The Voice of Europe: Forgetting history

On October 11, Lucian Vâlsan, James Huff, Huffnágel Pista and whoever shall call in will be talking about the process of forgetting history.

We talk a lot in the MRM about how the dark history of the totalitarian regimes that tormented Europe seems to be repeating itself with the European Union only this time with feminism and political correctness used as the vanguards.

These kinds of connections aren’t hard to make if one has minimal knowledge regarding the history of the last 100 years in Europe but the problem is that that minimal knowledge is slowly fading away since more and more European schools are more interested in teaching the recently disproved global warming theory as an ill created by the male sex than teaching the valuable lessons that individuals could and should draw from the tumultuous history of Europe.

One way or the other, setting the record straight is a must for the success of this movement and the truth in general because as long Europe is willing to forget women like Nexhmije Hoxha, Elena Ceaușescu, Erna Petri, Johanna Altvater or Irma Grese, there is little to no chance to convince the culture that women are human beings with faults and issues, just like men are.

The subject is complex and we will definitely not be able to cover it entirely but please do join us in an effort to discover new ways for setting the record straight. Call in at (001) 310 388 9709, or Skype in, after the news.

The show will commence at 7 PM GMT (London, Reykjavik and Lisbon time).

That is 8 PM CET (Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Bern, Bratislava, Prague, Belgrade, Tirana, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Skopje time)

That is 9 PM EET (Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kiev, Chisinau, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens, Ankara and Nicosia time)

That is 10 PM FEET (Minsk time)

And, finally, 11 PM Moscow time.

For the listeners in America this means 2 PM EST, 1 PM CST, 12 PM MST and 11 AM PST.

For the listeners in Australia, this means October 12, 2 AM (AWST) in West Australia and 4 AM AEST. (times adjusted in accordance with DST both for Europe and America)

To listen to the show, live or in archive format, go to the SHOW PAGE.

About Lucian Vâlsan

Polyglot, author and staunch non-feminist. Lucian Vâlsan serves as the European News Director and Multisites Operations Director for AVFM. He is also the founder and publisher of AVFM Romania, the host of AVFM Voice of Europe radio program and operates the video blog Freedom Alternative.

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  • Robert St. Estephe

    Some other very important Nazi serial killer women other than Irma Grese.

    Female Serial Killers of National Socialist Germany

    Of particular note is:

    “The Stomping Mare”: Hermine Braunsteiner, Nazi Serial Killer – 1945

  • Tman

    Sweet! A man from a country that has yet to deal with it’s problems with neo-nazism is going to tell all of us in liberal Europe (You know the Europe that has defeated both communism and nazism – Romania’s favourite pastimes) what our problems are.

    I am just dumb Brit after all. What do we know about ensuring freedom across Europe. Why on eath would you allow the whole of europe a voice when you have Lucin to dictate to us what our voice are

    A Voice of one man’s Europe.

    Now hurry up and kick me off the site. So I can confirm to myself that this place is just like feminism and hates freedom of speech.

    MGTOW!! A British MGTOW might I add! You guys go ahead with your dictarship. Have fun. We always beat anyways

    • Robert St. Estephe

      United Kingdom: the land of the secret Star Chamber used for child confiscation from fathers? And when a father speaks in public about the horrors of the inquisition he has undergone he is grabbed by the government thugs and thrown into a cage? The most surveiled nation on earth, where British law is decided by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels? Where the Magna Carta is allowed to be eaten by authoritarian roaches. Where they freeze pensioner granny and WW2 veteran gramps to to heat the Queen’s gazillion mansions? We in the USA are going the same way, that is why we are watching the decline of the UK closely.

      But we don’t judge a man by his home country. There are great men and women fighting back against tyranny, brave and generous people Like Erin Pizzey and Mike Bucanan, and others.