AVfM Radio Tonight: Hypergamy


Did you ever notice the tendency in most women to constantly crave something a little, uh, better when it comes to the men in their lives?

Do women stand on the lookout for men with more money, power, prestige, social standing or sex appeal than the men they already have?

Yes, as a matter of fact most of them do.

Tonight,, Join Girl Writes What, TyphonBlue and Robert O’hara, who is standing in for regular host John the Other for all the hype on hypergamy, that dirty little secret that seems to catch most men blindside because they don’t know what they are looking for or why they should.

The show starts tonight, November 8, 2012 at 9 PM Eastern Time, 8 Central, which is 2:00 AM Nov 9 in London and 11 AM Nov. 9 in Brisbane.

The call in number for the show is 310-388-9709.



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  • Lucian Vâlsan

    Now it’s 2 AM GMT… great :( It’d be 4 AM here.
    This time, however, I will call in because I have some good stuff about this topic from my home country :D.

    Looking forward for the show!

  • Cloud

    So Kirstie Alley is on the Jimmy Kimmel show right now, and she just told a “funny” childhood story about how she would FORCE her infant brother to show his penis to her female friends and she would charge her friends 15 cents to see it. Of course the crowd was laughing.

    Kirstie Alley: “I was my brother’s pimp.”

    • Roger O Thornhill


      Reverse the genders here and what would you get?

      • Dean Esmay

        Yep. It’s either cute and funny for both sexes or it’s not. Pick one.

  • Skeptic

    An interesting show.
    It touched on how men in feminist cultures are currently controlled through reproduction and children. How the male drive to mate and produce offspring is abused through the con of no fault divorce and government basically usurping the role of fatherhood from men who they reduce to alienated wage slaves via taxation and ‘child support’ or as we MRA in NZ call it child tax.
    Hearing that I kept thinking over and over – “Wow! roll out the non hormonal male pill SOON!” so that men can control their fertility instead of it being used to control them.
    I reckon the day men (as they are starting to do in Indonesia with Gandarusa) have such control of their fertility it’s going to massively change the current power dynamic between the sexes. But not only that, after this show I’m starting it think it will dramatically alter the power dynamic between men and the state too.
    I’d be very interested to hear what others have to say about these ideas.
    Thanks for a thought provoking show.

    • Steve_85

      No rings for sluts. By the same token, no babies for sluts.

  • Ray

    “…government basically usurping the role of fatherhood from men who they reduce to alienated wage slaves via taxation and ‘child support’”

    The Nanny State is a bastard parent.

    • Ray

      It takes a Nanny State to create so many bastardized children.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Here’s my nomination for the Queen of Hypergamy crown:

    “Josephine Gray, Serial Killer of 3 Husbands By Proxy – 2001”

    I hope the discussion might eventually include the Soviet model revealed in the AfM article: “The People’s Guide to Marriage”

  • Andrew S.

    I was recently informed by a lady on a dating website that I was in fact “not a hottie with a body.” Of course the fact that this lady looked like a female trucker, was short, fat and quite ugly seemed to have totally escaped her.

    For me the funniest part of societies that let female hypergamy run wild is not that attractive women want to fuck alphas, as this will always be the case, but short fat, troll like women think they deserve alphas as well.

    The lady on the website was the one who had contacted me and while I had no interest sometimes I let my need for sex get the better of me, even in the case of trolls. Of course she was going to have none of that and was going to make me work for that “golden pussy” which I was not really inclined to do and found pretty funny.