Shrink4Men Radio: Daddy Justice busts judge a new one

Hello Everyone,

Shrink4Men Radio will be back this Monday, February 20, 2012 at 9pm EST.

My co-host for the evening, Paul Elam of AVoiceforMen, and I will be speaking with Daddy Justice (Ben Vonderheide) about his role in exposing one of Pennsylvania’s corrupt judges, Kelly S. Ballentine. We’ll also be discussing Mr. Vonderheide’s continued activism and what you can do to get involved if you’d like to help fight the rigged, corrupt and gender biased family court system.

The last time Daddy Justice visited was one heckuva program and I have no doubt this Monday’s program will be just as inspiring. The telephone lines will be open, so if you have questions or would just like to call and say hello please Skype in or give us a call at 310 388-9709.

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  • yurlungur

    The Guys is an inspiration to us all and a lesson in good activism. Plus, he has a real cool scar that makes him look like a bond villain.

  • phatPhuk

    Absolutely fantastic show Dr T! Daddy Justice is a true inspiration. I especially liked the story about the trailer sign

  • Raz

    This was a great show Dr. T!
    That Daddy Justice is a one man army, boy. Seriously. I wish I could have ridden with him in that poster van. Keep up the FANTASTIC work there Ben!
    You da man!!!!