AVFM News and Activism: CAFE Speaks with AVFM

Tonight on AVFM News and Activism we have as our guests Iain Dwyer and Heidi Nabert from the Canadian Association for Equality.  One of the growing handful of groups raising awareness of men’s issues on campuses across Canada it gained notoriety in Men’s Rights circles for hosting the now infamous event at the University of Toronto at which Warren Ferrall was picketed by violent protesters.   We will be talking about that event, the upcoming event on Thursday featuring Dr. Janice Fiamengo who will talk about feminism’s toxic influence in academe, and many other subjects so pleas join us.

The show starts tonight, the 5th,  at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 PM Central, which is 2:00 AM February 6th in London and 11:00 AM February 6th in Brisbane.


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James is a veteran of the U.S. Army, pursuing his own business and personal ambitions. Since taking the red pill, he has been constantly seeking and enacting new ways to alter the status quo.

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  • scatmaster

    Excellent. Please ask them if they have put out a press release about Thursday at the U of T.

  • MGTOW-man

    Ok. I am going to look stupid, but how do we tune in to listen? Where exactly do we go? I know I should know this by now because in fact, I have been reading and commenting on this site for quite some time—which I enjoy as educational immensely. However, I haven’t taken the time to navigate to the “radio show”.

    Care to fill me in. I do not want any guesswork: when it is time to listen I want to find the place right away. Too, perhaps I am not the only one who needs a bit of help here.


    • Iron John

      Follow this link at show time:

      If you want access to the chat room you will need to register with BTR.

      It’s better to do that before the show starts.

      In future, just click on the, “SHOW PAGE” hyperlink above. If you’re logged in to your account, and the show is live, it should take you right in the chat room.

      If you have problems, message me on the forum and I’ll help you out.

      • MGTOW-man

        Thank you Iron John. I plan to be a good listener tonight.

        By the way, “Iron John”, by Robert Bly, was my “first” exposure to the burgeoning men’s movement. I read it in college and it …along with the feminist-hotbed of male hatred, changed my life.

        • Robert O’Hara

          Be an even better listener and call in!

        • Iron John

          You’re welcome. Glad to hear you found that book.

          • MGTOW-man

            I tried this at about 30 minutes until showtime and got hung up badly.

            My plugins, it seems, has just been disabled by my browser “for my protection” until I update manually. Then my updates for plugins will be automatic.

            I clicked on the blank/disabled “video” screen, where it says to click in order to check for updates and then update, but it came back with this message: “Error detected, try again later.” I can see this being a tangled up mess to get through…frustrating and a disincentive.

            Anyway, this is typical of my ability on things like this. There seems to be no one to explain how to make these things go smoothly.

            Some of us are just not very savvy at getting things like this done without having someone walk us through it first. (Then, we just might be great teachers).

            The internet, with all its bells and whistles is just not my thing. I try, but I think the problem is that “they” expect you to already practically know it all or be able to “get it” on a whim. Too, when I try for online help for various endeavors in the past, it is usually not live, and am stuck with reading through FAQs only to find out that there are no entries for the initial stuff in which I am having problems. Then the waiting and tag game….

            Due to a very short time before the show starts, I have not tried my browser’s help line to learn more about plugins, which ones I have, and how to get my problem solved.

            But I tried and got stuck. I suspected some technical glitches such as this and is why I usually put off technical things such as this one.

            I will try again later.

            In the meantime, as an excellent way to garner more interest in men’s issues, to unite us men functionally **!!**, as well as improve our internet capabilities and savvy, I for one, would love to see some AVfM help articles and comment capacities that address issues like what I am having. Surely, I can’t be the only one to be having problems like this. I wonder how many men and women who want to be involved and help in their own way are stuck in this position. Thus, a barrier prevents us from growing in an arena that needs us to be involved.

            Nobody has time. However, I can only bet that if I were a woman, wanting help in the feminism arena of the internet, a plethora of help would swarm me that I couldn’t get rid of. You see what I mean by men not galvanizing like they could and should? This could be a huge problem for some of us who do not want to get left behind.

            I once even asked a men’s issue site owner for tutorial help with his site because I had saw some “glitches” sort of turning off and on during “site update transition time”, when stuff similar to instant messaging appeared and then mysteriously disappeared, and even more curious “weird” stuff…, but was told he “didn’t have time”.

            Men, especially us MRA men, not having time for each other is a problem that is self-explanatory. It should be avoided, no matter what.

            While on that note, does AVfM have instant messaging? If not, what did you mean by “If you have problems, message me on the forum and I’ll help you out” in your last message to me?

            By the way, thanks a bundle for wanting to help me if I ran into problems. That was really cool. It is men doing this to help other men that will help unite us into a solid-functioning entity ready and practiced to FTSU.

            I just didn’t get to where you thought I would, so I wasn’t able to let you know “by messaging you” about my dilemma.

            Any info would be cool.


      • Robert O’Hara

        Thanks Iron John you beat me to this.

        • Iron John

          No problem. Glad to help.