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Canada Needs You

My recent appointment to Canadian news director has me thinking about how best to serve you, our readers and supporters.

Canada is a lot of ground to cover. We are a busy lot here in Canada, I like to say “Us Canucks don’t pass the buck.” We are very active in the advocacy of men’s human rights. (Something us as Canadians all should be proud of.)

We have to be.

About 8 men a day kill themselves in Canada.

For everyone of those 8 men I am going to go out on a limb and say they have female relatives along with male relatives who cared deeply for those lost souls who decided on a permanent solution to their problems.

Which means we are not just trying to find proper solutions for men but for society as a whole.

Something feminism doesn’t seem interested in doing.

Canada, like many other developed countries, is a fairly hostile environment if you are born male. Its fairly hostile for those who are not male and care about the well-being of boys and men as well.

The issues for men in Canada start in the cradle with male genital mutilation being legally sanction and end in the grave. Sometimes by their own hand as mentioned earlier in this piece, or due to the fact our life expectancy is on average 5 years less than women.

In the past I’ve been called a one man army, incorporating, activism, news stories, opinion pieces, and lectures in my repertoire of FTSU. To twist the phrase a little;
I’m a one Dan army™.

I’ve shown you what can be done, how you can do it, while being in the trenches towing the line for sometime now in Ontario. Just 1 of our nations 10 provinces and 3 territories.

We have an estimated population of 35,344,962 for 2014, Ontario having about 39% of that estimated population. About half of which are boys and men. All of which are being woefully failed by our government on multiple issues from municipal to federal.

It is just too much for this 1 Dan advocate / writer army to cover.

This means we (AVFM) are in need of some positions to be filled by dedicated volunteers. People who are willing to step up and take responsibility for some of the things I can’t cover due to being maxed out.

I’ll be honest with you I shovel a lot of internet gravel everyday. I put in 16, 18, 20, even 24 hours at time just trying to get the very best information out for the public to absorb.

That was before I became the news director for Canada.

I swear, if I could, find hours 25 – 35 in a standard 24 hour day I’d be working through them too, just to stop 1 more suicide.

So now that you know what the demands on me are I come to you hat in hand asking for your help. Your help to make Canada less hostile towards men. Your help to move us from a misandric society to one which shows the same level of compassion consideration and care towards men that it shows towards women. Your help in the future of half of society.

Your help to put an end to 8 men a day killing themselves in Canada.

I’m not asking for a lot of your time.

What I am asking for is dedicated volunteers from each province to handle the news for each province and or territory.

Given Ontario is the largest of provinces and my backyard I’ll help the Ontario volunteer.
For the other 9 provinces and 3 territories I am looking for a few good people who can take on the responsibility of writing up 300 – 400 word news reports. If you can put pen to paper efficiently and competently and believe you can accomplish this I / we want to hear from you.

We also are in need of people behind the scenes, for as I like to say we are the men’s human rights machine, and there is a part for every person to play.

I am asking you to help fix the issues men face from cradle to grave in Canada.

I look forward to hearing from the many talented individuals in the MHRM community. We can do this. All one need to do is look back 2 years ago to see how far we’ve come.

If you’re in Canada and you want to help, drop me a note at and soon we’ll create a mailing list for Canadian volunteers!

About Dan Perrins

Dan "Dannyboy" Perrins, up until a few years ago, was blissfully ignorant of what was going on. Then a series of events demanded he either grab his ankles and let a corrupt "just-us" system have its way with him or take action. He chose the latter.

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  • Mr.When

    I’m Canadian but i live in Japan. I’m willing to put pen to paper. i teach at universities in asia and would like to put together a clear logical study.. something along the lines of positives and negatives of being male and female in society… check your male and female priveleges stuff… if you are interested, let me know.. if you have ideas for good unbiassed questions, let me know

    • Stu

      That is going to be a very easy study. Positives of being male…….none. Negatives of being male……everything. Switch for female. Oh wait, we can piss standing up…….for now.

      • Mr.When

        I’m not looking for barstool with your friends shit. i am looking for contributions that will be very difficult to argue with.
        but on a side note, there is a lot of talk that Japanese mothers often teach their boys to pee sitting down. i made a point of discussing with my japanese wife that she will not ask that.

        • DukeLax

          Hey, If you are looking for the ” Barstool with yer friends type shit”… hit me on the inside line!!!

    • DukeLax

      Sounds interesting.

    • DannyboyCdnMra

      Mr. When,
      Please send an email when you can.
      I thought about your study but only thing I can think of right now as a positive is we are able to lift more, run faster, etc. All physical attributes. I do believe there is also an advantage when it comes to math in regards to the top 1%. I also believe men are better with spacial distances but don’t quote me on that one.

      You present an interesting idea study.
      Hope it works out for you.

  • Mr.When

    BTW thank you for all your efforts

  • DukeLax

    Thanks danny boy for all the work you do North of the Border. Canada has been a hotbed for the MRM over the last few months, and I’m getting a bit envious.
    Then i think about it, and realize that Canada may be seeing such a response to feminist overreaches…because Canadian style feminism is so Viral.

  • Darryl Jewett

    If Canada is one of the worst nations in the English-speaking world when it comes to the rights of men and boys then isn’t it one of the worst nations in the world. Period.

    • Clint Carpentier

      Didn’t Hillary say something to the affect, “the mark of a nation’s advancement, is in how it treats it’s women and girls.” She was trying to describe the difference’s between the west, and the middle east. So no, men don’t factor in how bad or good a country is, only the womenz matter.

      Now, just let that stew for a moment before carrying on.

      The west treats their women better than the rest of the world, but according to feminists, we treat our women like shit. I think this is called cognitive dissidence.

      • Gord Birch

        I so very much agree with you and Clinton is the worst of them

      • Darryl Jewett

        Ha ha. Actually, I think it’s called “cognitive dissonance”. lol

      • Darryl Jewett

        Actually, women have never been oppressed anywhere. They are consistently the most privileged demographic of any population. Whenever and where ever you hear women whining that they are oppressed, the men in that same population are oppressed much worse. Most women are simply chronic victims and manipulate everyone with the public spectacle of that victimhood and governments acquiesce by persecuting innocent and hard-working men to appease them for votes and absolute power.

        • Sadman365

          The simple truth that most of the world is blind to. Never seizes to amaze me how easy it is to make people see things differently from what their own eyes actually see. Men ARE and have ALWAYS been the MOST oppressed, abused, underprivileged and undervalue group of people whose suffering, concerns, feelings and deaths….never mattered to nations throughout history. Men in any society’s eye are no more than numbers (100 people died in the blast including a woman and a child !), things to be used and abused…They’re no more than oxen and work mules… Yet, people are made to believe it is men who are privileged and women who have it worse! Even in the muslim culture and Islamic teachings you will see women are actually held above men. They’re to be protected at all cost even if it meant the deaths of millions of men. A million men might be killed in one day and it’s business as usual but god forbids one precious woman is killed. All men would be shamed for her death. Women in islam are exempted from many of the obligations (religious or otherwise) that are required of men….

  • Billy Moore

    I live in saskatchewan. I could do my best to keep my eye on stories around here.

    • DannyboyCdnMra

      please send me an email so we can start working together.
      Thank you and,
      Cheers !

  • Clint Carpentier

    A Malaysian Boeing 777 disappeared somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean, it is presumed all lives were lost in the crash; tragically a large portion of the crew and passengers were men. In other news, the Great Patriarchy has stamped out another feminist uprising, this time the peaceful protestors were demanding unfairness of the selective service laws be scrapped altogether, or at least include men as well; over forty three thousand women have have been recorded to have died on the front line when they’ve went into labor amidst a firefight and enemy women had capitalized on the moment of weakness; these women never wanted to join the military, but they needed to volunteer for conscription in order to vote, get a higher education, get a job, or even just to get a driver’s license; praise be to the Patriarchy for shutting these sluts up once again. And finally, a college boy was raped last month, an outgoing lad with amazing potential, he said that the morning after a friendly party he woke up next to an incredibly ugly and fat broad who was covered in tattooes, he said he searched her slovenly kept room for a used condom but to no avail, his whole life has been crushed by the traumatic experience and he may never be the same again; the girl Ms. Evil Lynn (picture provided) claims it was consensual, but we know men can’t consent after having imbibed alcohol, her court appearance and likely sentence doesn’t look good, the boy still has to decide what to do about child she’s carrying, tests conducted have proven that the child is his, will he keep the child, or have it aborted, he’s currently too traumatized about the whole ordeal to make such a life changing choice, of course this means, if he decides to keep the child, his rapist will have to pay child support, and if she does time, that will put her into arrears; time will tell, our hearts cry for him. That’s all for the Patriarchal news this hour, we’ll keep you updated on events as they happen, may the Patriarchy continue to bless our men.

  • Roby 83

    I suggest an article about Louise Malenfant. She saved a lot of children from feminazis.

  • Brand

    Progress has been made. The original language on the Halifax police website has been modified. It has been now changed to…

    “2) Gun Violence: We have to a help our young men from buying into the ‘gangsta’ mindset that leads down the one-way street to gun violence.”

    It was originally listed as…

    “2) Gun Violence: A whole generation of young men have bought into the ‘gangsta’ mindset. We have to help them avoid this one-way trip.”

    That was quicker than I was expecting. Not sure if it’s really any better though. It’s still brandishing young men as a whole as the perpetrators of gun violence.”

    • DannyboyCdnMra

      Can you send us a reply email from the Halifax police?
      Screen shots if you have them?

      • Brand

        Unfortunately I didn’t get a reply back. I was checking back periodically on the website and noticed it been changed after about two days. I originally sent the email request on April 1.

        I was going to send a thank you email but wasn’t sure if the language was now deemed acceptable. What do you think? It still says “young men” in association with gun violence. I’m not sure how much profiling, if any at all is allowed in Canada.

  • Attila_L_Vinczer

    This is is an excellent direction our Canadian News Director has taken.