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Tonight we have as our guest Elaine Lisner of the Parsemus Foundation, an organization dedicated to alternative forms of contraception outside of the influence of large pharmaceutical companies.  Of the many initiatives currently being undertaken the Parsemus Foundation’s primary focus is on the development of Vasgel or RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance) as an effective, safe, reversible and affordable method of controlling male fertility.  Trials are currently under way and it is hoped that soon Vasgel will be approved by the FDA for use in the United States so it can be brought to market.

Male fertility control is a crucial men’s rights issue so please do not miss this episode where we will be talking about the history of Vasgel, why it hasn’t yet been brought to market and the future of male fertility control.

The show airs live tonight, at 8:00 Central Time, US, which is 2:00 a.m. September 19, in London and 11:00 a.m. September 18, in Brisbane. If you have not yet requested membership in the Stickcam Room, you can do so through the link below. The call in number is 310-388-9709.



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  • rams888

    I did a search of this, are you sure you don’t mean Vasalgel.
    Anyway either way it will only get approved by the FDA if the big pharmaceuticals want it (if they think they can make money from it).

    • Robert O’Hara

      Correct! It is Vasalgel. Typo brain-fart I a apologize. However, if you listen to the show you will find out what we can do about getting FDA approval and bring it to market.

      Tune in!

      • rams888

        Well i believe that this technique still involves a minor incision, but yeah it’s a snip in the right direction for sure.

  • Kimski

    Jenny Karvunidis is at it again.

    Here’s my reply:

    I have followed this from the beginning, and it is obvious that you didn’t learn anything from the experience, because you continue with your poorly hidden insinuations.

    “I became a victim because I didn’t know how or when to respond to criticism, or when it is appropriate to apologize”

    Not really true is it?
    You were never a victim of anything else but your own bigotry, but I’m more than willing to believe you don’t actually know how to respond to criticism. It probably has not been happening too many times, in your sheltered and pampered existence as a mommy-blogger and housewife.

    You became a _target_ because you continue to paint the male half of the population as child molesters, and presented with the true facts regarding sexual predators, you admitted to being a bigot, and refused to apologize without making demands in return.

    And now you continue, by stating that the attacks were coming from ‘accused rapists and batterers’, which makes you a bigot AND a liar, Jenny Karvunidis.

    Learn to deal with the fact that you’re being held accountable for your admitted bigotry.
    I’ll bet that’s a first, too.

    Here’s what happened, if anyone wants to read the truth:….

    • scatmaster

      Oh dear Jenna. Did you think we had forgotten you?

    • andybob

      Thanks for the heads-up, Mr Kimski. I wrote this:

      “This post is a masterpiece of self-serving revisionism. Ms Myers Karvunidis is a monument to how so many women in our society simply cannot get their heads around the fact that men are human beings with dignity and value. She still fails to grasp the damaging nature of her actions. No-one has ever denied that she had every right to designate who should accompany her child to the toilets. Don’t want the fathers to accompany your daughter? No problem. I’m sure many fathers wouldn’t want man-hating feminists fiddling with their sons either.

      What upset people fair-minded people (a fact which Ms Myers Karvunidis conveniently leaves out) is that she threatened the school with legal action unless all of the fathers were disbarred from any potty duty with any child. She supported this outrage by citing easily debunked Women’s Studies statistics about the overwhelming majority of men being rapists, pedophiles and perverts.

      Ms Myers Karvunidis had contributed to the kind of anti-male hysteria that feminists have whipped up over the decades to justify legislation such as VAWA. Men’s rights activists are confronting this kind of bigotry in an effort to protect the rights and welfare of men and boys. We confronted Ms Myers Karvunidis – and it shocked her. Women do not expect to be called on their misandry.

      When she tried to prevent the fathers at her daughter’s pre-school from fully participating in their children’s lives, Ms Myers Karvunidis expected to get away with it – and be patted on the back. What she got was righteous anger from men who have had enough of being demonized as inherently psychotic and unfit to be around children. When radical feminists at Radfemhub were exposed by MRAs for sharing – among other outrages – their violent, gendercidal fantasies, they got the SPLC to denounce us as a hate group. Of course, Radfemhub are generous financial contributors to the SPLC. Vigilant MRAs even captured a screenshot of the SPLC’s founder thanking the radical feminists for their financial support. They are forever discredited.

      Jenna Myers Karvunidis made outrageous claims of being harassed and threatened by MRAs. We urged her to go directly to the police with her allegations. We also asked for evidence of this “harassment” so we could condemn it directly and unequivocally. We’re still waiting. There was no harassment. She simply made it up. We have encountered this type of thing before. Feminist commits egregious anti-male bigotry. MRAs constructively criticize this bigotry. Feminist ‘feels’ attacked by constructive criticism and interprets this as harassment. Feminist cries, white knights shake fists, MRAs shake heads. Variations of this scenario have played out for millennia.

      Spin it however you like, Ms Myers Karvunidis, what you did was wrong and you were held accountable for it. One ‘insignificant Mommy blogger’ as you insist on perceiving yourself, had the power to interfere with fathers participating in the lives of their children just so you could score a few points with women readers (anti-male propaganda plays well to this crowd – ever watched Oprah or Dr Phil?) Be content to be a walking, talking cautionary tale to other ‘insignificant’ women who want to try their luck at demonizing men. That is your Google destiny. Embrace it. “

      • Kimski

        You, Sir, are a god among men.
        That was an awesome reply!

        Incidentally, I didn’t find out about this. Someone put a note in the bottom of another thread, and I just followed up on it.

        • andybob

          Thank you, Mr Kimski, but no. I am just able to synthesise the writing of luminaries such as Paul Elam, John the Other and Girl Writes What.

          Their writing enabled me to connect dots, detect patterns, anticipate tactics and give expression to so much that had been boiling away in me for years. I used to express my anger at misandry in one big incoherent blah. I could never have written that reply before my AVFM education.

          Unlike feminists, these writers never tell us what to think, but clarify central issues by demystifying them. I can confront someone like Jenna Myers Karvunidis because I understand the dynamics at work behind her antics. I know her well because AVFM has shone its torch on her ilk with such vividly unforgiving accuracy.

          This is what has really thrown our opponents off-balance. They expect angry, incoherent blah – and get Typhon Blue instead. No wonder they’re scurrying.

      • Perseus

        Take a bow, Mr. bob.

  • Iron John

    I am glad to hear that RISUG is getting closer to being available in the western world. Previously, you had to go all the way to India I believe to get the procedure done. This is far outside what most men could afford. Having this option in our own backyard could be a real game changer for men in North America.

  • Dr. F

    Sperm going their own way? No way mate.

    My body. My sperm.

  • Aimee McGee

    Really interested in this topic.
    I see this as a huge game changer in society, as the decision to become parents can be made by both parties equally…I’ll be encouraging the nephews to look at it as a serious consideration once it is approved.

  • Tawil

    Yes interesting topic…. I’ll be tuning into this podcast.

  • TPH

    It will be interesting to watch the relationship dynamic between men and women once men have a firm say in the creation of a child on their terms. I’m betting a lot of women will absolutely despise not being fully in control of procreation.

    Reproductive rights for men is slowly coming and it’s making a lot, and I mean a lot of women nervous because they will need to gain their partners consent to make a new life, something that was only decided upon by the woman.

    A serious mind-fuck is coming to women who place so much value in their ability to conceive and bring new life into the world. That power will soon be shared jointly between men and women and for a large percentage of women, the sharing of reproductive power with men will be intolerable.

    The intolerable situation will have to become tolerable once a woman wants a baby badly enough.

    • Stu

      Men won’t actually have say in the creation of a child on their terms until the laws have been trashed and rewritten. What men will have is a way of saying “NO” and ensuring that their wishes not to have a child are translated into reality.

      The feminists have already been engaged in trying to stop the male pill from being developed. Recently I watched 60 mins here in Oz, where women involved in family planning and fertility services were interviewed about the male pill on the horizon. They were making suggestions, dancing around saying that when/if it is available, it should be made available through family planning services etc. In other words, give control of the male pill, and who gets it, to women lol

      I’m betting, that when the male pill is made available, there will be restrictions on who can get it. At least there will be if feminists have their way. If feminists can’t get control of it directly…..then I bet they will start saying that a man in a relationship that will not impregnate his partner when she wishes to conceive….is guilty of domestic violence. And it makes no difference even if I posted this prediction on every MRM site in the world every day between now and then…….they just wont be able to help themselves…..they will try for it.

  • rexxthunder

    They should start a Kickstart project for this.

  • Aimee McGee

    This rocked!
    Really enjoyed the interview. I will seek out some media email links in the UK and send them some links to the work on the Vasalgel, as I can see this being a story of public interest