Honey Badger Radio: Speshul Snowflakes

As a woman involved in the Men’s Movement, I’m often asked how it is that I came to be interested in men’s issues. Sometimes the question is asked with skepticism, because, after all, why would a woman be interested in the rights of half the sentient beings that share the planet with her? Sometimes it’s asked sincerely since the movement that’s billed itself as women’s voice in the world is also a movement that is virulently anti-male. And it’s not like many women are correcting that perception. So why did I get involved? Why did we–that is the women who make an effort to bring awareness and engage in activism for men’s issues–why do we get involved?
Join me, Karen Straughan, Della Burton, Alison Tieman and special guest, Diana Davison as we discuss why we’re involved in the movement for men’s human rights.

Show time is at 8PM Central Time.


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  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Just when I think feminist’s cant get any crazier, something like THIS comes along:

    Patriarchy! Rape Culture! Telling one’s rape story! Victim survival! It’s all there!

    Years later The Victim/Survivor speaks of her sexual assault by a NINE year old misogynist and his YOUNGER brother!!!

    • Rukumouru

      Next in line: Putting 9 year old mysoginistic privileged patriarchal abusive bigoted rapists in jail.

      What has the world come to?

      • Robert St. Estephe

        Sandra Scarr, major child psychologist, believes exclusive infant/maternal attachment is a mental disorder which requires “treatment.” (Hint: She is a major figure in the child warehousing — I mean child care — industry). Give the social engineers another 5 years (max) and they’ll be arresting male newborns for putting their mouths on their mothers’ breasts. I wish this was just a joke — but since breast milk is full of genetically matched natural immunity-conferring antibodies, big pharma is not happy about this “traditional” practice.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          That was Hillary’s “It take a village” deal, until the Rumanian Orphanage scandal interrupted her brick of logic. She was a big fan of Kempe who advocated children be taken from their parents and raised by the state.

          • Nightwing1029

            I will agree it does take a village to raise a child. But it requires a village of people who actually give a damn about that child, and respect the way the parents want the child raised.
            The state doesn’t give a damn about the child. It cares about itself, and having people dumb enough to continue the cycle.

        • Bewildered

          Sandra Scarr, major child psychologist, believes exclusive infant/maternal attachment is a mental disorder which requires “treatment.”

          WTF ! I wonder how anyone can deny that the lunatics are now in charge of the asylum.
          Here’s an epitaph for the West :
          Deep within lies a once great civilization,which was revered for its great minds that took it to dizzying awe inspiring heights.But then a nasty virus called ‘ Uber gynocentrism’ slowly infected its mind and a downward spiral began.
          The human mind is potentially the BIGGEST enemy within.
          The virus actualized this potential
          It finally achieved what none of its external enemies real or imagined ever could.


      • JinnBottle

        Just as the administration of George W Bush (with no letup by the Obama one) actually brought this country back to pre-USA, pre-Enlightenment conduct of war with its officially sponsored torture of POWs – and the newly defined “enemy combatants”; so Feminism has regressed us further back than the 20th century with its Victorian values of deeply neurotic puritanism, sexual shaming – and now adult punishment of children as young as 6 – for, e.g. *receiving* a kiss!

        And to think that in the 60s we looked forward to a time when ignorant, cowardly sexual shaming of the young would become a thing of the past.

        Ah, well, we also looked forward to the 20-hour workweek….

  • Aimee McGee

    Ugh! Too much like the middle of the night for me :)

    Why be involved? Because I’m a partner of a man, a sister, a daughter, an auntie, a God-mother. I have friends, colleagues and family who are men.

    There needs to be no other reason than seeking equality of opportunity for all

    • Rukumouru

      The good women I know are those who, like you, have good, honest relationships with their partners, fathers, brothers, male friends and sons.

      I wonder what that says for feminism…

      • Robert St. Estephe

        I wonder what that says for feminism…

        Anmswer: That its a cult.

      • Bewildered

        I wonder what that says for feminism…

        EVIL DEMAGOGUERY that appeals to the worst in a woman and celebrates it .

  • Turbo

    Look forward to the show as always, and it will be good to hear from Diana.

  • Vivica Liqueur

    Why get involved in men’s rights? Because men are human beings. Terrible we live in a world that this even needs to be a question.

    • Bewildered

      If you assume it’s a SANE world,then yes ! it’s terrible but then it looks like you have been out of town for a while and you are now experiencing your Rip Van Winkle moment.

      • Vivica Liqueur

        Well, Bewildered, yes I have been out of touch with what has really been happening, thinking I knew, but I am only now seeing what is the truth.

        I had what I thought was awareness on the men’s rights issues but it looks like that was only an inkling of the entire truth. Up until about a week ago I still called myself a feminist with this belief that I could change all of feminism to believe in rights for all genders. But that was my own naive wishful thinking and ignorance on the severity of the horror show that is feminism. I believe in human rights, that is gender inclusive in this I cannot believe that feminism helps anyone. I’ve always had my issues with what I called extreme feminists who pretty much seemed to hate women too but now I have accepted that the entire movement is an extremist movement.

        I am definitely a babe in all of this. I’ve spent much of my life unlearning much brainwashing and I am now unlearning the brainwashing of what patriarchy means. I have been watching Karen Straughan and she is really amazing and has the art of being able to describe the truth with clarity and precision.

        So, yes, I am in my Rip Van Winkle moment, ha! Well said. And once I wake up from a learned conditioning, I don’t go back so it’s full sail ahead. This is all very mind blowing and great to finally hear the truth.

  • Codebuster

    Why should women get involved in men’s rights?

    Quite apart from the obvious fact that we on avfm take as a given, that men’s rights are human rights…

    Because it is perhaps more often true to say that women hate women… because there is no reason in the world why women should default to the assumption that women are their best friends just because they are women… because men and women often pair up to SAVE each other from themselves… normal, healthy men and women often find SANCTUARY in pairing up with their opposite sex.

    What I’m saying is that there is every reason in the world why men and women have throughout history looked to their opposite sex for allies, and that is to escape the brutality of their own. More specifically, femtards fundamentally fail to understand women let alone men.

    How do women brutalize women? Google “relational aggression” for starters. Google “Phyllis Chessler” – Woman’s inhumanity to woman.

    Feminists are infantile fucktards of the highest order – it’s the sort of thinking you would expect from kindergarten kids establishing their identities as boys and girls… you know, the “girls are better than boys”… You would think that by their twenties they would have grown up. Feminists are so stupid that they actually believe that women love one another just because they are women. There is neither rhyme nor reason why women should presume women to be their buddies just because they are women. How truly puerile is that? Society has taken the self-indulgent bleatings of losers and made them the standard-bearer for “normal”.

    How has this world that brought us mathematics and science, Isaac Newton and Einstein, sunk to such unprecedented depths of stoopid?

    • onca747

      That’s why “hypergamy” is the gift that keeps on giving. Sure all women live in a cozy sphere of sisterhood.. right until one of them attracts the notice of the alpha male above the rest of them. Then watch the fur fly.

      I’ll see if I can dig up the article (by a woman, mind) which describes how the biggest obstacle to a woman rising in business or politics is not the men.. it’s other, higher ranking women trying to keep her in her place.

    • Fredrik

      Just for the heck of it, this is one of my favorite Onion videos satirizing relational aggression. (There’s another one here that I can’t find on YouTube.)

  • onca747

    I’m happy to say that my missus, while not a honey badger as such (she doesn’t have activism in her), she is cognizant of men’s health, education and rights general, as well as the shitty time males have with today’s pop culture and society. Example, she organises Movember events at her work among other things. Bless her. And all this from someone who grew up in the thick of the Women’s Lib movement, was raised by a single mom, and all the rest. I think I’ll link her this podcast as an intro to the MHRM she could probably relate to.

  • crydiego

    Best show yet! You are starting to get into a good flow. It would be so great if you all could be in the same room; -someday in the future maybe.

  • Kevin

    Great program! |m/ Almost called in…