that low ground. They are much more at home there than we are.

The last thing is that we mustn’t fail to see the similarities between Femitheist Divine and the women who inhabit dens of violent insanity like Radfem Hub.

When we try to understand the depravity of people who would murder half the human race, who would seek to engineer us like strains of corn to fit their Utopian ideals, who would throw young boys through windows to their deaths and selectively abort on the basis of sex, we can get a clear picture of who they are through Feminist Divine’s articulate and concise self-diagnosis as a borderline personality disorder.

I don’t know if anyone could have helped this young woman. She was devastatingly sick and possibly beyond reaching. But the real problem is that this type of person does not always limit their violence to the self-inflicted variety. Heflin threatened to harm her child before taking her own life. If she had, it would not have been the first time something like that happened. These individuals are dangerous by their very nature.

That is why it is so important that we continue to confront virulent misandry and to educate the public about personality disorders and how to deal with them.

We probably don’t write about it near as much as we should, but there is a clear link between BPD/NPD and phenomena like Radfem Hub. Indeed those traits are a familiar theme throughout “mainstream” feminist establishment.

I am not blaming the death of this woman on feminism. I will leave that sort of disingenuousness to the likes of Tory Shepherd. But what I will say without reservation is that the closer you look at modern feminist ideology and personality disorders the more you see they are woven together in a fabric of human pathology. Tory Shepherd is just another Krista Jane Heflin with a stronger will to survive, and more ability to harm others in the name of a virulent cause.

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  • Muk

    I never payed much attention to her
    I’ve read a few of her blog posts, and it was just obvious that she was just totally fucked up
    I thought it was odd that she allowed all of those comments on her site
    Usually with feminists, especially feminists as demented as she was, they have the comments locked down, and only her friends could post comments
    I saw that as a good thing, I thought hey, maybe she’s stronger than the average feminazi, and could take the heat (heat that she deserved)
    But after reading her last post, it became clear that she left comments open because she wanted that kind of attention, that she wanted to be hated.

    I guess now we’ll hear from all of the Jezebels and Femifisters about how the MRM made her eat a bullet, when in reality, she’s a victim of her own pathology.

  • mongo

    Everyone I personally know that has died in the last 5 years has had multiple sources of proof confirming it on the internet.

    • Alan Vaughn

      Yes that has been my experience too, yet interestingly: none of those deceased that I knew would have had anything like the ‘fame’ (or maybe ‘infamy’?) that young Krista (Femitheist Divine) has earned (deserved), over the last few weeks…

    • Gamerp4

      5 Years? You mean 5 Days right?

  • JinnBottle

    I sometimes have a problem with the words “choose”, “choice”, and their variants. This matter is one of them.

    My big sister, even more so than Femitheist, looked, to us, “out here”, as tho she “chose” to commit suicide back in 2000.

    Since 1982, thru the est and Forum weekend seminars of Werner Erhard, I “got” that *choosing responsibility” – even for things in life that don’t look like one chose them – can be a powerful approach to said life.

    However, there are provisos in this. One is that one can only choose responsibility, can only truly choose, provided one’s mental health is a modicum of intact. My sister’s, for example, was not, and never was.

    For ultimately (I “got” thru those same seminars), choosing is a *game* – a “choosing[!] to make something more important than something else”, to quote Erhard’s definition: But senior to all the “responsibility game”, is the fact – or notion, if you prefer – that *everything is machinery*: Everything and everyone in this universe is on automatic, from beginning to end, and nothing, ultimately, is more important than anything else.

    Thus the most effective form of choosing is to *choose what you get*.

    Again, however, the “responsibility game* is only a potentially effective tool for people who “are already successful in life” to quote Erhard again – which, of course, includes being sane.

    In other words, quite literally, no one in her right mind would choose the life, mindset, and accompanying torments Femitheist and my sister went thru.

    For me, “choice” and its variants are, at this time, too enmeshed in our culture with *values*, and even with kneejerk emotional evaluations, to have a rational (!) discussion about. (Take the abortion debate (please!).)

    • Shrek6

      (Take the abortion debate (please!).)

      Yeah, that’s where women murder our children without our consent. Where we Fathers’ never get the chance nor have the legal right to say NO!
      That’s where women think they have the rights over someone else’s body.

      As is the case with all feminists. It’s only those who push the pro-baby murder policy (abortion), who can never have a rational debate without turning it into a screaming match, where they accuse all who disagree with them, as being misogynists and woman haters.

      • JinnBottle

        Shrek – Legalized abortion is where I first copped an aversion to that word “choice”.

        Abortion is literally a ripoff: the weakest one without the vote (as usual) gets no choice whether he gets his arms and legs ripped off.

        • Shrek6

          JB, they are now allowing the baby to be born, then shoving a needle into the brain of this wonderful human being and Euthanising them like a dog. I think they call it partial birth and after birth abortion.

          And yes, I have the same feelings toward the word ‘choice’ as you. Whenever I hear a female use that word, I immediately feel nauseous.

      • jms5762

        Remember part of the man’s body is destroyed by abortion. Your sperm and DNA, the seeds of life. So, physically (not too mention emotionally) part of you does die as a result of abortion. Legally could this be considered some sort of crime? Assault and battery? Manslaughter? Hmmm….

        • Arvy

          You don’t seem to understand. It’s HER body, HER choice. Your contribution of 50% of the genetic material is irrelevant. Even if they are allowed to survive and be born, they’re HER children by right of ownership and possession.

          Don’t believe me? Just ask her. Or ask the governing authorities or the courts.

        • Shrek6

          It sure is a crime. Well, it would be if all things were equal. But as Arvy states below, the law and the childish selfish demands of women, have trumpet all natural laws.
          Apart from the fact it is murder, I agree it should be a crime representing the loss to the Father.

          Just because a woman has the uterus and carries the child/baby/fully functioning human being for 9 months, gives her no rights whatsoever over the life or body of this child.

          This only goes to show just how evil feminism truly is. They espouse genocide and gendercide. Women, and I do mean the vast majority of women in this world, seem to be unable to publicly speak out against this evil.

          I wonder why??

      • by_the_sword

        Abortion: 50 million dead babies and counting. Way to go ladies.

  • white demon

    May she rest in peace.

    No one should kill themselves for anything. But unfortunately it has happened here.

    That all said! I just want to see what are going to be the responses from places like Radfem, Manboobz, and their like…….

    On a side note: As of lately it seems that Manboobz is increasing his ‘attacks’ against AVfM.

  • AntZ

    “… we always remember that Krista Jane Heflin is dead because of Krista Jane Heflin …”

    I am not so sure Paul.

    If this woman had advocated for the genocide of women and the killing of girls, most people would have told her to seek professional help. Instead, because her anger was directed at men and boys, it was accepted and normalized.

    It was not pain and anger that killed this woman. It was the ignorance of everyone around her.

  • JFinn

    Krista would have delighted in the extermination of billions of people. Many feminists delighted in the suicide of an MRA and egged on in great delight another MRA who expressed a desire to commit suicide – all without being condemned by their fellow feminists. Despite the fact that even the Nazis had no intention of exterminating billions of people, I can’t stoop down to the sociopathic and sadistic level of feminists.

    • JFinn

      R.I.P. Krista.

      And R.I.P. to the massive amounts of men whose deaths Krista and other feminists cheer on.

  • Darryl X

    @ Iron John –

    “If she is dead, then may she rest in peace.”

    You’re being generous. This woman is the product of all her evil choices throughout life. She was not mentally ill. She is evil and deserves no sympathy. She’s in hell.

  • Dean Esmay

    As always, you can expect someone calling themselves a feminist to embarrass the entire movement. At least one feminist on Tumblr has posted that Krista killed herself to “bullying misogynists.”

    Godzilla-sized facepalm.

    • Gamerp4

      Let me guess, She posting videos and blogs about gender eugenics, mass male murdering, international castration days celebration, Mass gender based infant killing, & Full of misandric theories and fantasies is an innocent victim now? and the people who tried to uncover her vast male hatred were bully misogynist? Now that calls for hypocrites Hmm. well i am sure we saved her videos and blog post just in case that some feminist in future would not call us on her murder.

      Which was her own fault but overall we are over that we see humanity first and foremost rather than bash a dead men (Like feminist did to a MRA) we don’t like to scream at dead people but we are sharing our sympathy because she was brainwashed by feminist dogma.

  • JinnBottle

    So is she truly dead? Am getting conflicting messages coming in on the wire.

  • JinnBottle

    Either way, for gawds sake don’t give Futrelle, who is totally irrelevant here, any more publicity.

    • Masculist Man

      Fuck futrelle,fuck the feminists and their reactions. If you’re going to get your panties in a bunch do it over someone worth it. If people can’t tell that feminazis are evil at this point they are either fellow feminazis or they are too stupid to bathe and clothe themselves. Either way we don’t need them.

  • JFinn

    Quote from Krista:

    If my short-term solutions were implemented, and men and boys were castrated in great numbers, it would make sense for some men to be able to be signed up through governmentally operated programs to become “Breeders” who would be exempted from castration until they were too old to continue producing viable sperm.

    They would be used for sample collection based on supply-and-demand. This, along with the use of scientifically generated progeny, would be able to sustain a perfect population. Primarily female, and sufficiently – to the extent that it is necessary for sample collection – male.

    Likewise, mothers or close female guardians would be advised to exempt their male children from castration if it were necessary on the basis of supply-and-demand. They could still go through with it, but they would be advised to not do so until the male grew older.

    This practice of castration, Breeder usage, and sample collection would continue until it was scientifically possible to create female children entirely from the organic material of female adults. Then, the existence of men would no longer be necessary at all. Long-term solution implementation would follow.

    • JFinn

      So I just want to stress. As all of us feel bad that she is dead, she feels bad that we are alive. She wants us castrated and eventually exterminated.

      • Masculist Man

        Fuck her,may the devil have her.

    • Carlos

      Wow… well, she deserves credit for openly saying what so many radical feminists think but haven’t got the stones to come right out and say in the open.

      If a man were to say anything remotely resembling that he would be arrested before the day was out.

  • Scented Nectar

    I’m not convinced that she is dead, nor am I convinced that she’s not just running away offstage after a failed attempt at getting away with her violent proclamations.

    The only place she’s listed as dead, is in the Online Obituary site, “where anybody can post information, pictures and stories of those who have died.” I could make one of myself or any other alive or even mythical person there.

    I checked in the obit sections of some actual Minnesota newspapers. She was not in any of them.

    Not in the Minneapolis Messenger

    Not in the Minnesota Daily

    And not in the Star Tribune

    I guess what I’m saying is that I’m skeptical. It might be true, but it might not be true.

    Who wrote the Online Obit for her? How did people find out for sure that she’s allegedly dead?

    ‘Scuse my party-pooping question-asking. Can’t bring me anywhere! :)

    • Paul Elam

      I am buying your take on this. I think is is just a borderline setup, at this point.

      • Shrek6

        Hi Paul.

        Sorry if I missed any announcement on this issue, because I have been away.

        But what has happened to the ‘edit’ function when making posts?
        Even though I use word to write them up, I do still make mistakes sometimes and would like the opportunity to re-write the post if the tone seems wrong.

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        I agree. I also did an obituary search for her brother and mother, who are listed as deceased on the DepartednGone page and couldn’t find death notices for Renee Heflin nor Daniel Heflin.

        If this is a hoax, she also offed members of her own family. WTH? Wish fulfillment? Or did she do it so no one will contact her mother or brother (if she even has/had one) for confirmation?

        Has anyone thought to contact CPS to inquire after the welfare of her daughter?

    • JFinn

      I saw an interesting take on this linked in another comments section. I don’t know where it’s originally from:

      I don’t believe it. I think this is an attempt to expose MRAs as despicable human beings. Do you remember that guy from Reddit? I don’t recall his username, but he made a post on the Reddit forum about committing suicide and he was immediately hit hard by a whole bunch of feminist trolls egging him on to do the deed. After his suicide was confirmed by news reports, feminists attacked the Reddit forum with posts of celebration. One feminist even took things a bit further by joining the Reddit forum and pretended to be the guy’s sister just for laughs. This was a rather embarrassing display from an organization that claims to be all about humanity. And now, they post this fake suicide ploy in an attempt to get us to sink to their level and rejoice over the news.

      Sorry fembots, for the most part MRAs are being rather humane regarding the news of this so called suicide. We are not like you. Your mission was a total failure.

      • Kimski

        The very reason I’ve chosen not to comment further on this.
        It stinks.

  • limeywestlake

    Please forgive me for going OT. I was just reading the Wikipedia bio of the British journalist, Neil Lyndon, who published the seminal book on misandry entitled ” No more sex war” way back in 1992.

    I found the reaction to its publication very interesting.


    “The work received a large amount of attention in the media, most of it hostile and abusive, vilifying Lyndon.

    Rather than addressing the issues and arguments raised by Lyndon, most critics instead chose to abuse him personally. They suggested he was sexually inadequate, questioned the size of his penis, his masculinity, his ability to attract women and even the smell of his breath. Almost two decades later feminist writer Julie Burchill continued the attack, suggesting he was a “sad-sack” and “the opposite of a man”. In a review of book of the year, Helena Kennedy refused to even discuss the publication, simply instructing people not to buy it.

    Even more serious abuses of Lyndon were to come such as an assault at Heathrow Airport. At Cambridge university, Lyndon’s Alma-mater, the female president of the student’s union encouraged students to burn his writings and a don told her pupils that she would like to see him shot.

    Time to bestow some much belated kudos on this early MRM methinks….

    • PHX MRA

      I’d never heard of this author or book. Looks like its out of print but worth reading. Hope I can find a used copy. Appreciate the info.

      It would be cool if we could maintain a MRM reading list here at AVFM. Would help us keep track of meaningful authors and also help new MRA’s if they want some background to get introduced to what is going on.

      • Unregistard

        There are suggested reading lists maintained on several MRA sites across the manosphere. While AVfM certainly can host a list of their, you can also contribute any info you feel that would be useful to MRM to The Men’s Rights Directory ( We will create a whole new category if needed to allow users to contribute to a MRM suggested reading or you can email it us (mensrightsdirectory @

    • Jay

      How long before the misandrists at Wikipedia censor this as well? I am becoming more and more compelled to devote more and more time for gender equality for men and boys, and ending and preventing laws which are blatantly discriminatory against males.

      • limeywestlake

        Me too, Jay. It is work that needs to be done. Every day that fucking red pill gets larger and larger. It is starting to make me choke. It is like waking up to a goddamn awful nightmare. I used to think women, in general, were the epitome of fair-mindedness. Now I see them very differently. A few are NAWALT, many are asleep at the wheel (‘Good Germans’,) and the rest are, as Typhon puts it, being just downright mean.
        Regarding Radical Feminists: it just boggles my mind how they can get out of bed in the morning. Do they feel no shame? Did we learn nothing from the holocaust?
        They would have us all wearing armbands for sure.

  • jack

    Regardless of whether this is a fake or not, it was a useful rehearsal for the real thing. It’s only a matter of time before some man goes on rampage and it later transpires that he was a member of the egregious MRM. If MRAs are growing in numbers, it is a statistical certainty that this will happen. We must be prepared not to run like rabbits when the blaming begins.

    • Masculist Man

      You mean like some of the white knights on this board are doing now.

  • Andy Man

    I believe that she had posted Youtube videos, which she recently removed. Did anyone download copies of these? What did they contain?

    I managed to find this, which supposedly is her being booed off stage while giving a presentation, but it is not very clear.

  • Kukla

    It’s terrible that she took her life, especially at 20. I never knew her, nor did I ever even pay her any attention so it doesn’t really have an effect on me but to the people who it did affect, I extend my condolences to them, especially her family.

    I’m sure that under her “hateful” exterior she was just another young girl with the same problems any other young girl faces.

    I think this song fits perfectly here:

  • DarkByke

    Sorry to hear the bad news. Taking one’s life is never good. If only she had listened to our advice, or considered listening.

  • scott1978

    still no verifiable sources that back this up , after this lenght of time and no new stories in her area of any suicides no verifiable obits etc then i call bullshit she is still alive

  • the hermit

    Is she dead, seriously? I’m not happy about this, whatever she had written on her blog. I could not take her seroius for a moment, but 20 yrs , way too young to die.
    But… I’m sure she could use some professional help. Where were the child care officals, etc, etc

  • yurlungur

    I must admit that I’ve never visited the feminist divine blog before, maybe because I’m not mentally strong enough to deal with such people.

    If you’ve ever visited youtube(if you have internet) you’ve certainly came across a phenomenon called the reply girls. These girls have attracted the ire of the youtube community, and some of the replays to them have been over the top:

    “you don’t know what work, ambition intelligence meaning understanding or empathy really is. I hope you fully understand that you are abusing our human nature to make money just to perpetuate your useless pathetic evil existence, There is no better way to put it, and i mean this whole heartedly, I want to go fucking kill yourself you dumb cunt. “

    Seeing as someone who’s only crime is to be annoying is it any surprise that feminist divine attracted so much hatred.
    Look when you present so much hatred and bile do not be surprised if you attract animosity in return.
    Lets not forget that far more benign men have attracted the hatred of the feminist horde, and they never advocated the murder of their sex.

    Blaming the MRAs makes about as much sense as blaming youtubers.

  • spocksdisciple

    Any death at such a young age is a tragedy, especially by their own hand. However, the real tragedy is that her death will be exploited to the full by the radfem sect. They will turn her into a martyr for the cause, use this as another drum beating in their war chant to promote more hate and to seek to blame all men for this.
    I would not be surprised if a carefully fabricated article comes out from the radfem camp about her being sexually abused as more justification for spreading even more hatred of the “enemy”.

    To paraphrase another well known sociopath, she was and still is another useful tool for the radfem movement.
    The sick thing here is that the radfems will claim to be celebrating her life when in fact they’ll be exploiting her death to it’s fullest.
    As has been stated here, the manhater team is losing ground, both the moral high ground and the common ground in the view of the average citizen.
    There is more compassion and understanding expressed on this blog then will be forthcoming from the radfems.
    We should regret her death and not celebrate it, on the other side of the fence, they will “celebrate” her death as a martyrdom for their sick cause and to use as fuel to further stoke their fires of hatred.

    • limeywestlake

      The amount of ground conceded to the radfems is minimal and will stay that way until we get out from behind our keyboards, one and all, and start FTSU in the ‘meat-space.’ Those who maintain that the MRM is a purely online phenomenon are unwittingly curtailing its next phase. Along with JtO (and a band of other dedicated brothers,) I am a member of the growing Vancouver MRA. In a month and a half, we have gained much ground; we take our cause to the streets every weekend and partake of an essential camaraderie. Believe me, our presence is being felt already. I have heard the murmurings that attest to this fact. As I type, a similar group is organizing in Edmonton. There are murmurings of one starting up in Washington DC.
      Lets take our philosophy to them, I say. Then and only then will we gain true traction.
      MRA’s everywhere: put a posting in your local Craigslist. Set up a Meetup group. Magic happens. This an idea whose time has come.

  • Dannyboy

    Extremely well written article Paul.
    I feel sorry for her family if she did off herself.
    I am proud to see how almost all of the MRM has responded to this possible suicide event, unlike how the ugly sisters commented when a MRA found himself in the darkest times.
    Sage words and advice Paul when you wrote
    ” let’s leave them as the sole inhabitants of that low ground.”
    And they breed like cockroaches in that low ground, my only question is when will the society wake up and take notice of their words and actions in that “low ground” gutter?
    That being said I am more concerned and distressed by the fact that as far as I can ascertain, we have a suicide ratio of at least 4 men for every one woman. While this 1 woman’s possible suicide is sad let us never forget those 4 men who did themselves in as well.
    IMHO unfortunately, the feminists will make a mountain out of this 1 sad woman’s choices while totally ignoring the epidemic of male suicides.
    And yet feminism will beat that tired, worn out, tattered old drum, that the ideology (feminism) is all about treating and caring for people equally.

  • scott1978

    been checking today again and nothing out there to show this is real


    I want to preface this by saying that I didn’t read any of this chick’s missives prior to Paul’s original post. Other than my obvious MRA leanings I don’t have a horse in this race. That said and full credit to several prior posters that called out this story as BS I did some legwork yesterday and today as follows:

    I personally spoke to the medical examiner offices in the following Minnesota counties; Hennepin (Minneapolis), Ramsey (Saint Paul), Dakota (Hastings) & Anoka (Anoka). I gave them the name and date of death info from Heflin’s obit on None of them had a record of this death. The Hennepin County folks also indicated that based upon the reported date of death if it was a gunshot suicide it would have been reported by now and would be prioritized from a autopsy standpoint and would have been in their database. Two of these counties also checked the State of Minnesota database and found no record.

    I then called the First Covenant Church in Minneapolis which the obit called out Heflin as being a member of. Spoke to a very nice lady who indicated that if Ms. Heflin had been active in the church and had committed suicide recently then their family support activities would likely have been aware and involved. This woman had never heard of Heflin or her suicide. That said there are plenty of folks (me included) that are recorded members of churches but don’t attend often, aren’t active and are unknown to “church regulars”. This is particularly true in churches like this one which has a large diverse urban congregation. This may or may not mean anything in this review, but it is another important info point.

    I also spent some time on Google looking for Heflin and her called out relatives. No reasonable matches. Probably not a big deal as far as proving anything. That said there are plenty of “pay as you go” public info services that query the same databases as the credit bureaus where Heflin’s personal and reported relative info can be objectively and legally sourced. I didn’t spend the money as I think my prior follow-up tells us what we need to know.

    Here’s my conclusion and summary:

    – Heflin didn’t kill herself. She may have “killed” her blog and her online persona but there is no objective evidence that she is physically no longer alive. If anyone reading my post knows otherwise please respond.
    – She obviously has mental problems which you folks have previously called out.
    – As many of you know and have previously called out women are really good at threatening suicide, not so good at actually doing it, particularly with a gun and particularly if they have a three year old child. Men on the other hand are really good at not threatening suicide but actually just doing it. Go figure.

    There is always a chance that she killed herself in another county or it hasn’t been reported yet, but it is extremely unlikely. This chick is twenty years old. She has no clue that the lies that she has posted on her blog or on this obit site can’t be replicated and are subject to objective fact checking in the real world.

    This also highlights the good that the MRM has done. Credit to Paul and his crew. Most everyone took the high road on this deal and it really shows where men are as a group. It also highlights the type of false claims that feminists will pitch when pushed to justify their misandric positions.

    Finally, I’ve got no reason to lie about any of this. I’ve got the professional background to confirm my expertise in this area. That said it’s really no one’s business. If anyone wants to replicate the follow-up they should go for it. Until that time as far as I’m concerned Heflin is alive and trying to stroke all of us. I’ll defer to Paul on a final call.

    • Alan Vaughn

      Another reason I am 99.999999% sure this is a hoax (apart from what you’ve said here and my own thoughts above), is the conspicuous lack of comments from our old rival: Mr D. Fattroll Futrelle…

      In stark contrast, he has had plenty of snide commentary and sarcasm to sling at The Spearhead and other blogs for (what Fatrelle and his ‘kittens’ perceive as) their blatant misogynist comments, that he mined and quoted: about the Aurora Colarado cinema massacre, but NOT ONE WORD about Krista and her supposed suicide!

      If this was real (and even if Krista couldn’t stand the two-faced lying hypocrite: Futrelle), the story of her death and its apparent link to MRA’s should be his biggest opportunity ever to really annihilate us, not only on the Internet, but in MSM as well.
      Especially since this supposed significant event, is unlike the Aurora massacre: directly related to the MRM.

      WHY HASN’T HE (and many other man-hating, tunnel visioned, bigotted feminazis and manginas) cashed in on this ‘golden opportunity’?

      • Robert St. Estephe

        The “Futrelle” guy is, you have to admit, inspirational. Look at the nicknames he has inspired: Fatroll, Feminist Fatboy, Fooltroll, Fartreal, Man Booze. I’m sure there are more to come.

    • Dean Esmay

      Phenomenally good work. The fact that she’s back and posting and creepier than ever indicates that the diagnosis of some sort of psychosis (my guess is some variation of Borderline Personality or Histrionic Personality Disorder) is likely.

      For whatever reason, this smelled real to me at first, but I never thought the doubters were stupid. One thing that would be consistent with virtually any personality type that would fake a suicide is that they would reappear in short order.

      The woman is a danger to herself and others. I’m more worried than ever about her child.

      • Raven01

        The lack of celebration at her “demise” no doubt forced her re-appearance sooner rather than later.
        She was given no ammunition to say, “Look I was right. These guys just hate all women because they really, really despise the fact that I want to kill or castrate every person born with a penis.”
        We did not feed her logical fallacy troll and, now it is pissed.

  • scott1978

    PHX , astonishingly good work many thanks !

  • Robert St. Estephe

    There has been a change on the suspect’s website plus an apparently new Youtube post. This episode prompted me to update my “Misandric Fixation” postings with the work of this product of our no-child-left-unindoctrinated conditioning system. I think her (I’m assuming it is a female marxist, rather than a male marxist — such as Man Booze — pretending to be a female) posts are a valuable document, regardless of any hoaxing or other posturing nonsense. They still do a good job of articulating the views of progressive social engineering types and thus are a welcome source of illustrative quotes useful for instructing young folks on the meaning of “social justice” ideas.

  • scott1978

    well she is back , and making threats to the 16 year old kid who challenged her over her comments but still had enough humanity to feel back at the loss of life, this is where we need to rally , to make sure than one of our own is looked after and protected, even if it was just an oline threat thrown out there , i dont give a crap about this animal now, she used the story about suicide as a weapon i have no desire to give a shit now.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      My view is that we should care. The writings by this eugenicist must be preserved. We need to make sure all her writings are copied and saved, so that they can be used as a teaching tool. Compare it to Mein Kampf. We should care about ideological writings by sociopaths who promote big gov’t/big pharma social engineering eugenics. Especially now that the Bill of Rights has been 98% gutted by the bankster-bribed Republicans and Democrats. The writings by this would-be concentration camp commandantress are valuable documents and must be discussed. They represent the thoughts (plans) of those who have the identical ideology but do not publicly state the intentions/protocols/policies in blatant detail.

    • Kimski

      ‘well she is back’

      Well, of course she is.

      There’s no limit to the level of insanity, these self-absorbed psychopaths and ego trippers will sink to, in order to get their next attention fix.

      Faking her own death by suicide is just another step in a long line of attention whoring, that has probably been going on from the first day someone unintentionally convinced this young woman that she was a little princess, and should be held unaccountable for her actions.

      The cup of feminism runneth over with these types, because feminism provides them with every excuse they will ever need for not growing up, and be responsible adults.

      There’s ample opportunity provided by feminism to always put the blame of your own insecurities and short comings on someone else, namely men.

      If it were not men being blamed, it would just have been another group of people, and it’s always been that way with these kinds of infantilized adults.

      A lot of commenteers in this thread has been excusing the writings of this psycho with her upbringing, all the while continously forgetting, that we only have her own words as proof of a hard upbringing and past.

      In light of this recent event, I find it very hard to believe a single one of these claims, and quite frankly, the only thing that stands is her irrational hate of anything male, as well as anyone different from HER perspective.

      My guess is that she has probably been leading a quite ‘normal’ and uninteresting life, akin to the lives of millions of other young women, who we see stand united behind the flag of feminism today.

      As in millions of self-absorbed, infantilized, unthinking products of a herdmentality gone wild, that is without any kind of empathy or feelings for anyone else but themselves and their next pair of shoes or next handbag, and will remain in this state of socially engineered childish mentality for the rest of their lives.

      The master plan worked, and the original financers of this hate ideology must be jumping all over the place in sheer joy:

      They’ve finally succeeded in creating the perfect consumer, who DEMANDS to slave all day in meaningless jobs, to support an ever increasing need for useless shit that doesn’t last.

      Krista Jane Heflin is just another example of the consequences of all this, and from my point of view it’s going to get a lot worse, before the collapse of Westworld finally comes.

      • PHX MRA

        Well Played

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Heflin is what is called a “real feminist,” the type that has big plans and whose counterparts hold important positions in government, education, medicine and (thanks to quotas) business. She should be taken seriously as representative of the mindset of well-ensconced feminist “leaders.” She is worth more attention that the average “women’s lib” cliché-spouting abortion-addicted gold-digger who spouts off fake statistics and attempts to manipulate everyone through the threat of false accusations. Governments always, when they get big enough, commit democide. The pre-conditioning for genocide is always in the hands of theorists, planners and, never forget this, historians (who concoct a bogus orthodox history (in this case, “Herstory”) to set the stage for social engineering actions. I respect Femitheist Divine, just as I respect the Bubonic Plague. We should keep an eye on this creature.

    • Kimski

      Standing ovation.
      You said it so much better than I, and you’re quite right: History is in the process of repeating itself, and in light of the last two major collapses in global economy, that eventually led to two world wars, the future does not look too bright.
      The Fall of Rome keeps coming to mind.

    • Carlos

      Indeed. There is much to reflect on related to the Femo-fascist Profanity we have all been party to.

      There is nothing anachronistic about this incident. It is a microcosm of the entirety of the feminist movement and a perfect example of what we face.

      – Pathological lying and total disregard for the truth
      – Lack of remorse, shame or guilt for emotional violence and manipulation
      – Total lack of empathy for at least half of humanity
      – Callous disregard for the feelings of others
      – Grandiose sense of purpose (Theist? Delusions of divinity and a dogmatic faith in the “truth” usually reserved for religious doctrines.)

      As for the femofascist as an individual though, she’s no longer of any relevance except as an example. An obscenity to point at in disgust. Either feminists will throw her under the bus or we will repeatedly hang them along side her. She can do no more harm. We all know her number and there’s no need to engage fanatics in good faith. She can be dismissed out of hand or crucified for her utter and total lack of integrity with impunity.

      • Dr. F

        Carlos, Well well well.

        I am sniffing for a post of the week and what do I see here ? I see a grand entry here. That’s what I see.

        Great post. Thank you.

      • Robert St. Estephe

        Example, not individual. The textual evidence is of documentary value. It represents not an odd-ball individual’s thoughts, but more, the entire social engineering “progressive” mindset. The evidence will be preserved and used.

      • Alan Vaughn

        Excellent reply Carlos, all I can add to what you’ve said is, further to that, the best thing we (all MRA’s) can do now is NOTHING…

        That is: DON’T visit her blog(s) or view any of her psychotic babbling on You-Tubes, don’t even mention her name (except on Register-Her or similar).

        Let her and her loony fans know that we don’t care, by saying nothing. Everytime we discuss her, she gets a little kick out of it – she thinks she’s upset us. Well she hasn’t. She is a JOKE. Her fans are probably even MORE pathetic.

        She told us she’s dead: she IS!

        This problem child is also an ATTENTION JUNKIE.
        Like any junkie, she has an insatiable appetite for her particular drug of addiction and her case it is: ATTENTION.
        The best way to ‘treat’ her addiction is the same as for any other junkie: make her go cold turkey. Cut off her supply (of attention), by IGNORING her!

        Don’t even sniff her bait – that’s what she and all of them are doing: baiting us. Don’t buy it.

        What’s the point in ‘flogging a DEAD (w)horse’ anyway?

  • Fr Bob

    Well looks like the B**** cried wolf and now she is calling a war of words it seems.

    “This is my Proclamation of War, if that is what you wish. I come bearing a Weapon of Words, which you can never match. I come bearing a desire for peace and the creation of The New World. You come bearing hatred, anger, and insecurity for your own actions which were the direct result of your own allies.
    You’ll be praying for hell-fire when I am done here.

    …I am not the one to blame…
    -Paul Elam Is-

    I am The Femitheist… and you should know that by now.”

    So I guess she will start her disgustingly vile advocation of male gender mass murder and castration.

    It was posted today on her website here:

  • JFinn

    She’s an attention-prostitute. Don’t feed her.

    • Fr Bob

      You are putting it more polite then I would there JFinn. But yeah I have to agree with you.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    So now this very sick young woman fancies herself “God.”

    You know, there used to be a time when a person who believed him- or herself to be God, were taken to the state hospital for observation and treatment. Just sayin’.

    • Kimski

      Nowadays they tend to just shrug their shoulders and send them home, after explaining to the rest of us that they just have ‘issues’…-even when they kill someone.

      She would have fit in perfectly with the Napoleons and the Hitlers, parading around in their straightjackets, though.

    • kiwihelen

      I always wondered what happened when several patients claimed to be the same person…

      Hmmmmm….god fixation. NPD much.


    Maybe. Remember, everybody is and has been somewhere. We all leave tracks regardless of whether we want to or not.

    Unless the most important thing in someone’s life is to be invisible then they can normally be tied into reality, objectively and legally.

    I actually have better things to do but Fuck It. I’ll spend some more time on this cunt and her proxies. If I find something of interest I’ll post it up.

    For the record to the Feminist Loser Bitches reading this blog, this isn’t a threat to illegally chase, find or intimidate you. It is a promise to legally leverage all of my experience to generate every possible piece of available information and data on you and your minions and put it out in front of the world. The world will judge you then.

    Now that we know you faked your own suicide it’s game fucking on. You screwed with the wrong crew.

  • scott1978

    PHX again thanks , she has also been making threats to a kid mrrepzion who posted a video challenging her on the castration fantasies because the kid had enough humanity in him to be upset at the idea of someone killing themselves.

    She is a danger, to her daughter and to others this is something we need to be keeping an eye on and challenging , i didnt belive she had killed herself but as someone who has lost friends to suicide i find this evil.

    This is one who needs monitored and also needs a place on register-her methinks.

    • PHX MRA

      No Problem. Will do the deep dive. Need to start from ground zero to confirm this person actually exists and if so if she actually has a child. Need to figure out how much real truth is out there. Normally it’s easy to lock down on mooks like this because they’ve got too much ego involved in the process to not inadvertently give themselves up. It’s all out there and I just need to get through it.


      A Special Love note to Femitheist – You’ve had your fun. Now it’s time for some reality although it sounds like your quasi supporters also thought you were a total fucking douchebag for the fake suicide thing. If you actually exist as Krista Jane Heflin and have a child it will be confirmed one way or another in the near future. If you are found to be real you need to get some mental health care in the very near future and assure that your child is being appropriately parented if you are too screwed up to handle it. Frankly I think the entire Krista / Lilith thing is total bullshit, but we’ll see.

      Based upon your historical output on the web there are legitimate concerns for the health and safety of your child which any reasonable third party would concur with. You should understand that your competence as a parent may well become an issue if you don’t deal with your personal issues expeditiously. This isn’t a threat it is a promise that will be followed up on out of concern for your child. As you know or should know to the extent a child is at risk a range of remedies, both pubic and private, are available to protect her.

      I’d just add that you don’t need to do anything right now. It’s on me. Just understand that if and when your parenthood is objectively confirmed unilateral actions will taken to confirm her safety and your competence as a parent. It will all be fair and legal, but you should consider this reasonable and objective approach and to the extent you would like to control your reality going forward take appropriate action now.

      Just a heads up…if you wanted to stay lost you haven’t done a great job so far. I’m not going to debate someone who is so consistently fast and loose with truth and reality. What I will do is everything legal to determine if you are in the process of parenting a defenseless child in an objectively unacceptable manner. Trust me when I say that third party professionals will be ready and eager to review the facts to protect this little girl regardless of the number of teenaged boys you want to screw with, the quality and quantity of your goofy feminist new age / rock bullshit videos or your quixotic visions of sapphic superiority. Your not scary, smart, empowered or in control, you’re just you.

      If it ends up being that you haven’t or aren’t capable of parenting a little girl then your are just another Dworkin or Daly clone and you’ll be left to stew in your own juices. If you really do have a daughter I’m thinking this is just the start of an ongoing relationship.

      You’ve mistaken kindness for weakness, darlin.

  • Dannyboy

    WoW this woman is nuttier than squirrel shit, I think that would be the technical term for her disease. I just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading and watching a couple of her videos.
    Claiming to be God??
    Think someone has been neglecting to take their anti-psychotics a little lately.
    And of course like it was pointed out above it is a man who caused all this, yup all Paul’s fault because he and others at AVFM decided to expose her hatred and willful desire to inflict reprehensible violence on the men of this world.
    Ahh the poor little thing, guess she forget to purchase and wear her big girl panties.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      In addition to neglecting her big girl panties, she also seems to have forgotten to slap on her Thorazine patch.

  • Zorro

    …and, yes, kiddoes…it turns out to be a total HOAX.

    No suicide.

    Stupid cunt is still ALIVE!

    • tallwheel

      A comment there left by someone named Dana says it all. “It was wrong for you to fake your death and manipulate others into giving you attention and sympathy.”

      Where is the apology – not to the MRM, but to everyone who might have genuinely cared whether she lives or dies? The completely unapologetic nature of this attention-seeking stunt is amazing. As another anonymous commentor put it, “My God, this woman’s batshit crazy!”

      I think we and everyone else now knows better than ever, that we have much better things to worry about than what this radfem blogger has to say.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Wow. Such a resounding rebuke for such a heinous lie.

        Let’s use it to rebuke other typical feminist’s lies, shall we?

        “It was wrong for you to fake SUICIDE and manipulate others into giving you attention and sympathy.”

        “It was wrong for you to make false rape accusations and manipulate others into giving you attention and sympathy.”

        “It was wrong for you to make a false DV allegations and manipulate others into giving you attention and sympathy.”

        “It was wrong for you to wrongly claim your child’s father is a deadbeat and manipulate others into giving you attention and sympathy.”

        “It was wrong for you to lie and say your father molested you/abandoned you/beat you and manipulate others into giving you attention and sympathy.”

        But WHY make the poor dears feel any worse than they apparently already do?

        Let’s not waste time waiting for an apology from the feminist site claiming THIS site drove her to suicide.

  • limeywestlake

    And I am glad the ‘stupid cunt’ (as you so eloquently put it,) is alive. I will never stoop to her level. Never, ever. See, it is not always supercilious to be morally superior.

    • Dr. F

      She pulled a cunning stunt because she’s a …

  • Howard

    It’s not bad news that she faked her suicide. Her next videos will surely send more men (and perhaps some women) our way once they see the vile bigotry she holds towards men and the complete void of admonishment by feminist groups that claim to not hate men.

  • Beaker

    So, is her real name ***?

    • Scented Nectar

      I don’t know if you are Krista or not, but I do need to say this. I just deleted your similar comment off of my blog because you used her alleged really real name.

      Krista has discovered that she can get stuff yanked on privacy claims. She told youtube that my vid showing her voice lowered to a normal pitch, that it was revealing private voice info. I had to take it down within 72 hrs to prevent my whole channel from getting yanked.

      Anyways, what I’m saying is that it’s possible that you are Krista, and are doc dropping yourself, in order to set up a fake privacy claim.

      And this new arrest thing is bullshit too, if you ask me. She showed with the fake obit that she is very good at photoshopping realistic looking newspaper clippings.

      • Beaker

        Scented, I can understand your concerns about stuff getting yanked. However the name thing is real and I am not Krista. Just google the name. You will see the a Baxter County Sheriffs press release and Paragould (AR) newspaper article about the arrest. You can also see her Facebook and twitter accounts.

        She admits on her blog site that she did get arrested.

        So a person named *** that looks like all the photos Femitheist has used was arrested. It is, of course, still possible that Femitheist stole ***s identity.

        • Scented Nectar

          If you’re not her, sorry to sound suspicious. She (meaning whoever that picture is of) also has a facebook page under the Heflin name at:

          Google shows there is more likeliness that this new middle and last name is the woman in the pictures’ legal one, although as Heflin, she’s got other Heflins in her friends. Could one last name be from a brief marriage to the baby’s father? Wouldn’t explain the different middle names though.

          At least Arkansas police accept this new one as her name. Her picture is on what seems to be a legit local newspaper’s website as well.

          She contacted me while ‘dead’ pretending to be her best friend, and kept admitting to more and more, just to try and tempt me to make a video or blogpost about her (the reaction to her ‘death’ wasn’t large and exciting enough, I guess). I didn’t bite even when the ‘friend’ admitted helping her to fake her death.

          Then, a couple days ago, the old vid I did of her a month or so ago, got flagged for privacy. And that’s why I wonder if her real name popping up suddenly both here and at my blog might be TOS-breaking-bait.

          • Beaker

            Again no need to apologize. I’d be very suspicious too with a construct like Femitheist.

            The you tuber that posted the videos, brandxamer, also has one that claims to be of her speaking. In the past brandxamer claimed that she also went by the name Krista Thompson but I don’t see that anymore.

            I wonder if brandxamer is in on it or not. The first video has the disinformation of the Heflin name but it was really stupid to have associated details of the arrest with Femitheist as it was then trivial to google it and find the facts.

          • Scented Nectar

            I think Brandxamer could be her too. She pretends that people who hate her, post revealing things, but the audio has always turned out to have been fucked with, and you can’t see anything clearer than your average UFO ‘proof’ video. You never clearly see her face speaking in the voice they are claiming is hers. Nothing showing her speaking at all. She’s like a house of cards, but very unstable. Built on a lot of lies.

          • napocapo69

            that woman is a sick individual with a lot of spare time…

            99/100 chances she has an account here as well as in other places.

    • napocapo69

      Who cares about her name…I wonder?
      This thread started from the news of her suicide…apparently an hoax. It has been largely commented.
      If she’s alive, fine for her…move on.


    Pretty funny. Clearly the pics from the *** facebook page are the same as posted on thefemitheist blog on 8/5/12. Since ***’s pics are public they would have been easy enough to snag and use as they were on the blog.

    I agree with you, this has to be a set up / stroke job. It would be way too easy to find her with this info given there is work info and her sister’s full name posted. Although it probably doesn’t mean anything based upon ***’s facebook page and the arrest announcement she was arrested with her “sister & best friend”. Only 26K people live in Paragould, AR, pretty small pond.

    As far as I’m concerned *** is an innocent third party. If it can be confirmed that this blogger is dragging Ms. ***’s identity and images into her drama it may well create some industrial strength hearburn for this stupid bitch.

    This will be easy enough to objectively check out. Working some other angles on this deal. Will advise if valid info is found.

    Hey Femitheist Chica – If you’re reading this post and you’ve stolen Ms. ***’s identity I suggest you take corrective action as soon as practical. Authorities have no sense of humor about this type of thing. In case you haven’t figured it out yet this is kinda a lose / lose deal for you.

    • PHX MRA

      Looks like I was wrong. I hadn’t read the post she put up today admitting to being arrested when I put together the previous post. I guess there is still a bit of a chance she is still working the program but it looks doubtful.

      Name and photos all match up with facebook, blog and arrest detail for her and her sister.

      Little redneck chick from Arkansas. Who would have thought it?

      Kudos to the guys that tracked down all of the pieces.

      I’m out of this deal. Will defer to prior posters who are professionally qualified to comment and or act on issues previously identified with this person.

  • Scented Nectar

    This morning in my newsfeed reader was the following blogpost by Femitheist. The blog is now shut down, but she deleted it AFTER my Reader had downloaded the article, so it’s still in there (as an already read item). Here it is:

    YOU WIN.
    by Femitheist Divine

    Look. I saw that anonymous comment about the Femitheist on that PUBLIC FORUM FROM MY CITY. I just came back here, so please stop.

    I quit. You win. I’ve deleted everything and in about an hour I’ll be deleting the entire Blog. I’ve deleted all of my files. I will never return.

    You are victorious. You found me. I’m scared. You win.


    I’m not a God, I’m not anything. It was all a joke at your expense. I didn’t mean anything I’ve ever posted here. I’m just one huge satirist troll. All right? I’m serious. None of this was real. I’m just a joker. So, please do not push any more.

    You found me, okay? Please stop. Game over. You win. I lose. I’m stupid. You win.

    All right?

    The entire Femitheist thing was just a persona to troll, nothing more. It was all fake.

    Thank you.

    Once again, you win, I lose. Game over for me.

    • PHX MRA

      Nectar – Well Played. I saw the blog was down this morning too, but didn’t get this “final message”.

      You guys did a good job on this. She shifted into victim mode pretty damn quickly once her bluff was called. I’m not interested enough to follow to determine if it is really her or not, but it would have been interesting to finally confirm. I hope no innocent third parties got hurt due to her goofiness.

      Looks like the good guys won this one.

      • Scented Nectar

        I just got lucky with the timing of when I went to Google Reader. Once it’s been loaded into the page, and seen/read, there, it retains a copy even when the post gets deleted.

        I’m looking now, in another tab, and my Reader page has (maybe) all of her articles stored, from “The Lie of the Patriarchy – The Final Eutopia” (posted April 19) to “YOU WIN” (posted this morning).

        It really is hard to remove off of the internet, all traces of what one has previously made public. :)

    • napocapo69

      She already made a “public farewell” apparently bestowing all her false beliefs…than the fake suicide…then back with all that shit…now once again retreats…to be back soon to try ruin herself and her daughter….in her foolish game

      everyone has his/her own fetish…this is hers..not mine

      • Kimski

        Like a feminist were-puppy, enslaved by the cycle of the moon.

      • Scented Nectar

        I hope she stays away this time, but she does seem to be a serial flouncer, so I won’t put money on it. :)

    • Beaker

      I wrote the comment she is referring to:

      Hello Femitheist, you gotta lay off the sauce. Its affecting your blogging!

      You can see it here:

      I love how offended and scared she is. Because her talk of mass murder and hatred was just a joke but we’ve done something really bad – make her take responsibility for her words.

      I actually believe strongly in anonymity online, but like all rights there boundaries and Femitheist was way over the line.

  • Zarathos022

    Guess who just crawled out of the sewers again…

    • Zarathos022

  • Doc

    “a two year old girl is now without a mother. ”

    What a worthless, self-absorbed, PoS (Piece of Shit)! I can only hope that the child is placed in a loving home, of a REAL family with a Mother and Father to care for her and raise her in a healthy environment rather than the cess-pool of this woman’s hatred.

    The selfishness, and self-absorption that is necessary to do something like this when you have a child, is beyond me. It would have been better to have put the child up for adoption at birth, to spare her two years of mental abuse by an obviously deranged woman – the proof is in her actions. It is as simple as that – one need not go any farther into her psychosis, although any of her opinions make it clear this is a seriously deranged individual… Typical of many of the Feminist mind-set, who care nothing for anyone other than themselves…

  • alex

    She’s not dead. And she didn’t actually quit. Anyways, we can’t denounce all manhaters as mentally ill. There is a reason we hate men. Abuse, lies, manipulation, psychopathy, opportunism, abandoning children, sexual abuse. Most men partake in atleast one of these things. We won’t all just take it lying down like a “good girl”. The societal brainwash won’t reach us all. And therefore you deem us crazy and deny that you, your maleness is the problem. But I think deep down you know you’re a piece of shit.

    • driversuz

      Bigot. Bye.

    • driversuz

      You have been banned because of a serious and direct violation of Comment Policy (misandry and misogyny, trolling and general contempt for the work AVfM does). [Ref: 3017]

      Additional remarks: