AVfM Radio: what are feminists so frightened of?

What are you so frightened of. This is a question directed mostly towards feminists. Your compatriots in the activist arm of your gender ideology, which might include you, are publicly crapping their pants. I know they’re pretending to oppose such monstrosities as child rape and wife battery – but when this takes the form on screaming abuse at young and vulnerable men you’ve never met – the illusion rather refutes itself. Similarly, attacking Warren Farrell if he’s a promoter of violence does suggest to outside observers that you’ve lost the plot. Its obvious to those with an understanding of human behavior that your escalating hatred, violence and hysteria is fear driven, and the fear isn’t of being raped or assaulted, its of loss of the totality of control feminism has long enjoyed. It’s fear of accountability.

It’s likely the fear, misplaced as it is, that as the men’s rights movement achieves a growing success, that we will respond with the retributive violence and hatred that you seen in your own motivation and tendency. Thankfully, we wont, which doesn’t mean terrible violence isn’t coming. But it’s your camp bringing it. It’s your violence, its your hate, and it’s your fear we’ll be talking about tonight on A voice for men Radio.

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  • mongo

    The essence of feminism is that it identifies masculinity with evil, and femininity with good – and in erecting this false dichotomy, the worst evil has crept in the back-door. The typical feminist has become a thug. A cruel, violent, sadistic tyrant with no regard for anyone outside of her little clique, and a silent accomplice to all the more overt amongst her number.

    The whole of history has been a war against this kind of evil.

    One certain thing about Nature is that the seeds of our downfall are always sown in our weaknesses – that is the most fertile ground for them. When we seek to protect women simply because they are women, and make no inquiry as to whether they are worthy of our protection, then we have created a weakness that evil will find and prosper in.

  • TheMoralGodless

    I believe there is some fear we will have a “revenge” on feminists. I think there is a revenge happening right now of MGTOW and limiting female access to male resources. I expect this will continue.

    But the main reason, IMO, is money. Feminists fear their victim $$$$$ spigot getting turned down.

    Also remember that Feminism is an emotion and faith-based religion to most feminists, rather than a logical decision. When we question feminism we are questioning their goddess cult.

  • Stu

    What are they afraid of? I can answer that.

    Feminism is a fraud. Yes, as it is today, and has been for….well…..we could debate how long, but it’s irrelevant.

    Feminism is about increasing women’s power over men. It’s about extracting resources from men, while giving nothing in return. It’s about turning men into slaves.

    They way they do this, is to cry victim. They portray women as perpetual victims. Merely existing, as a woman, in a world where men exist, makes them victims. It’s not victimhood for it’s own sake though. It is the compensation that comes with the victimhood they seek. I’m oppressed, I’m disadvantaged, I’m discriminated against, etc, etc, therefore, I am owed something. In order for them to be oppressed, there must be an oppressor, somebody discriminating against them, somebody causing the disadvantage. That somebody, of course, is men.

    In order for this to work, men, collectively, must be seen as powerful, privileged, favored, and all that good shit. They can never let society to recognize the many real ways that men are oppressed, discriminated against. This is why they froth at the mouth and scream accusations of misogyny and rape at the mere mention of the indisputable fact, that men are many times more the victims of suicide, as well as many many other things.

    This is why Hillary Clinton made the absurd claim that women are the primary victims or war. It’s like….shit….look at all those male bodies piling up…..somebody might notice that men are dying in droves and recognize them as victims………we must be the only victims…..we can’t have any competition for that title. So, she invents the higher victimhood of the female loved one that loses the male relative……she….is the greater victim of war. But that dead male also has male relatives who mourn the death of their son, brother, father, friend, on top of the fact that it is a man who died.

    All male victimhood, all male grievances, must be hidden, no matter how humongous they are in comparison to women’s small gripes. It’s the only way that their mole hills can be passed off as mountains. Male suffering must be hidden, because it is always greater then female suffering. When hundreds were beaten and killed in the Egyptian protests….who got focused on? One women in a blue bra. This is how society repeatedly cons men and women into believing that women are the biggest victims…..the only victims.

    All the goodies and freebies that are bestowed on women due to their image of being victims, oppressed, etc, are under threat if the curtain is pulled back to show the pile of male suffering they are hiding behind it. We must continue to focus on the female office workers broken fingernail……..not the male construction workers broken neck.

    • John A

      It like unionised socialism, in the beginning they have mainly genuine grievances but as time goes by they have to resort more and more to manufacturing problems. It’s the same victim mentality and they don’t recognize that the other side has problems too. Like socialists, feminists want one thing – more.

  • scatmaster

    I will bet there will be lots of non logged in participants listening to tonights show.

  • Tawil

    “but when this takes the form on screaming abuse at young and vulnerable men you’ve never met…”

    Do you mean “form of…” ?

    “Similarly, attacking Warren Farrell if he’s a promoter of violence does suggest to outside observers that you’ve lost the plot.”

    Do you mean “… as if he’s a promotor of violence”

    Also the end of this sentence needs a slight fix up:

    “It’s likely the fear, misplaced as it is, that as the men’s rights movement achieves a growing success, that we will respond with the retributive violence and hatred that you seen in your own motivation and tendency.”

    For the sake of clarity…. looking forward to the show. :-)

    • Stu

      You never got over the red ink the teachers used to put on your homework in primary school did you? :)

      • Tawil

        Na, I usually let typos go, but the topic of this article is too important to be left ambiguous. For instance, Warren Farrell is not a promotor of violence.

        That said, it would be great if i could figure out how to do red font and strike-through. :-)

        • John A

          this is how
          use the word strike inside these brackets /strike to turn off (inside brackers)

          You can practice here

          • Tawil

            Warren Farrell if he’s a promoter of violence As-if he’s a promoter of violence

            Brilliant! Thanks for the tip.

            Do you know how to do colours and font size?

          • John A

            I tried colour but I don’t think this editor supports it.

            It’d be great if the agents could report in their colours…

  • Zerbu

    Interesting question, and I can’t wait for the show!

  • Agent Green

    ‘Twas an amazing, awesome, wondrous, fantastic and informative show, kudos to all.

  • FacelessFather

    All those who have power are afraid to lose it, especially when they have been abusing it.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    The progressive social engineering establishment, now a monopoly in the education industry, has before it a young generation of indoctrinated self-obsessed busybodies who cannot conceive that the orthodoxy of (coerced) “change” could ever be challenged (since they are trained to believe it is “evolution” ie “inevitable” and “progress”). They are panicking because they cannot tolerate any information that differs from the approved language they have been systematically programmed with.

    Feminism is the core of current establishment marxism. It is the orthodoxy and the establishment — the manipulator of police (guns), judges (man-caging, stolen money distribution), and bribed politicians. It is the enforcer for the corrupt financial powers that fund the NGOs that in turn funded them so they could become the establishment.

    They are entitled brats who know nothing but arcane women’s studies propaganda and pop culture sleaze. Any discussion outside their tunnel vision terrifies them.

    They want high salary jobs with the power to manipulate, coerce and bully large numbers of people (of both sexes) to fulfill their control-freak kink. They know they cannot operate outside the women’s studies fantasy cocoon. This is why they are afraid.

    • Jay

      You are awesome Robert, and bless your wonderful site about the unknown history of misandrism.

  • Ray

    “As the men’s rights movement succeeds in being heard, the reaction from the opposing camp seems to be an escalating aggression informed by terror. But terror of what? “

    Gender feminist ideology leaves it practitioners inadequate on so many levels you could write an encyclopaedia on it. In the real world of true progress and achievement they’re batting a perfect zero. Every women’s studies student could be a case study in how they became a total loser, while acting out the gender-feminist mental disorder, also called, “How to become an unproductive parasitic mooch in the Marxist world of taxpayer funded social services.”

    It’s a shocking site to see gender feminist ideology stripped bare of it’s fallacious assertions and pretenses – revealing very little – if anything – of any substance, or truth.

    Gender feminism has no clothes and the vulgar reality should require anyone taking a peek to bring a barf bag. :-/

  • Man

    So now we know GirlWritesWhat’s default position is, that when there is a claim of someone mentioning murder in gender relations, it MUST be a man.

    • MrShadowfax42

      No, she said that gender relations was one of the places where men *are no more likely* to commit assault than women. The fact is that men in general do physically assault others more than women. You see this, for example, on the battlefield. Or when they commit proxy violence for women.

      • Man

        I was not referring to what you said.

        I was referring to when GWW ASSumed it was a man that JohnTheOther kicked out of the chat room, when she had absolutely no information as to what gender she was, thus her default position is that all people who get kicked out of chat for talking about murder of a gender must be men.

        I am sure someone will white knight for her and/or attempt to justify it through rationalization though.

        Not sure if this is the video it was on or the one before. Not that it matters.

        • Merlin

          I’ve listened to where I think you’re referring to, and I believe it’s in the podcast prior to this one. Around half way through, just after James has finished speaking, then John takes over and reminds about violence not being acceptable.

          GWW, then joins in by saying: “Yes, she actually sent me a couple of PM’s on YouTube complaining that you booted her off.”

          I think this may be the area you speak of because there is a very slight break in audio which on initial listening, makes it sound as if she said ‘he’ rather than she. I’ve listened through the same segment three times for the sake of clarity, and to be fair to GWW, she does say, she.

  • Yndrd1984

    From Jezebel’s article – “I fully believe that men in those situations deserve help, and I know they’re generally less likely to ask for it than women are, not to mention less likely to find help there for them when they do go looking. I get how our society’s ridiculously rigid ideas about masculinity mean that men are brought up to believe needing help will make them look weak, especially if it’s a woman who’s terrorizing them. I know those same suffocating standards also encourage men to stifle strong feelings and any nurturing tendencies, which deprives them of the right to experience the full range of human emotions without shame. That completely fucking sucks!”

    Wait, what?

    She basically proves that the only problem with the MRM is its image – at least some issues really are important enough to expect universal support, but the MRM been smeared enough that she doesn’t think she can actually join it. If someone started a movement with the same goals as the MRM, but using wording/language that she was used to (like “Stop Patriarchal Oppression of Men”) would she actually support it?

    To paraphrase Ghandi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win, and after you win they claim that they were on your side the whole time. LOL

  • TigerMan

    Whats really great is that we are finally attracting the demographic we need to attract the most ie the young!
    We even had a girl calling in the show aged only 14 (those of us in the chat room suddenly moderated our language somewhat!. As young people do get attracted we also face another issue ie doing our best to try and make sure we give them plenty of positive messages and support. I say this because a perhaps unwanted side effect of websites like this is it tends to concentrate the “bad news” in “gender realtions” and men & boys situation. In other words we must make all efforts to not have young people leaving more depressed or troubled than when they arrived. This is a tricky balancing act in a way because being over protective wont help them either in the long run.
    In this respect I have that a voice for boys will begin to play a larger role especially for younger mra’s or potential mra’s. We can say these are the obstacles and possible stumbling blocks you may face but then give them a positive strategy of what they can do to mitigate effects on themselves and how they can be active to help ease the situation for others as well as themselves etc.

  • Man

    Anyone else feel bad and shocked when they heard this boy get the BS off his chest? My heart sank. This is what they are doing to our babies.

  • UKMan

    Great show.

    One thing covered was people claiming ‘misandry’ is not a real word. Wrong, it is there, sitting happily in the Oxford English Dictionary. Being a Brit, I can say that’s good enough for me, regardless of whether or not Microsoft Word recognizes it.

  • JinnBottle

    John – I missed the radio show last night, and am certainly looking forward to hearing the archive. Your (and Girl Writes What’s and Typhon Blue’s) audio/visual deliveries are always a treat.

    But, John, seriously: you need to proofread your written work, or have it proofread for you. I mean, eight gross spelling, grammar or punctuation errors in two short paragraphs? True, short intros to the radio programs like the above don’t matter as much as Posts; but often your posts are as error-riddled as this intro. It can get to the point of distracting.

    I suppose my saying “Nothin personal, still luv ya, guy” ain’t gonna prevent the downvotes on this one. But I’ll take the red numbers as nothing personal too. : /

  • Booyah

    It may be me but I think you skipped an important word in this sentence
    “Similarly, attacking Warren Farrell if he’s a promoter of violence does suggest to outside observers that you’ve lost the plot.”
    should read more like.
    “Similarly, attacking Warren Farrell AS if he’s a promoter of violence does suggest to outside observers that you’ve lost the plot.”

    Maybe its just me that has lost the plot. Feel free to delete this comment once its been corrected or im mistaken. Either way.

    Looking fwd to the show.

  • limeywestlake

    Is it me, or does this REEEEEEK of fear?

    • misterbill

      she’s totally projecting. her rationalization hamster is about to have a heart attack if it runs any faster.

      • Kimski

        Do NOT resuscitate.

    • Booyah

      Don’t you love that they havent cared a hoot about mens issues in 50 years and now all of a sudden, they would care but those big bad MRA’s have ruined it all, so they still don’t care?

      I reckon we might as well all take a long break for Christmas. I think these folks might be better at destroying their own credibility than we are….

  • BlueEyed Bear

    Good show. My take on future developments is a bit different from Paul’s, though. The slow decay of social cohesion isn’t caused by feminism alone. It is also driven by other factors. What I would anticipate is not so much a civil war scenario but western societies will be segregated along gender, racial and class lines.

    MGTOW, as rational as it is, points in a similar direction. Why interact with people, in this case women, when one is not sure whether they can be trusted?
    Another case in point is the letter read by JtO. Why should men work as teachers when unfounded accusations of sexual misconduct have become commonplace? The consequence of this might not be an all-female teaching profession, but the end of coeducation – thus raising the gender barrier at an early age. Girls would be taught by women, boys would be taught by men and only allowed to mingle under strict surveillance.

    I found the statements by the two boys very moving. Seems that feminism in education has simply amplyfied the pressures faced by the weaker boys. When I went to school in the Seventies and Eighties, the young, the weak, the shy, the sensitive and the – well – weird were at the receiving end not only of bullying and violence by their stronger peers but also of straightforward exclusion.

    Teachers routinely ignored complaints and even refused to punish at least the most brutal. Nowadays, there seems to be another layer of discrimination having been added to the mix.

  • Xevaster

    William kicks ass. It is great to hear someone apparently as young as him, being awake and aware of the world around him. I took my almost 40 yrs to wake up.

    My heart goes out to him for his Dad. Best of luck.

    • limeywestlake

      I agree: what a wonderfully intelligent and compassionate young man. Imagine having that clarity at his age! Blows my mind. Took me 45 years.
      You are a complete star young man! So glad you are part of our community!

  • MGTOW-man

    I will tell you what the feminists are terrorized by.

    They fear the truth! They hate it because they know they shouldn’t be doing the destruction they are doing. Deep down inside them they know better than to undermine all of society just to make it possible for women to become superior—all in the pseudo-name of “equality”.

    Feminists to not want to be TRULY equal because that would require them/women to be held equally accountable, equally responsible, and equally sacrificial. They want superiority. Any infringement on their superiority campaign “terrorizes” them. In their rationality-deplete, feelings-based hysteria, they will claim that the real fairness supported by the MRM is nothing less than men “hating” women! Such transparent rubbish!