AVfM Radio: Street Fightin’ Woman

Dear feminists,

I see you, and I hear you, and I notice the knife in your hand, and the machine gun drawn on your placard. I get it, you’re not kidding, and I know you are not speaking metaphorically. You want to kill. We all get that you are entirely serious. But your violence – as you obviously dial it upwards will not be met. It will not be answered and you are uninvited from the rumble.

But where are you going with this brutality? Do you really want this to devolve to a street-fight? Really?

John the Other, Girl Writes What, Paul Elam and James Huff will not be at the rumble, but they’ll all be on AVFM this week.

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  • Ray

    “…where are you [feminists] going with this brutality? Do you really want this to devolve to a street-fight? Really?”

    I think they’d be more than pleased to incite a riot. I think it’s an actual goal they actively work for – in goose-step with the revolutionary guidelines of their Marxist-feminist ideology.

    Misandrist, vitriolic behavior is actually taught and rehearsed in women’s studies classrooms. It’s part of the curriculum.

    Women’s studies, female students are made to stand up and ritualistically recite profane names for women (bit#*, cu#*, wh*#%, etc.) while working themselves into an angry frenzy against imagined, male name-callers.

    I’ve actually seen this being done, and the fact it was being staged was grossly over-obvious.

    I suppose the exercise is conducted to get female students more in touch with their anger against “Patriarchy,” and all things male.

    The behavior would be ludicrously laughable if it were not so insanely pathetic.

    Women’s studies classrooms aren’t educational facilities, they’re lunatic asylums.

    If women’s studies students aren’t mentally disordered before they take women’s studies classes, they surely are after.


      Sounds more like grooming for a feminist Jihad!


  • Dr. F

    My ode to The Man from Snowy River by Banjo Paterson 1880

    There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around

    That the feminists of no regret had loudly got their way,
    And had joined the wild pink trounces – she was worth a billion pound,

    So all the media had gathered to the fray.
    All the tried and noted riders from the stations near and far.
    Had mustered at the homestead overnight,
    For the media love hard fighting where the wild pink trounces are,
    And the stock-pink watch the battle with delight.

    There was McCartney, – Made a pile when she refused to sign a nup,
    And Josefin Segerberg. – Thin hand at play with SCUM manifesto;
    But few could weep beside them when their blood was rising up.
    The wild pink trounces go wherever pain-for-men and man himself could go.

    And the pink pens of the Guardian, The Huffo and The Herald, came down to lend a hand,
    No better hearts of ‘ginas knights and bitches ever held the reins;
    But now the fray is at the Internet, and may throw them while they stand,
    On the information highway, come Waggoner’s Trays, utes and lorries groaning with the truth, and its taking up both lanes.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Untimate Feminism: STEP 1 make terminating the life of the pre-born child; STEP 2 make drugging of children, parental kidnapping of children, behaviorist indoctrination of children into a norm; STEP Now that dehumanization of the young is normative (tolerated by the TV-addled consumerist NFL-addicted sheeple) it will be easy to cage, torture, poison (with Proizac, etc.) and terminate the lives of undesirable adults (as long as the rationale is expressed in nicey-nicey “peace prize” terms). BINGO! Now we will have “social justice.”

    Welcome to North Korea, the most “equal” nation on earth.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    Who threw that Manolo Blahnik at me? For Christ sakes throw the second one so I can have a pair!

  • TigerMan

    It’s street fighting on twitter too – someone got my twitter account suspended earlier (not for long but I had to agree to certain small print clauses I had never noticed before) . I did not personally attack anyone in my tweets – I stayed on topic even when goaded etc. What they got me on was unsolicited @replies where I had responded to gross expressions of hate and liesmisinformation by users employing the #mensrights hashtag. I have seen other mra’s suspended recently even whilst those calling for all men to be butchered are left free to tweet on. The lesson is clear many of these Radfems have read all the rules very carefully and they have learned how to negotiate loopholes which apparently tolerate very extreme expressions of hate etc. I know most of us guys hate small print but if you are active in twitter in MRA issues you should read twitters terms and conditions very carefully. Failure to prepare yourself could cost you all your followers and your time and care building up your account. It will also be valuable to use the help pages so that you knowe how to report violations yourself. Forewarned is forearmed. 😉

  • napocapo69

    Great show as usual, thank you JtO and GWW.

    Just a brief sexist and mysoginistic comment 😉

    I have to strongly agree with that man (working in IT field in a sales organization, just like me) that partecipated to the debate.
    Women in work environment, expecially “young” ones (aged between 25 and 40 years old) tend to be very aggressive and in defense mode even in occasional encounters with men. What really is concerning, to me, is that when there is an overhelming proportion of men, the climate tends to be a “benevolent” sexism towards women, while when there is an overhelming proportion of women there tends to be a “malevolent” sexism against men….