AVFM News and Activism FTSU: Remove Principal Campbell!

This week we will be dedicating our entire show to last week’s tragic suicide of Christian Adamek, a fifteen year old student at Sparkman High in Harvest Alabama.  We will be talking about Sparkman High School principal Michael Campbell’s actions after the now infamous streaking incident and before Adameks death as well as activism efforts to get him removed from his job.  We will also be talking about misandry in education and how it affects boys. We invite those who knew Christian to call in and share their thoughts and memories of him.

Undoubtedly this will be a difficult episode to listen to and participate in.  However, it is important that the issue of suicide and misandry facing young males today be tackled and dealt with.

The show starts at 8PM Central Time


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  • Robert St. Estephe

    All Campbullies to be removed from teaching, admin, principal positions. Zero tolerance for Campbullies (gov’t employees who violate civil liberties, ethics, decency). A national movement to fire and prosecute all Campbullies.

    • Paul Elam

      Agreed. Our schools need educators, not thugs. Looking forward to this show.

    • scatmaster

      Robert St. Estephe:
      That is going to be a hell of a lot of wimmin on the unemployment line if that happens.

      • Robert St. Estephe

        Well, we need no wimmin, wymyn, manginas, or white knights taking a cent of tax money. They can all go away and get REAL jobs. Our public servants need to be mature men and women there to serve with dignity, honor and ethics. Zero tolerance for slackers and thugs. If they want government jobs I think we should be willing to give them all one-way tickets to North Korea and let them renounce citizenship to their evil Eurocentric patriarchal oppressive home countries. That would be tax money well spent.

  • theoutside

    This person must be removed by whatever legal means. Along with Kellett and Bassano (who must never be forgotten) he must be placed at the top of the political removal list.

    Must start making examples of people.

    • Fish Enigma

      What in hell can I do to be part of the leg that has the foot that wears the steel toed boot to that will kick ass of this SOB. out of his Iveory tower where he has a clue to his what he has done? However

  • Fish Enigma

    What in hell can I do to be a part of the leg that has the foot that wears the steel toed boot that’s kick this SOB. Back into the world of realization. Or do you people think he knows exactly what he doing, Was he put in that position to serve a purpose? we need to know who / what and how in hell did he get in that position of power. The answers can be enlightening …I’m very sick and tired of this shit..just how intricate does this get?

    • Fish Enigma

      I’m having issue with my laptop people sorry…

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Great show. All red meat (grass fed, no hormone additives). Glad to hear about “bully” term being applied to these commissars.

    I do hope “Campbully” will continue to be remembered as the inspiration for many decades to come as the piece of trash who inspired a new clean-up campaign.