Man, Woman, Truth: Divorcing your children II

Last week we began talking about the very sensitive subject of divorcing your children, or what it means to come to the conclusion that your involvement in your children’s life is doing them, and perhaps you, more harm than good.

This is the situation many men find themselves in after divorcing or breaking up with an abusive female who takes the conflict from the breakup and carries it on with no end in sight, dragging the kids into the fray until their minds are warped and poisoned.

Judging by the emails that came in from this show, it was one that struck a nerve with many listeners, particularly men who have been forced against a wall with their children since their relationship with the mother was dissolved.

Per the request of listeners, we are returning to this subject again tonight on Man, Woman, Truth Radio, and this time we are going to dig a little deeper.

If you have ever considered the relationship you have had with your children since the divorce has gone from loving and supportive to destructive and adversarial, this is a program you will want to listen to. We will be discussing the  actions that you might consider in this unfortunate circumstance, up to an including telling your child or children good-bye.

The show airs live on May 28, at 8:00 Central Time, US, which is 2:00 a.m. May 29, in London and 11:00 a.m. May 29 in Brisbane. If you have not yet requested membership in the Stickam Room, you can do so through the link below. The call in number is 310-388-9709.

And a note to listeners. This is the last week we are going to use the AVfM Stickam for after the show. Starting next week we will be using the new Man, Woman, Truth Stickam. Details to come.



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  • Iron John

    Great! I was wondering if we were going to have a show tonight considering it is Memorial Day. See you all there.

  • DruidV

    Dr.s Paul and T,

    I will be there and I will be all ears!

    Thank you for continuing with this topic!
    See you then (chatroom-side and stickam after)!!!


  • Kimski

    I’d like to see a follow up on this, about the long lasting consequences for boys to have their number one role model persistently backstabbed and vilified by dysfunctional mothers.

    Do they follow the pattern of choosing bad partners, and how does this kind of upbringing change their views on women in general.

    • Raven01

      With PC and feminism firmly entrenched in political and academic circles don’t hold your breath for that study.
      The soft-sciences are nothing but propaganda atm. Honest answers are frowned on.
      Questions that should be asked are shouted down.
      That leaves alot on the plates of the few brave souls that are persuing answers with a bit of academic integrity.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    Forget MGTOW. This is FMMGFW: Fembots Making Men Go Feminism’s Way!

    It’s a hard nut to crack, given men’s tendency to protect others. But still: a system rigged to prevent men from being parents can not long endure. It rewards women for excising males from children’s lives. So we need to redefine what “being a man” means.

    In the long term it may well be best for men to walk away, leaving boys and girls to become Good Germans, er, Feminists.

    Currently laws punish divorced men who love their children. Their love, in fact, counts for nothing. It’s solely the money feminists want…and the power it brings.

    So what to do? Going along just reinforces feminazism.

    I’ve often thought the best thing for divorced men might be to go to jail. That is, not comply with a system of slavery that punishes them for caring by making them work-horses on feminist plantations. Such men have no rights, not access, no influence in-home. Their constricted fate is determined by women who demanded, and got, access to influence outside the home.

    What kind of fairness is there when one side has access to two spheres of life and the other, men, is limited to one? Especially when male labor is used solely to support the other half?

    What would happen if the state, bereft of the taxes men earn, has to spend diminishing taxes to house, clothe, and feed men? We might then more starkly see what’s being done in the name of “the children.”

    A fair system would give men “affirmative action” to stay home to offset similar action to let “equal” female humans shoulder the financial burdens they now automatically demand from males.

    The current system is sexist and biased, something feminists are supposed to oppose. Their glaring silence shows they are NOT interested in equality, don’t think men are equal, and instead demand ever more-more-more perks from paternalistic government agencies…you know, the ones they say they don’t need or want because they are “patriarchal.”

    Feminists are like socialist oligarchs who say “all are equal” while themselves enjoying private dachas on the sea, driving state-of-the-art cars while squirreling away capitalist earnings.

    Equality to feminists is pampered snowflakes barking orders from atop pedstals to lowly manginas who worship the Omnipotent Vayjayjay.

    Good luck to societies when the spawn of such selfish creatures come of age. They will either feel entitled to benefits no longer funded, or hate their mothers for denying them fathers. Meanwhile, men will go their own way, watching the infrastructure crumble, overlooked by cupcakes who can’t program their own TVs.

  • Roderick1268

    Invaluable original work Doctors.
    Advice for men at their most vulnerable.
    I heard somewhere a black native man said, “The worst of the demons is confusion”
    The gut renching,conflicting emotions of a man trying to save his poisoned and poisonous babies.
    And dieing in the process.