AVfM Radio: Feminism as a tool

Tonight, AVFM’s JtO and GWW take a high-altitude view of the most obvious opponents of the human rights of men and boys, namely the followers of big-Feminism. Much ink and many pixels have been expended in discussions of whether the movement named after females is one seeking their equal rights, or their supremacy.

The answer might surprise even some experienced opponents of what sometimes seem like a cult of sexual superiority. In addition tonight, we’ll be examining the motivations and behaviours of the superior sex, those who are sometimes compared to royalty, to goddesses, or to children, and in moments of clarity, to simple stimulus responders like flatworms.

In addition, AVfM introduces a new segment to the show : “Who Feminists Want to Murder his Week”.

Show time 8 PM central, 6 PM Pacific
The call in number for the show is 310-388-9709.


And a special announcement regarding AVfM Radio. As an added feature to AVfM Radio shows, we have secured a “Stickam” room. This is a video oriented group meeting area where listeners can register and meet after the show for live discussions.  Here is a video by Krazie316 explaining more. He is the official room moderator. Be sure to put your request in early as seating is limited. If there is a good response to this we will add additional rooms and moderators.


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  • Krazie316

    The beauty of the stickam room is even if you don’t get a spot on camera you can still be in the same room in the chat part.

    • Perseus

      This is a killer thing, Krazie. Many ups.

  • Dr. F

    Mr Krazie bloke,

    You got my attention with this lot.

    My guess is that as visual creatures we will take to this very well. That, coupled with the deep human want, or ache, to find good company of like minded souls makes the idea a done deal.

    More rooms and more moderators will be the natural response to meet a saturation point that will constantly be met.

  • Kimski

    Very much looking forward to spending another couple of hours in the excellent company of ‘Jack the Offensive’ and ‘Girl With Wrath’

    Also, I have special request:
    Would it be possible for any non-Facebook/Twitter users to join the comments sections/stickam room in the future??
    I’m starting to feel like the boy on the bench, that noone wants to dance with at a party. :)
    -I’m just not signing up for that F-book/Twitter-shit, no matter what happens.

    • Kimski


      “Who Feminists Want to Murder his Week”.

      So they have a hitlist now, besides 90% of one half of the demographic, along with a large percentage of their own and kids?

      Am I the only one who thinks they are starting to behave more and more like the Talibans??

  • Kai

    I find Femitheist Divine funny rather than offending.

    Anyone honestly believe society will become so corrupt it will degrade to her world?

  • Krazie316

    The Stickam chat session was a success. It looked like everyone had plenty of fun. It’s real cool because everyone get’s to know each other on a more personal level, less structure, more relaxed.

    If you haven’t joined yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. I wish I got screen capture of the event but I neglected to do so it’s a darn shame too. We had JTO, Girlwriteswhat, James Huff, typhonblue, and more.

    • Paul Elam

      Great news. Thank you for giving your time to moderate the room.

  • Raven01

    Wishing I hadn’t missed this. I’ll have to play the show tonight.
    Very curious about the femmie-hit list. And, frankly I aspire to one day be on it.

  • Blevins2012

    tooks like her other account got deleted but when I searched her again her shit was all back with a bunch of new videos

    that hit list section is based on the videos of a girl called ‘FemitheistDivine’

    she looks really familiar to someone i know with the same name irl