Man, Woman, Truth: Getting honest about boys II

After a significant delay, MWT Radio returns to the air tonight to continue our series dedicated to getting honest about and with boys. 

Man Woman Truth co-hosts Paul Elam of AVoiceforMen and Dr Tara Palmatier of Shrink4Men will continue their conversation from two weeks ago, Getting Honest about Boys, on Monday May 14, 2012 at 9pm EST. They’ll take a closer look at how society has been and continues to fail and damage half its youth and make suggestions about what steps we can take to address this problem.

If you’re able to catch the show live, please call or Skype in to share what your parent(s) taught you about women, relationships and men’s role in relationships with women. If you can’t catch the show live, please email your experiences to Paul at or Dr Tara via their respective websites.

The call-in number is +1 310 388 9709. Hope you can make it!


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Dr. Paul and Dr. T have joined forces to bring the red pill truth to the brain washed world of blue pill men. They bring reality - to comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable.

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  • James Williams

    I am in my 50s and been married for 26 years. At times life can get very busy for me. I work full time and am also running for re-election as a local councillor in Portsmouth, England. Right now I am out of favour with my wife because, quite naturally, I’m spending too much time doing other things and she is being made to feel second fiddle. My youngest son is 17 and when his mum is in a grumpy mood, he comes to me to ask why he is not getting any positive feeling from his mum. He struggles to understand the ‘moods’ and, wonders if he has done anything wrong. It is my job to cut across the years of experience to explain to him out it works. It’s important for him to learn from an older man so that he can retain that knowledge for any relationships he may have in the future.

    • Kimski

      ‘He struggles to understand the ‘moods’’

      Just tell him it’ll never change, and his wife most likely will be doing it too. It is all a part of being a male, and comes along with the all the other ‘privileges’ he can look forward to ‘enjoying’ in life.

      Looking forward to the show, as always.

    • kiwihelen

      Hi James, Good luck for today!

      I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick with your missus if she thinks that being moody solves being “second fiddle”…she needs to get out and help you deliver some leaflets or take on driving duties after meetings so she can make time to be with you.

      Thats about supporting you in your endeavours. Its also about making a win-win situation for the both of you, rather than blaming something you feel passionate about for getting between you!

      Oh, but maybe I am a bit odd that way…

    • Roderick1268

      James Williams, you must be a first!
      A man in politics local or other wise – brave enough to publicly contribute to the AVFM site. You show great strength of character.
      Soon every other public figure will be claiming to have been the first.
      London, Rod.

  • Dr. F

    Joisas Croist.

    Just when the fem-git-skulls thought it was ok to go back into the water you two show up again.

    You are making things complicated for them. A bothersome question might pop up here, or a salient observation there.

    “Getting Honest about Boys” was vexing, and now this “part two” business ?

    It’s an eye roller, forehead slapper, far-king highfalutin’ pain in the bum. (The feminist bum upon much reflection, not our upright, sturdy and unified decent MRA bums mind you.)

    I’ve a good mind to call in myself and let them femmo’s cop an earful with a pleasant and most cheerily delivered and heartfelt “Up” and then “Yours.”

    Yeah !

  • Patrick Henry


    Former Miss New Hampshire USA Faces Assault Charge

    MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Police say a former Miss New Hampshire USA faces a simple assault charge stemming from a confrontation with her boyfriend.

    Police say Sunday that 26-year-old Nicole Houde was arrested Wednesday. Authorities say the Manchester beauty queen punched, kicked, scratched and bit 33-year-old Scott Nickerson, also of Manchester.

    Police say the two were arguing and Nickerson took Houde’s cellphone, prompting the physical confrontation.

    Houde was the 2010 Miss New Hampshire USA. Miss New Hampshire USA and Miss Teen New Hampshire USA are distinct from Miss New Hampshire and Miss America pageants.

    • Kimski

      Note to self: If you take away the FemBorgs device for communicating with the Collective Hive, all hell will very likely break loose.

  • Iron John

    Will there be a Stickam room chat after this show?

  • Zerbu

    Awesome, can’t wait for it.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Bad news, gents and ladies. Paul’s cable is out. Comcast says it’s an “area outage,” which means the problem could be fixed in 5 minutes or 5 hours. No cable means no phone and no Internet.

    We are rescheduling tonight’s program for this Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 9pm EST. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    • Stu

      So feminists resorting to cutting cables and shutting down phone services and internet to whole areas to stop us now. :)

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        Could be, Stu. Could be. 😉

      • DruidV

        I’d hand you a tin foil hat sir, except that you are most likely dead nuts on in your assessment.

        • DruidV

          Also, I hate having to wait for AVFM radio and if I find out it really was the feminazis behind this mysterious outage, I will have to go and break their internet to save face
          Do you people have any idea how hard it is to break an internet?

          What I do for love…

      • Roderick1268

        I have always suspected a feminist organization/ network may be behind these ongoing technical problems that interfere with AVFM Radio.
        Someone once wrote that feminists are not technically minded enough to do this.
        True, – but feminists control the west, and have unlimited funding as well as unlimited personal wealth.
        And I suspect unending help, from untold blue pill people or mangina’s with technical training.
        Just look at how the Suffragettes operated, massive vandalism and terrorism, all underhand all intimidation.

        This may be just the usual censorship we all suffer. Feminists know they are lying no matter how it is justified – they can’t stand up to any rational debate.

        Lets have a call out to any MRAs who know the technology used here and set up some defenses.
        If there is a techno buff MRA out there who can prove the problems are due to organized censorship, AVFM may be able to have a fund raiser here to pay for any of the equipment need to keep the show running smoothly.
        With voluntary expert help needed to implement this technology and hopefully from willing local or willing to travel MRAs of course.

    • Izzey

      I thought I was losing my mind.

      I’ve been cursing at that “click to listen” prompt in my email reminder….wondering if my computer was telling me to fuck off….lol

      Then I read the Wednesday night date in the intro of the BTR page of the show.

      Short of thinking someone has slipped something into my Diet Coke by now….I came here to this thread.

      Did you ever feel really stupid for no reason whatsoever? (Not even your fault?)


      Sorry about the hiccup.

    • TPH

      So is the show still on for tonight 5/2/2012?

  • Dr. F


    Not your fault mate, it’s them feminists messin’ with your mind prob’ly.

    • Izzey

      Please let them try, Dr.F

      I’ve been up against quite a few over the years.
      Most, are all hat and no cattle.

      They don’t last a day in my world.

  • Dr. F

    “…all hat and no cattle.”

    Interesting phrase. I like that.

    In my world down-under, they’re quite simply a great big flaming bunch of fuckwits who’s bony skulls “clack” like cocoanuts as they stumble about together looking for the next great lie.

  • Stu

    Someone post up an article for Christ sake. Something really positive and good. Some story that shows the tide is definitely turning and we shall soon be running the world.

    Just make something up if you have too. :)

    • Dr. F

      Make something up…. sure, here goes the premise.

      “There’s this bald bloke see, a brainy sciency sort who worked in a lab and came up with an anti feminism spray.

      He loaded it up on all the satellites and using sciency tricks made them all crash to earth releasing the spray.

      All the femmos, fat skinny and of all colours and creeds from all over the world came out of their houses and blinked at the new dawn. All of them without exception, collapsed to the ground in tears of regret and renounced their hating ways.

      Later that same day, and all others to come thereafter, everyone sat around tables at dinner and ate red pills forever.

      The End – and the beginning at the same exact time.”

      • Stu

        You left out the part about all the prisons being converted to torture chambers and all the sports stadiums being used for the extermination games. Geez, what kind of journalist are you anyway. :)

      • Sad Dad

        That story reminds me of another story that I heard, You see, scientist have found out that women are being fed food which inhibits their sex drive which makes them run from sex at every turn, that food is Wedding cake!!

        • Dr. F

          That’s really funny.

  • CCRoxtar

    Looks like the show has been postponed AGAIN, this time to May 14. Once that day arrives, I hope it can hold.

  • JonSmith

    Hello everyone, I just noticed that the BBC website has an article about the MRM, I didn’t see it posted in the comments anywhere else yet so here it is:

    There certainly seem to be a lot of people being supportive in the comments, and everyone is mainly ignoring the femunist propaganda being posted by some of the drones.

    • CCRoxtar

      After reading that article, I clicked on a related link about a male beauty contest judged by women in Africa:

      There you have proof of how the mating game really works for every animal species (including our own) that requires 2 individuals to reproduce. Females select; males compete to be selected.

  • kiwihelen

    Glad to hear you guys are back on tonight (all things going well!)
    Unfortunately it is way past my bedtime here in the UK, but I wanted to say that I am delighted you are spending more time on this topic and I will enjoy the listen later option.
    I really would like to see the school system in the West reformed to get away from the system which disadvantaged many boys (and neurodiverse women) and put them off learning. I often meet men in my work who are “smart” but short on book learning because they “failed” at education. Having had my own struggles (and being grateful to parents who helped me develop my strengths while arguing with the teachers), I just wish the school system would throw out the idea that you have to sit still to learn!

  • Kazzi

    Just got home from work and listening to the show and it was so nice to hear my hubby talking to Dr T and Paul. What he has said was so very true in regards to the school system. But one thing Stu (ozstu on the radio) forgot to mention is that my son (his step son) has now returned to school but is doing it at a tech school so that he can get a trade (which I might add is he has paid for himself because he worked for 10 weeks)… but yes in Year 10 (which was 2 years ago) in May of that year all of the students received certificates to say that they had passed that year.. when there was over 7 months of the year to go.. so for that the teachers didnt care. It was in that year that both my kids were in trouble but have turned their lives around for the better. But once again a great show.

  • Stu

    Yes, stepson is doing well now. He’s going to tech school doing trades stuff. Mostly guys, mostly male teachers, and his improvement is fantastic.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Thank you for calling in last night, Stu. It’s always a treat when a “regular” calls in to chat.

      • Stu

        By the way, it was my phone causing the problem. I looked at it after the call and I only had one bar signal strength. I just came home from work and I’ve got four bars again so I figure a tower was out of action. Sorry about cutting you guys off all the time, I jut listened to the recording realized. At my end on the phone it sounded like nobody was talking.

    • Dr. F

      Actually Stu I blew it,

      I accidentally told Dr. T and Paul that you’re from Ohio and have never been to Australia. I let them know that you sometimes practice your Aussie accent in front of a mirror (I know weird huh?) for hours at a time.

      In short, they know you’re a genuine phoney and they hate you and everything.

      Sorry mate for accidentally telling them all about the “real Stu” on the phone for about an hour as we had a lot to cover.

      • Stu

        Aussies don’t have accents, everyone else has them.

        Oh, buy the way, you left some of your dolls in the conference room, and this other thingy….what was it called….flesh something….oh yeah….fleshllite….something like that anyway.

        • Dr. F

          lol… oh you silly ridiculous creature.

          I wondered how you’d serve it back.

          • Stu

            So you reckon my impression of an Aussie yobbo was pretty authentic hey. I bet nobody could tell I’m really I refined gentleman. :)

          • Dr. F

            Well all those blokes at the “Grease up a monkey in duck fat and poke ’em in the clacker club” say you sure are one sofist-ikated fella.

      • Stu

        And you couldn’t even scratch the surface of the bad shit about me in one hour :)

    • Dr. F


      Apart from the nonsense post of mine above, I’m glad and not suprised to hear your stepson is doing well in a more blokey environment.

    • Kimski

      “Mostly guys, mostly male teachers, and his improvement is fantastic.”

      When I think about the number of times I’ve heard something like that, it becomes even more obvious that gender is a social construct..-to feminists only. Trying to be a man when you’re actually a woman,-or vice versa, will make that statement the inevitable result.

      Great show, guys, and worth the wait.

      • Stu

        Yes, a big change, and I am surprised actually. He actually wants to go to school. Seems to be enjoying it for the first time ever since I’ve known him.

        • Kimski

          Doesn’t surprise me one bit, Stu.

          Boys learn by doing, and should be educated by people who understands the concept of teaching things that way.
          And let’s face it, female teachers are not exactly known for their ability to work with their hands. Or logical and rational thinking, considering most of them are feminists.You basically get the results you’ve asked for, when you try to educate people in a way that goes against their wiring. Dysfunctional herd creatures, in these cases.

  • DarkByke

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a video in which a man attends a feminist rally, where he is instantly forced out by security and 2 hecklers? I fear it might have been removed off the youtube. They start making claims to the officer that he is harming them, etc. you know, the standard routine…

    Anyone? Thank you!