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Think Tank Episode 1

Think Tank with Nicholas Alahverdian episode 1 was a smashing success yesterday, and here it is in case you missed it. Guests included Rhode Island State Senator Nick Kettle, Charles J Stecker Jr. of the International Child Abuse Prevention Task Force, Providence Phoenix Columnist Rudy Cheeks, and Wisconsin Attorney Tim Casper.

Watch for future episodes, and other content, on this YouTube channel.

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  • SlantyJaws

    Good show! Very informative. Nick’s voice was a bit muffled and echoey in places though.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    “Charlie’s Angel” This child’s death (even though I did not even know this particular child’s story), as the deaths of so many others, is what motivated me to strike back against the Psychology Today article that falsely represented the history of the phenomenon of child care providers who repeatedly murder children. Silence about murderous child care providers is not tolerable. Nor is the whitewash treatment given to the history of this crime category that was published in Psychology Today. The politically correct dogma (pedestal-feminism and population control agendas) requires that mainstream media sweep the big picture of both infanticide and of violence by women under the rug.

    Almost forgot to mention. In the past in Europe and Russia there was a special name given to professional child-killers. They were called “Angelmakers.”

    Here is the — very long — article:

    “Death on the Baby Farm” (On AVfM)

  • hatredisfoolish

    Good stuff.

    You’ve got my vote, Charlie. Anyone else? If he wins then his story gets coverage. And this is one that needs to be told.