AVfM Radio Special: Postering the world

This weeks scheduled episode of Man, Woman, Truth Radio has been postponed to bring you an AVfM Radio special event.

There is a wave beginning to crest in the MRM. What started as KARMA MRA MGTOW’s one man army of postering the MRM message across his part of Australia, has begun to take root and spread into several countries. Posters are literally going up daily by the hundreds, especially in Canada where three major cities have felt the relentless papering.

MRA’s are forming groups, and they are quickly growing. Friendships are being forged and alliances built. Recruiting is a part of the action. And the posters are only the first part of what these groups will be cooking up in the future.

We are becoming a flesh and blood movement.

Those of you who have been here, supporting and working and waiting for more to happen are finally witnessing birth of the next wave in men’s activism. We are starting to step away from the keyboards and onto the pavement. And not a bit of it was planned. It is a spontaneous combustion of activism and brotherhood.

Please join with JtO and myself tonight at 8:00 pm Central Time on Blogtalk Radio where we will be joined by KARMA, AVfM Activism Coordinator E. Steven Berkimer  and other activists for a very important round table discussion about where this is going (like we don’t already know).

The call in number is 310-388-9709. Or show followers can skype in. Stickam after the show.



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  • Paul Elam

    OT Sort of. Thanks to Andy for sending this in. This is possibly the most misandric piece of shit message I have ever seen.

    • Andy Man

      This video is pure malice. But what is staggering about stuff like this is that there is no recognition that some mothers may actually wake up to the fact that once their male “children” become men, there will be no place for then.

      (PS. I didn’t send this in, must have been another “Andy”)

    • Kimski

      Men is completely excluded from mentioning, in a project that depends a hundred percent on the inventions of men.

      The Eternal Solipsism of the Female Mind.

      Looking forward to the show.

      • Arvy

        I have a suggestion. Since the feminists and their program sponsors seem to prefer that exclusionary approach, let’s return the favour. I’m no fan of the Saudis, but they may actually have come up with an answer to this apparent desire by women to live in a totally male-free society:

        At the very least, it would give them a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their “equal” skills and abilities unfettered by nasty patriarchal oppression. On the other hand, there’d be no “white knight” cops for them to go running and crying to when their women only paradise turns out not to be quite so utopian as they expect and advertise.

        • Kimski

          I’m not paying for that crash course in reality, or the food rations that very quickly has to be flown in.
          Just sayin’..

          • Arvy

            Never fear. Their sponsoring institutions (governmental and others) will pay for it all.

            That’s assuming, of course that they actually believe their own misandric propaganda which, at least at the topmost levels of instigation and promotion, is a highly doubtful assumption. They know damned well that inculcated “male obligations” are the only things that sustain their privileges — the only things that underpin so-called “civilised society” itself, for that matter. In fact, most aspects of feminism are actually designed to augment that male sustenance while reducing any compensating “payback”, or even eliminating the latter entirely.

          • Mercer Williams

            I’d gladly pay for it. I’d love to see how this “Utopia of Strong and Independent womyn” lasts. Seeing it crash down around itself would be completely worth the price of admission.

    • George P

      In most of war-torn Africa, the women collect the water and firewood. They do this despite the daily possibility of violence and rape.

      The men sit in the camps. They don’t help.

      Feminists would say “this is yet more evidence that men are evil”

      The women in the camps respond “If I go out, I come back. If my husband goes out, he doesn’t come back. He gets killed.”

      • yurlungur

        You Mean Africa Women actually care what happens to their men folk?

        “They do this despite the daily possibility of violence and rape.”:
        That statement isn’t very meaningful – anything can happen to anybody at any time.
        After all there is a possibility you’ll be struck by lightning tomorrow.

        Yes I know I’m being a bit dense ,but remember one of the tactics of feminism is to promote and exaggerate these risks in order to effect change that only benefits themselves.

        Like a change in the law or a new institution popping up to deal with the problem. Once these people get their new found powers the problem never seems to go away in fact the problem gets even bigger.

        • limeywestlake

          In all fairness, I did not hear the word rape mentioned therein.

          • Paul Elam

            Me either, but that cartoon scene with the woman in the wilderness surrounded by all those evil eyes had a kind of rapey feel to it. :)

        • George P

          The various refugee camps in Africa are pretty bad places. Many are situated near the various warring groups. So yes, in some areas, women are raped daily when they leave the camps. These are documented facts.

          My point (in case it wasn’t clear enough) was that the impact on men was worse than on women. Everyone survives non-lethal assaults, though they might be traumatized. No one survives lethal assaults.

          The video doesn’t talk about rape. But as Paul says, it makes hints of assault. Someone watching the video could go “Poor women, how come their men don’t help?”

          The answer is “because they would die”. The video doesn’t talk about that.

          The video also misses the fact that most famines are the result of politics. Drilling a well in a war-torn area won’t help. It will get destroyed.

        • Just1X

          “Once these people get their new found powers the problem never seems to go away in fact the problem gets even bigger.”

          well duh!

          the staff’s employment requires that the problem never be solved. as you say they want a growing problem despite their heroic efforts.

          I’m no fan of smoking but even I smell bullshit when the (government funded) fake charity starts talking about the dangers of third hand smoke – ffs! You stand next to someone who smokes and then we you get home your little girl dies of cancer…yeah right.

          A great site is
          “We define a Fake Charity as any organisation registered as a UK charity that derives more than 10% of its income—and/or more than £1 million—from the government, while also lobbying the government. That lobbying can take the form of calling for new policies, changes to the law or increases in (their own) funding.”

          Sound familiar? I don’t know if there’s a US equivalent.

    • yurlungur

      Most of these international development are misandric in some shape or form.
      I invite everyone to go to the likes of oxfam and study for yourself.

      I’ve down voted the video, but unfortunately your not allowed to comment on the video.

      “every 19 seconds a WOMAN losses a child”
      So was the child fatherless? Does he somehow not care?
      I had to laugh at the mean stick man forcing the women to collect the water. If the men collected the water they’d be accused of keeping it for themselves.

      • John A

        Who’s going to donate to help men? You know the lazy fucks should just man up and help themselves. (/sarcasm)

    • Zerbu

      “Especially women and children”

      I first got annoyed when I heard that. She then goes on to say that women have a worse role in Africa. Fair enough (assuming that’s true and I’m not being misinformed or told half the story), but then I heard this part when she was talking about school:

      “Especially among young girls”

      Does anyone care to elaborate how exactly this crisis effects girls more than boys? Looks to me that they’re selectively prioritizing it.

      • yurlungur

        Even when women are affected less there still prioritized over men.

    • limeywestlake

      The amimation and the musical score of this video were made by men – namely Jonathon Jarvis and Doug Kauffman. Just thought I would point that out.

      Give them an earful at
      I did.

    • Dannyboy

      yah almost puked when they say @ 36 seconds in “especially women and children”

      I guess men going out and trying to bring food back and or money for their families is nothing in the war torn countries they list in the video.
      and if my math is right 40 pounds of water would work out to about 5 gallons. I wonder how much weight a father carries in a day to provide for his family IF he hasn’t been killed or hasn’t been kidnapped and forced into military service.

      Really the vid doesn’t get much better after that. Lets take care of women and children but not even mention the men digging the wells or going out to try and work or hunt under the same conditions women are gathering water in. Never mind the men being forced at gun point to go to war and die.
      Same ole same ole men don’t even rate a mention or an ounce of concern.

    • Dean Esmay

      God FUCKING damn it.

      You know why this seriously pisses me off the most? This subject of clean water in impoverished nations is something I REALLY CARE ABOUT and have done some work to promote. I have especially tried to highlight a man almost no one has heard of, a MAN, yes, A MAN, named Ashok Gadgil:

      This man may be the biggest hero alive. I am not kidding. He invented one of the world’s most effective and cheap water treatment processes, one that uses ultraviolet rays to clean water cheaper and more effectively than most of what’s in use currently in places like the US and Canada. That’s right, MORE effective at delivering biologically decontaminated water than what comes out of YOUR tap, for third world countries.

      And he’s been working on another technology to much more cheaply and effectively remove toxins like arsenic that harms drinking water.

      There are literally MILLIONS alive today because of clean water HE made sure they can get. He’s a motherfucking HERO.

      But oh. Thank you. This is ESPECIALLY about mothers and girls.

      Fraaraghagahfarheefhafhjsdlkfhqar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I’m writing an article on this. God damn it. One of the reasons it’s so cheap is because a god damned man no one’s even fucking heard of made it so cheap. What’s his name again? Ashok Gadgil. Say it louder, I can’t hear you: ASHOK GADGIL.

    • Andy V.

      G’day Paul mate,

      Hey you got that radio show on tomorrow aye.

      Well you see, I got a bit of a problem and I’m going to ring in and explain what it is. I am not being that O.T. thing because it’s relevant to the show what talks about posters and getting the message out and stuff.

      It’s hard trying to explain about the problem now, being on this net shit, typing and stuff. It’s like a bloody answering machine but with all them pixels and shit in between us mate. Don’t like that aye so I’m going to use the phone and call in.

      I won’t yak on for too long. I just need a few minutes Mr Elam and that other bloke The Other John bloke.

      It’s the end of that message because I have stopped typing and shit.

      Aye !

    • kiwihelen

      Paul can we have a rage-o-meter scale for these kind of things? I decided to not watch after reading the thread…hell, housemate and I spent coffee time Saturday deconstructing an article in the newspaper all in the name of discussing misandry!
      Only so much pissed off energy to go round.

      • typhonblue

        I concur. And I propose this gynocentric trigger system to be something like this:

        LEVEL ONE — sort of squishy(gynocentric but will only induce an eye twitch or, for those of us with the benefit of an inborn bullshit detector, a day long limp-on)
        LEVEL TWO — quicksand(prepare to gnash your teeth at the logic pretzels)
        LEVEL THREE — gravity well(intelligent thought slows to a crawl)
        LEVEL FOUR — black hole(intelligent thought is distorted beyond all recognition)
        LEVEL FIVE — the singularity (all known understanding ceases)

        • kiwihelen

          Hehehe…like it.
          I think this one must have been black-hole by the comments

  • Andy Man

    I’m impressed by the efforts of the guys putting up posters. We need to start spreading the message, and not just talking with each others. Posters are a good way to do this. Sure – they’ll keep getting torn down, but eventually some will start to stay.

  • Zerbu

    I’ve been loving the news I’ve been hearing lately. If it keeps up then this could become a worldwide phenomenon by the end of the year.

    • kiwihelen

      One question springs to mind, do we need a list of folk who are bilingual or multilingual who can translate some of these posters to other languages?

      • JingoStar

        I’d do some in Spanish, but the Hispanic community seems to be a lot less contaminated by American Feminism. Gender roles are accepted and the women are not out to attack the men. Spanish-language TV ads don’t often portray men as bumbling idiots being scolded by their wives. The men where I live are more masculine in appearance and behavior than the average American man.

  • E. Steven Berkimer

    I’ll be there with bells on (not really, bells clash with my eyes).

    • lcpcIII

      Mr Berkimer,

      I sent you an email to the activism inbox. After checkin my email a while ago I noticed the email was bounced back to me. Can you or anyone else available confirm for me the email address?

      • E. Steven Berkimer

        lcpcIII, should be the address. If that doesn’t work, let me know, and we’ll go a different route.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    “The Scandal of Misandry: PUT AN END TO IT!”

    • E. Steven Berkimer

      During the radio show, I couldn’t help but think instead of:

      Men’s rights are human rights


      Men are human

      Quick short and to the point.

  • Dannyboy

    I think this song might be right for the poster phenomena


    Yes femmies the posters and truth are coming, your days of freely telling your inflammatory and fraudulent lies are counting down, tic ,, tic ,, tic ,, tic

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Every 17 microseconds a cultural marxist (“feminist,” or mangina) professor defrauds a student of tuition money by propagating lies, fake statistics, and discredited social engineering theories.

    We demand our money back! Pay up!

    Bankrupt the politically correct (fraud-perpetrating) universities!

  • JFinn

    Perhaps the “mission” link should be isolated and have an attention-seeking graphic? It would be great if visiting blue pillers checked it out.

  • Bubbles

    You know what would make my day? If when I go out postering I find that someone already beat me to it, and I have to think of more creative places to do my run.

  • kiwihelen

    Poster madness moment for the day: we got 4 years to Rio Olympics…gotta be there with the posters!

  • kiwihelen

    Poster madness part 2: any MRAs in Cambridge & Oxford, UK? Let’s get on to some postering around the ivory towers…competition to see who gets best pictures of MRA posters near well known and identifiable landmarks!

  • MenDiscontinued

    Still looking for a third person in Calgary area. We’ve got 2 ready to go! Would be better in a large group.

  • yurlungur

    According to Eve Esler: “95% of all violence is “male on female”.
    Do you think even feminist find her a bit crazy?

  • Andy Man

    It would be really useful for us guys outside the US to be able to Skype into these shows. I see notes telling us that we can skype in, but no address.

    What’s the Skype address to use?

    • Raven01

      scroll up and click the skype button in the shows window beside the phone number.

      • Andy Man

        Thanks but there is no skype button!!

        I don’t think I have the skype web-plugin installed. Any chance we could just know the skype ID?

        • MenDiscontinued

          In your Skype settings, there should be an option to “set phone numbers as skype link” or something to that effect. It’ll see a phone number and automatically use skype when clicking on.

          • Andy Man

            hey – i really appreciate the reply, but I’m not sure that it is the problem at all.

            I’m looking at the raw html code I’m getting back (i’m a bit of a programmer), and it seems that the Skype box is being “deliberately” hidden from me even tho I’m logged in….

            <a href="#" class="btn skype hide" rel="nofollow" …

            Could it be that the Skype feature only works within the US?

        • Paul Elam

          Have you signed on as a show follower? I think you have to do that before you will see the skype button.

          • Andy Man

            Yes signed in and signed up as follower. Also tried it in both IE and Firefox. As I posted above, the content being served to me doesn’t include the Skype button (it doesn’t seem to be case that my browser isn’t showing it).

            I wonder if anyone else is getting this problem?

            In any case, I’m keen to follow this broadcast, but not sure whether I could contribute much. If I suddenly get the urge to call in, I’ll use Alexander Graham Bell’s wonderful device.

            But thanks for the reply.

          • Andy Man

            I SEE IT!

            It only shows during the actual broadcast. Sorry, I was expecting to see it before.

  • Hf

    A straw that provides purified water for a year. Created by… a man.

  • nigeles175d

    Sub-saharan Africa has become a Matriarchy as defined by Daniel Amneus in his book “The Garbage Generation”. Women end up doing the work needed to keep the family alive as best as they can, but much worse than the men would achieve, whilst the men laze around drinking and smoking. Why? Because this gynocentric Matriarchy has taken away all incentive for good men, and bad men get to choose as many women as they please to procreate with.

    When I lived there I used to help out at weekends building pumps and piping water, building school/medical buildings, and they paid my flying hours to deliver medical boxes to outlying regions. I realise now that it was all specifically for the benefit of women, and nobody questioned it.

    Remember Haiti? The UN used soldiers to deliver food to women, and denied men any food at the end of a gun.

    Posters going out in my locale.


    FYI: 08:00:00 p.m. Monday August 13, 2012 in US/Central converts to

    11:00:00 a.m. Tuesday August 14, 2012 in Australia/Melbourne

    • kiwihelen

      13:00 NZ time and 02:00 BST (GMT+1)

  • lcpcIII

    I would really like to get the Chicao area actively engaged.. For anyone in the area, my email is! Im ready for a couple of poster runs of my own!

    • Paul Elam

      Listen in! Chicago will have a rep tonight!

  • lcpcIII

    Thanks Mr. Elam. Thats GREAT news!!

  • Raz

    Easily one of the best ones thus far. The FTSU factor was through the bloody roof. I think a good 2 or 3 more cities were claimed by the MRM this night alone. The snowball is growing baby.

  • kiwihelen

    Looking forwards to listening to the podcast.
    Hmmmm…hospital outpatient appt today. General waiting room despite it being a gynae appt. Time to print some posters and put them inside some of the magazines I think.

  • Primal

    One thought came to me as I listened to the show. How bout creating posters which anticipate that the other posters will be torn down and adding these ‘protect your free speech rights’ posters to the mix? You might even solicit cell photo’s of the dirty deeds/deedettes to be sent ‘home’ for the record.

  • yurlungur

    MRM Achievements:

    Signed a petition.
    Made A video.
    Started your own blog or Wrote your own Article.
    Argued with a feminist – (Hitting your head against the wall).
    Got A letter Published in a newspaper.
    Donated to a men’s rightsfathers right organization or charity.
    Posted a comment on a mayor newspaper or blog – (hoed yourself around).
    Recruited someone to the cause.
    Read Angry Harry.
    Helped your fellow man.
    Made A poster or Leaflet.
    Put Up some posters.
    Sent someone a poster or leaflet.
    Educated someone about the MRM.
    Elected A pro male politician or become one yourself
    Helped prevented an innocent Man from going to jail
    Lobbied your local politician.
    Phoned into a TV or Radio Talk Show
    Boycotted A misandric feminist supporting company or politician.
    Destroyed Feminism.

    Please add any more you can think of.

  • Robert St. Estephe


    from the historical perspective:

    The big difference between now and the 1920s (when the first formal Men’s Rights Organizations were established) is that back then there oppression of men by courts and individual female predators was merely the result, by default, of expediency. It was entropy.

    But with the 1960s we got Marcuse, the Frankfurt School and cultural marxism with the express goal of taking over every cultural institution and “saving” society by destroying the family, using the Freudian concept of “polymorphous perversity” (letting the id go wild — as a “cure” to the “oppression” of the superego) which he correctly believed would undermine the culture and economy so that the marxist utopia (ha!) could be ushered in. As we now know, the big money interests loved this because it would destroy the middle class, (destroy freedom itself) and allow them to steal EVERYTHING.

    The Frankfurt School now has all their programs and protocols in place, and has both “left” and “right” so numb-minded they have forgotten what they know about human history and human nature.

    In other words, we are not under attack by INDIVIDUAL female grifters, femmes fatales, murderesses, false accusers and greedy lawyers so much are we are by terrorists (the Frankfurt school model has been called “cultural terrorism”) who have put in place a system to encourage misandrist crimes and to reward them.

    In the 1920s there was no Misandrist State (except in Russia, as “The People’s Guide to Marriage” — — shows) that is designed to radically alter (maim, brain-damage, lobotomize, dug-up) or eliminate EVERY male in its path.

    But we are now under full occupation (Vichy-style, an invited occupation) and we have NO WAY OUT but to defeat the occupiers. (and by “we,” I mean to include millions of women of good character, too)

    The Glorious Glue Brigade is but the latest of new units to form in what now is a burgeoning army of brimming-with-enthusiasm anti-occupation partisans.

  • lcpcIII

    Mr. Berkimer,

    I had no success with that email either. If you would be willing to, perhaps you could send me a test email so that I can reply?


    All FYI :- I normally post my exploits on my facebook page