Derek Bedry confirms he did not tear down posters

Derek Bedry didn’t do it! – confirmed by Derek Bedry.

On September 9th, AVfM reported on the apparent participation of a “journalist” in a self-identified “femistasi” group action of 25 to 30 individuals tearing down posters reading, in part, “men’s rights are human rights”. This same journalist who conducted a telephone interview with the poster of those posters, which read “men’s rights are human rights”. Bedry then wrote an open-file article[1] claiming MRM connections to terrorists, specifically a man in Norway, and a mentally ill student at L’ École Polytechnique in Quebec who, in 1989 murdered 14 women and 2 men, before committing suicide by shooting himself, twenty-three years ago.

Derek Bedry’s openfile article illustrated the clear connections between a Norwegian mass-murderer, a murder-suicide in Quebec 23 years ago, and the human rights group formed in Vancouver in the summer of 2012 without even a single cited or mentioned source.

In his professional capacity as a “journalist”, Derek Bedry is obviously not the man who looks exactly like Derek Bedry, captured on video tearing down human rights posters, of which Bedry photographed the remnants. Mr Bedry himself has made this clear, in an addendum to his September article identifying the connections between Norwegian and 23 year old french canadian crime, and attributing a motive of sex-crime apologetics, and connecting all this to the newly formed human rights poster-hanging activists in Vancouver, BC.

photo by Derek BedryThe previous reporting on AVfM, identifying Bedry’s participation with armed vandals actions, tearing down posters, and censoring For The Greater Good was obviously incorrect. Bedry apparently did not tear down the posters which he photographed after they had been torn down, featuring the self credited photo with his own article. We know this, because he, or someone else, said so in an addendum to his article.

It is obvious now, after denial by Bedry (or his editor), that the man who looks just like him, depicted in cell-phone video tearing down posters which Bedry – in an unrelated incident – photographed at the site for his article that Derek Bedry’s professional credibility should not be questioned, and we are very sorry for misidentifying him, tearing down the posters he photographed after they were torn down.

“We’re very, very, very, very, very sorry, for impugning Mr Bedry’s character, and his journalistic integrity. And I’m sorry, too,” said John the Other.

We sincerely hope Mr Bedry will forgive the misidentification of himself in cell phone video depicting a man exactly resembling him tearing down posters which Mr Bedry photographed in their torn-down state for his article.

In addition, Mr Bedry is invited to participate in a scheduled debate on September 23, addressing the topic of : Has feminism gone too far?

This is a question which was asked early in September, by a woman of integrity and courage. She posted the question as the premise of a public debate.

In the original event’s plan, three individuals from each side would argue that no, feminism has not gone too far, or yes, indeed, feminism has gone too far.

Sadly, after publication of this planned debate on Facebook, the original organizer was rewarded for her attempt at public discussion by a torrent of abuse and threats.

Apparently some individuals did not want a debate to take place. Not only did these bad-sportsmen not want to participate, they wanted nobody else to either. Abused and threatened, that woman whose integrity and courage moved her to propose a public discussion cancelled the event.

Disappointing as that cancellation was, the good news is that the debate is back on!

With a very special thanks-you to the original organizer,

A Father’s Story [2] and A Voice for Men will be presenting the re-scheduled debate:

“Has feminism gone too far?”

Chris Marshal of CC Motors[3] will be hosting this event at the location of CC Motor Cars.

The debate will be held on Sunday 23 September 2012, 3PM at 1315 Hastings St in East Vancouver, B.C.

In acknowledgement of the obviously mistaken identification of Derek Bedry’s alleged participation in organized censorship and vigilant removal of hateful, traumatizing posters reading “men’s rights are human rights” Mr Bedry is cordially invited to argue for the continued legitimacy, urgency and necessary future escalation of feminism – in the September 23 debate at 1315 East Hastings: Has Feminism Gone too far?

We look forward to a lively and informative discussion with Mr Bedry and other proponents of feminism’s need to go farther than censorship, armed mobs and fantasy-as-journalism, on September 23, 2012.

Additional details of this debate were published on AVfM here[4].

Note, this event is intended as civilized, civil, and friendly discussion, and sharing of views. Although individuals may feel very strongly about their own positions, participants and audience members will be expected to behave with cordiality, and courtesy.

A Facebook page for the event has been created here[5].

To participate as a speaker or to inquire about attendance – please email questions and commentary to

Mr Bedry has not, at this time, denied authorship of the article credited to him on, although further updates may be forthcoming.


Publishers note: After a lengthy investigation, we have determined that it was not John the Other placing the posters up in Vancouver, but simply a man who looks exactly like John the Other, wears his clothing and who happened to be seen at the construction hoarding with posters in his hand on the day in question. Once again. John the Other did not put up those posters. Because we said so. PE

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  • yinyangbalance

    Please bring a video camera to the debate. You can’t trust the gang of Feminism to play fair on any level which they have shown time and time again.

  • Kimski

    Well, actually it was the butler who did it.
    It usually is.

    • Suz

      In the study, with a candlestick.

      • Kimski

        Yeah, Suz, and wearing a Derek Bedry outfit, to incriminate him for no reason whatsoever.

        /Stares at the ceiling in disbelief.

      • Paul Elam

        suz, emailed you.

    • Bret Vanders

      I feel much better knowing that Mr. Bedry has been cleared of tearing down the poster that he took a photograph of having been torn down. Knowing that merely a man who looked a lot like him was the one tearing down the poster that he later photographed in its torn-down state completely restores his journalistic credibility!

      • Robert St. Estephe

        Definitely not Bedry. He would have been wearing his signature bow tie — with his T-shirt. Yeah. Sure, why not. Haven’t you seen the latest issue of Mangina ‘s Quarterly. You MRA’s are soooo 15-seconds ago!

        • Paul Elam

          Saying “Soooo 15 seconds ago” is like soooo 10 seconds ago.

  • Ben

    Wasn’t it the student who killed 14 women and 2 men in Quebec that inspired the White Ribbon Day? If so, here’s what’s on my mind. First of all, I very publicly protested White Ribbon Day on campus last year; this year I hope to get footage. I was accused of advocating murder and violence against women because I was protesting an event that was designed to curb men’s violence against women. Similarly, I was called a rape and incest apologist for protesting the Clothesline Project. I think people are using the “if you aren’t with me, you are against me” line of flawed reasoning. It is assumed that if you speak out against WRD, you are supporting the murder of women. If you protest the Clothesline Project, you are supporting rape and incest of women. I honestly think people are just that dumb. They cannot follow our logic no matter how hard they try. They don’t have the cognitive ability to discern two things that seem the same at the first glance and it is not even their fault. I have heard it called the law of universal linearity.

    • Tawil

      Would be great to get some of that dumb logic of the WRD folks on camera… maybe walk around interviewing people and post footage here.

      Good luck Ben, great idea.

    • John A

      White Ribbon apologists think that when we complain about women hitting men it is just an excuse for men who ‘hit back’. It hasn’t even occurred to them that women hitting men is wrong in itself, it hasn’t occurred to them that mummy hitting daddy in front of the kids is child abuse and it hasn’t occurred to them that mothers who hit their partners probably hit the kids too.

      It hasn’t occurred to the White Ribbon brigade that male victims of IPV have no one to turn too and that no one will believe and help them. “It’s never her fault”. Male victims often blame themselves for ‘their failure’ to be good enough for an abusive partner and the White Ribboners are there to make sure the failure is his alone.

      White Ribbon just enjoy the smug satisfaction of ‘knowing’ they are the enlightened few who are so much better than the average guy.

      • scatmaster


        When I talk about my frustration at my lack of debating skills and my less than stellar intellect this is one of the reasons why. See link below: I would love to be able to go in a debate but as I said I would not know what to say or how to respond to a rebuttal.
        There is no doubt some men still beat women but of course this article makes no mention of reciprocal violence.

        Why do men continue to beat women</b.

        • Dannyboy

          Thanks for pointing that one out.
          So here is my reply to that little bit of misnadric journalism, took me a bit to put it together.
          “First, this article, like so many others is biased and only addresses half the problem. Stats-Can’s last general social survey states ” A similar proportion of men and women reported experiencing spousal violence during the five years prior to the survey. Among men, 6.0% or about 585,000, encountered spousal violence during this period, compared with 6.4% or 601,000 women.”
          This indicates that there is about a 0.4% difference in the sex of the victim.
          from the same page Stats-Can also reports “About 57% of women who had experienced an incident of spousal violence in the five years prior to the survey reported that it had occurred on more than one occasion, as did 40% of men.” Which shows that there is a substantial proportion of men who are enduring it for years. (a 17% difference between the sexes)
          “About 23% of female victims said they had reported the incident to police, compared with 7% of male victims.” ( approximately 3 times as many women report incidents to the police. The direct result of this is shown in the “Family violence in Canada: A statistical profile, 2010: Highlights” states this “Unlike other forms of violent crimes, females had more than double the risk of males of becoming a victim of police-reported family violence (407 victims per 100,000 population versus 180 victims per 100,000). This increased risk was primarily attributed to females’ higher representation as victims of spousal violence.”
          So if females are reporting D.V. to police 3 times as often as male it will also be reflected in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data collected by police.
          About 15% of the time police would not help when a man did call compared with about 12% of women “Chart 1.3 Reasons for not reporting spousal violence to police, by sex, 2009″ and in approximately 90% men considered it a personal matter compared with about 72% of women. men also lead in the categories of dealt with it another way and when they considered it not important enough.

          Given all that is it any wonder why the numbers look so bad for male on female D.V.?

          The Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women report on D.V. is as well wrong and would almost call it fraudulent. On page 9 of their ” Hidden From Sight Report” Under the heading “Woman Abuse in Canada” they state ” Almost 1.2 million women reported having been similarly assaulted sometime in the previous five years.”

          What the report really says “Of the nearly 19 million Canadians who had a current or former spouse in 2009, 6.2% or 1.2 million reported they had been victimized physically or sexually by their partner or spouse during the five years prior to the survey.”
          1.2 million is the total number of victims not the total number of female victims.
          I am left wondering why this organization would use such a lie in their literature. Another example of what I find to be a questionable statistic is found on the same page under the heading “Woman Abuse in Ontario” They state that: “more than 450,000 Ontario women reported to statistics Canada’s 2009 gss that they had been assaulted by their partner sometime in the previous five years prior to the 2009 survey (statistics Canada, 2011).”
          When you look up the appropriate chart it only states again victims of spousal violence not which sex was the victim.
          Found here:
          Table 1.4
          Victims of self-reported spousal violence within the past 5 years, by province, 1999, 2004 and 2009
          Ontario 366 6.0% (1999) 442 6.4% (2004) 453 6.2% (2009) number (thousands)
          Lastly from their report under their values section located on p 45 “Values: In working collaboratively to achieve equality of rights, fair access to services and resources,
          and social justice for women and their children who have experienced abuse, OCTEVAW adheres to feminist, anti-racist, anti-oppression and pro-choice principles, and is committed to celebrating diversity, inclusiveness and the dignity of all women and their children.”
          Unfortunately the feminist theory on D.V. believes it is sex specific and follows the flawed Duluth model.
          Paper debunking the Duluth / feminist myth can be found here:
          Which states”SUMMARY: This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600. ”
          Methods used to suppress the sex symmetry in D.V. can be found here:

          I am left wondering about the credibility of any of Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women statistics and or papers.

          Onto professor Rena Bivens who is quoted as saying “says many men have a “script in their head” about what the role of their female partner is supposed to be. When the woman starts running off the script, men react with jealousy and paranoia.”
          I wonder if she has ever looked into the script that women have currently running in their head you know the one that is so prevalent in today’s society that is ok for a woman to hit a man?
          She goes on to say that ” include being critical about clothing, a need to know where their partner is going, asking about e-mail passwords, snooping and checking up.” I’ve seen similar activities engaged in by women. And jealousy is an emotion only felt by men?
          Again professor Bivens has ties to Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women proof found here: and given the glaring mistakes found in at least one of their “factual” papers I again can not in good faith believe her input on this article.”

          Its currently awaiting moderation, I made sure to make screen grabs.

          • chris3337

            Excellent factual response with solid references. Please let us know if it sees the light of day.

          • Dannyboy

            They had it up for a bit and then took it down. Doubt they will put it back up. I have written to them about this and have made a screen grab showing the proofs.
            I am guessing the truth about the D.V. industry lying and producing fraudulent statistics is too real for the news staff their.

    • Carlos

      It’s not a lack of cognitive ability per se.

      Fanatical sectarians of all stripes are immune to logic.

      There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

      Fidelbogen’s video, “An Army Outside Their Door” speaks well to this:

  • Bubbles

    Fucking coward.

  • Krazie316

    ROFL that guy is a moron. caught red handed yet still denying what he did.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    I highly encourage the organizers of this event to hire or find a volunteer to work the entrance(s) of the event to check purses, backpacks and pockets of those attending (particularly self-identified feminists) for box cutters and other weapons.

    • Kimski

      Hell, yes.
      Strip search every single non-MRA, and get the rectal probing going, too.
      Better safe than sorry..

    • Ray

      …but, but, but a woman would neeeever commit violence against a man.

      • Rick Westlake

        Thanks a bunch. I fear I will see this in my nightmares.

    • Aimee McGee

      I agree.

      Just as long as they have both male and female security officers, don’t want any man to be accused of objectifying a woman through his pat-down technique.
      (though last 4 times through airport security, I’ve felt objectified by female security officers during pat-downs…damn I hate that I nearly always set detectors off)

  • Jay
  • Z

    well it’s obvious to me, that avfm has cloning technology. that this is merely an elaborate cover up to keep the public from this fact. further more, I demand to know what you have done with Derek Bedry’s clone. there will be an investigation!

    • Aimee McGee

      Nah, it is the CGI experts here…didn’t you know all the AVfM women are men, so it EASY to CGI JtO into DB

      • Aimee McGee

        Oh, and Molly is the CGI mastermind don’t you know…that girl has tallents beyond the BLT.

  • Jay

    On the other hand, here is an image that seems to show Bedry is/was a redhead.

    It may be helpful to ask Mr. Bedry via interview, and then confirm it with Stephanie Ip from Langara College if this is Mr. Bedry.

  • Jay

    Here is Bedry in 2010 in a music video:

    Same person? I think so, but it’s not exactly clear, but the credits to the video provide the names of people that might be able to confirm the ID.

    I dislike putting third party names as text into Internet Drama scenes, but they can be seen here: or at the YouTube link above.

    • Suz

      How many costumes does this impostor possess?

  • fugaagin

    Well…thank goodness that that coincidence was cleared up. Two Derek Bedrys…whodathunkit.

    Fancy nearly mixing up an honest, ethical, professional journalist with integrity…with the other fuckwit, who looks very similar, when all’s said and done.

  • dejour

    95% sure it’s him. A better camera angle would be more conclusive. Also, most comparison photos seem to show him with glasses, which makes it harder to match his facial features.

    That said, I’m glad his editor is standing by him (barring more damning evidence). 95% isn’t a high enough level of proof in my opinion.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      But accusing an organization of having ties to terrorists requires PROOF. The editor stands by libel?

      Looks like an ambulance waiting to get chased to me (but I do not know BC law).

      • altmehere

        When a feminist throws accusations at MRAs, 0% sure seems to be enough.

        If they want a race to the bottom, they should be willing to accept the consequences.

  • Jay

    Personally, I think as an act of journalism and integrity, AVfM should take this and run with it.

    Ask Bedry and his editor in a taped interview if he is the man in the photos.

    Then followup with people that clearly know him.

    And publish the results.

    That’s not doxxing, or threatening in any manner, if this guy is trying to obtain jobs as a journalist, this would be a random act of journalism to help better inform the public as to his ethical standards and his journalistic integrity.

    Yes, I think it’s 99.999% clear it’s Derek. But maybe not.

    If it is Bedry, you owe it to the readers of not just to publish these details about Derek but to publish any denials of his editor who you need to name.

    I’d go after the editor, my guess is that person is an even weaker link then Bedry since the editor has more to lose and less to gain.

    If the editor continues to deny Bedry’s involvement you should consider followups with the “partners” of including the University of Waterloo, the Toronto Community Foundation, the Canadian digitalmedia Network, and their board of advisors.

    I have to add when I look at’s about page, I actually like what they are doing and think that all local papers should be doing something similar which is to let the community advise them where the stories are. Regardless, journalists have codes of ethics, important not just for the journalist but for the editor and publishers as well.

    My advice (but seriously, I know shit about shit) is to lay out a plan of action detailing who you will interview, provide that to both Mr. Bedry and his editor, ask them once again if that is Mr. Bedry in your photograph or if he tore the posters down request a correction and an apology, and then invite both Bedry and the editor(s) and the advisory board and other journalists from the local area to your debate.

    Anyway, apologies, this is probably too long and too obvious.

    • harrywoodape

      There is one person named Jamie James that Bedry interviewed for his hatchet piece. James has a blog and James blogged that it wasn’t Bedry – but it was a friend that he (James) knew.
      This James person is a member of the Femistasi. James claims to know the person photographed that looks like Bedry.
      James said Bedry came to meet him about a block away from the site of the posters at a local coffee shop to interview him for the piece.
      The people that Bedry used as sources for his article all seem to have had feminist ideology connections with Bedry. Sean O’Flynn-Magee was a UBC political science student that met Bedry while Bedry was photographing and covering Occupy Vancouver. OFlynn-Magee is in a photograph that Bedry has on one of his social media sites from about a year ago. Also Bedry covered student news at UBC as part of Langara College.
      I am thinking that James should identify who his “friend” is and compare that person.
      The coyness of the “denials” that Bedry is the person in the photo is interesting. Jeez, if it really wasn’t him, I would expect him to file a defamation suit. Of course, a defamation suit would involve lawyers and PIs. Evidence would need to be presented in s court. To qualify as defamation it would need to be proven that…
      1. It was a public accusation (Yep)
      2. Bedry’s reputation was damaged (I would say that it has).
      3. That it was NOT TRUE. (is this why Bedry isn’t pursuing legal action against AVFM? Was it Bedry in the photo? Was it the same time frame that Jamie James admits that Bedry was in the area to interview his pals for an article that also included a UBC feminist prof calling for organized resistance against MRAs?)

      Jeez, if it was me and I knew I wasn’t the one in thr photo and a friend of mine says he knows the guy that looks like me that was in the photo…I’d be producing said friend/clone and I would sue because my journalist reputation had been unfairly and inaccurately damaged.

  • Dannyboy

    I took a second look at derek’s “article”.
    I decided to look up janine benedet whom derek says is “UBC feminist law professor ” but when you look her up at UBC she is listed as,
    “Director, Centre for Feminist Legal Studies”

    I guess a little fact like that should never have been mentioned in derek’s ‘article.’ It might have exposed his flemmie boot licking for the world to see.
    ms benedet’s friend susan boyd should be well known to us for she was one of the ‘experts’ used by biblo poynter in his hack and fraudulent article.
    Ever get the feeling that some, perhaps even most, reporters just really don’t take their journalistic integrity seriously.

    Enjoyed the laff Molly now get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich damn it.

    • Kimski

      I was actually a bit surprised, after watching the video that Jay put up.

      I was under the impression that we were dealing with an adult man here, but Derek Bedry is just a big kid. Granted he’s got a beard, but none the less, a big kid.

      Obviously his experiences with women, as well as life in general, are extremely limited at this point, and now he just comes across as another idiot, discussing issues he can’t possibly have much knowledge about.

      • Dannyboy

        his actions lead me to believe he has been conditioned like a Pavlovian feminist dog.

        Hear the flemmie bell ringing derek? Are you salivating yet?

        Sorry to our four legged friends I know it must be terribly traumatizing for you to be associated with derek, will order Molly to make you some extra meat filled sammiches.

        Yes we at misogynist central even have Molly serving our dogs don’t you know.

    • harrywoodape

      Fuck Derek Bedry and his little club of trannies and femowhatthefuckevers. They are a strange lot. I really am conflicted here. Confliction is good. I feel bad for these people. Judging by their blogs..:they have been let down by the destruction of the family and severe moral decay perpetrated by both sexes. These are the kids caught in the middle. Men that deny they are men and will mutilate themselves to excise maleness from their souls and bodies. The fems use the trannies and send them at us with their rage. How fucking evil.

  • Iron John

    Von Sämmichämmer? LOL! That’s great! Just what I need as an evil oppressive patriarchal MRA.

    Now Molly, about all those lunch meats and bread… XD

  • ChrisD

    If I’m ever caught by a speed camera while sitting in the driver seat, someone please remind me to use the defense of “it wasn’t me”. Obviously it’s better than photographic evidence.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    The notion that female violence (including FEMALE-on-FEMALE) does not have a copious, long and bloody history is a flaming stinking fraud. Want examples of violence? Take a look at these to get an idea of just how dishonest the “herstory”-pushers are.

    “Sao Paulo Girl,” Brazilian Teen Serial Killer Murdered 30 Males – 2009

    “Creepiest Female Serial Killer Quotations”

    “Motive for Murder: Misandry: The Death of Suat Aydin – 1984”

    “Female Serial Killers Who Liked to Murder Women”

    “Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid”

    “Give ‘em the Axe: Female Empowerment with an Edge”

    “What Is Misandric Fixation?”

    (This is but a sliver off the tip of an iceberg — amongst an Armada of icebergs bobbing in the sea.)

    “The first rule of feminism is: Always lie!”

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Bedwetter Bedry don’ know nuthin’! Whatta wuss.

    Dang it fellers, I plum forgot to give a holler ‘bout this little gal who had a real special way with stringin’ of a man for the real good reason that he was a man, an’ doin’ it agin an agin an agin – by the name of Viktoria Rieger.

    Now, when you take a look at this story, how are you goin to tell me (an’ the Happy Misgynist, too) that there is one single MRA out in there in patriarchyland who doesn’t need to know-by-heart the name of Viktoria Rieger?

    “The Cross-Dressing Husband-Killing Syndicate Maven: Viktoria Foedi Rieger – 1933”

    Git the word out about Rieger – an’ git it out pronto!. Activism means gittin’ active!

  • JinnBottle

    OT: Not that MRAs are rightwing, as such; but we do share one traditional asset with the right, vis a vis the left: We get all the goodlookin women.

    Will “Just sayin” work with this?

  • Robert O’Hara

    Molly, please consider becoming a corespondent for AVFM News. Email me at

  • Durin007

    Run Away Derek:

  • Gamerp4

    Derek Bedry didn’t do it! – confirmed by Derek Bedry.

    I totally believe him and i totally believe what feminist says about me, Even if God descends from heaven to say that Derek Bedry did it i will not believe him.

    I know Derek you might be thinking who is the guy in the photograph WELL believe me we MRA’s plained a DUPLICATE DRONE of your’s and set you up for the gig.

  • limeywestlake

    OT – but this article says a lot about the mindset of the ‘tear down generation’ if you ask me. This is how far we have come…

    I love ‘From Russia with Love.’ Not as good as ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ though….

  • ManOfTheMonth

    Derek is a liar’s liar and is typical of men who will do anything to get to the top, so that he can have sexual access to many females.

    You should start an additional website to — perhaps call it

    Derek’s lies are reported on:

  • Mickey

    I’m new and not that familiar with the setup yet, so I hope this isn’t the wrong place to put this. But here goes.

    I had followed the story of Jenna Myers Karvunidis, and long story short, she’s still making excuses. Here’s where to find it:

    I just put this here because the post is very recent and I thought this would be noticed more quickly.

    If there was ever a case for removing this bigot from the registry (which I really doubt), then in my opinion this kills it.

    Thanks and more power.

  • lugger2010

    This ass-wipe deserves to be thrown into a holding cell…with 3 or 4 men who have been falsley charged by their female partners.
    Oh- and make sure the guys know WHO this “menstration wanna-be” is!