AVFM News and Activism: Solaris

Solaris, of the Nice Guy’s American Women (Mostly) Suck! Will be joining us tonight on AVFM News and Activism.  

We will be discussing the concepts surrounding MGTOW, the bridge between MRAs and MGTOW adherents, and the history of MGTOW as a modern social phenomenon.  There will also be a discussion about the changing nature of MGTOW, and how it is currently viewed in society.

For those of you who are interested in speaking to one of the founders of the modern MGTOW concepts, feel free to call in and speak to Solaris.

The show starts tonight, December 4, 1012 at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 PM Central, which is 2:00 AM December 5 in London and 11:00 AM December 5 in Brisbane.

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There will be an after show party in Stickam

About James Huff

James is a veteran of the U.S. Army, pursuing his own business and personal ambitions. Since taking the red pill, he has been constantly seeking and enacting new ways to alter the status quo.

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  • Iron John

    Niceguy. Mancoat. Solaris. Somehow it all seems inseparable to me. For those who don’t know, the website being mentioned above is one of the early ones in the MRM. If Angry Harry is the father of the Men’s Movement, Niceguy was his son and Mancoat was the nursery where the family we have now grew up. Furthermore, Solaris is the man who keeps, and has kept that home running so we all have a place to gather.
    This was the place I went at the early stage in my development as a MRA/MGTOW. Back in those days it was the only place men could go and honestly speak their mind without fear of being banned or attacked for their views. For most of us then and now it has been a godsend. A form a group therapy where true healing can take place and men can reclaim their lives. A better example of what the MRM online is meant to be, I can’t think of.

  • Dr. F

    Iron John is right.

    When I interviewed this man it took me a while to catch on to his core belief about MGTOW. I get it now, and so will you other blokes in a relationship who will listen to him talk.

    His intuition to the fundamentals of the first principles are folded into his MGTOW mind in a way that is quite alluring while solid. He is the right person for the job today.

    Miss this one and you really do miss out.

  • shmiggen

    Yes, those guys created MGTOW, at least they created the term, “mgtow”. However, I honestly never heard of them until long after they began. I owe all my mgtow knowledge to barb and star. Also, I used to think Robb Fedders was a bit of a nut, but it occurred to me we all are. His website, “No ma’am” is a veritable library of mra/mgtow resources.

    As much as it is unpopular to say so in this part of the web, the portal that I first entered which definitively locked me into the men’s sector (or men’s movement) was roissy in dc. That was only three years ago. It was not Game which I liked, it was his merciless deconstruction of feminism. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Game, but back then, and even now, he devotes about 50% of his blog posts to tearing into feminism like a hyena.

    At the end of the day, I can only give credit to a few people who began this journey. Paul’s Happy Misogynist YT videos back in 2009 are also pivotal for me. Of course Barb and Star’s videos, too. Particularly Barb’s militancy, his “no surrender” tone of voice. And I can’t leave Welmer out, either. Brendan, or “Novaseeker” was also a great writer, one of the best.

  • TigerMan

    When I first saw the word “Solaris” I thought it had to do with that supercool sc-fi film that a bunch of Russian dudes made many years ago! lol
    Only listened to part of show because was busy with other online activism and forget multi-tasking as I find it hard enough to mono-task!
    What I was impressed by was the good natured interaction both on the show and in the live chat below between all camps. :)

  • gateman was my introduction some 7 years ago to MGTOW, men’s rights, anti-feminism, etc, after my last girlfriend was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    At that point I realised that despite what I had been indoctrinated to believe, many women were not nice people, and men were not evil. At last I discovered that I was not alone in my experiences, that many men had been suffering in silence, and that it appeared that feminism and the state were largely to blame.

    It’s a rare place where men can vent and say whatever they want about anything. It is a raw, uncensored and absolutely vital part of the men’s movement. Its also full of wisdom and very personal experiences and fosters a sense of brotherhood.

    The Best Of section is an absolute treasure.

  • BlueEyed Bear

    Good show! I haven’t come across Solaris up to now, however. My first exposure to MGTOW were Barbarossa’s videos.They started to give a foundation to what I was trying to do and to put into a positive concept at the time.

    Listening to Solaris was pretty interesting. German women, especially all these fashion feminists and entitled academics in the media industry, are not as bad as their American counterparts, but they are a pain in the a*** for sure.

    The risks of marriage are probably as severe as in the US, and the same goes for the demands placed on men by society at large. We are supposed to be obedient, quiet and efficient beasts of burden, working for other people’s benefit.

    MGTOW gives me a sense of not being a solitary guy, but part of a broader movement. And the good news is that German society is generally tolerant of ‘flying solo’, as I use to call it – except the usual suspects, of course 😉