AVfM Radio: The Predatory Victim

The power of victimhood is something which victims, particularly self selecting victims, understand. However, this is becoming increasingly easy for everyone else to understand  because self selecting victims are a growing demographic with increasing dominance of the social landscape, and their power is to control everybody else through the most ancient and noblest of human instincts, our compassion.

Without directly passing through the pain and damage normally associated with victimhood, the predatory victim is emerging as a new class of tyrant, trashing the human rights of others and masterfully manipulating the use of proxy violence against their victims.

Tonight on AVfM Radio, John the Other, Typhon Blue and Girl Writes What examine the most toxic elements of the current social landscape, and The Predatory Victim.

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Call in number for the show is 310-388-9709

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  • Ray

    The welfare scam queens of the 1960s have largely been reborn as the domestic violence scam queens of the new millennium. Although the faces have changed, the modus operandi is essentially the same:

    # I’m not responsible

    # I’m a victim

    # shake down the nanny state

  • gateman

    Girl Writes What mentioned she did a radio interview with Jim Richards. Do you have a link to that audio?

    • typhonblue

      It might be somewhere on this site:

      • gateman

        Thanks Typhon. Do you know the date of her interview?

  • Tawil

    September 12 2012 Podcast

    Tune in at around 21:00