AVfM Radio: Her body, her choice

Her body, her choice. Her body, her choice.

Anyone who questions this particular mantra is most definitely a villain; a cackling cad in a cape, twirling his mustache as he ties a crying damsel to the train tracks.
But there are some unexamined assumptions at the core of “her body, her choice” and foremost among them is that, somehow, society respects men’s bodily autonomy more then women’s. Let me say that again. Society respects men’s bodily autonomy more then women’s. Heh. Yeah.

Join JohntheOther, Typhonblue and Girl Writes What as we take a look at “her body, her choice” and ask ourselves, “what about his body, his choice?”

Call in number 310 388 9709

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  • gateman

    His body, his choice? Not if he was circumcised.

    • Gordius Knot

      That’s right! Here in the USA, it’s good old ignorant mom who remands her days old son to the circumcising chamber. Try as he might (he certainly screamed as loudly as he could) to object, she still ignored his claim that it was his body and it should be his choice. So I really don’t see why we men shouldn’t ignore their protestations …women are most likely, just as ignorant of the workings of their own bodies as they are to the workings of the human male penis.

  • Skeptic

    His body his choice?
    You betcha when empowered with fail-safe MALE birth control.

  • napocapo69

    That 13 years old boy that participated the radio show, demonstrated more awareness around misandry than most adult males out there and more rational thinking and humanity that all feminist gathered together.

    • Stu

      Bravo to our youngest ever caller. Spread the word among your peers young man, and I for one hope to hear more from him, and as many young friends as can be inspired. The young are the future.