AVfM Interview with Alyss Majere

Dean Esmay recently sat down to an interview with new Honeybadger YouTuber Alyss Majere. We enjoyed talking to her and hope you will enjoy our talk and her other videos as well.

Items referenced in the interview:

Alyss Majere’s channel

Rape Support Group

“Why Rape Is Sincerely Hilarious” by Andrew Bailey

“I was raped” by Alyss Majere

White Feather Campaign

Honebadger Brigade



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AVfM Video Source is a group dedicated to finding and presenting to you the best videos from the internet that help illustrate the growing and evolving Men's Human Rights Movement, or that indicate society's changing attitudes toward the sexes. AVfM does not necessarily agree with or endorse everything in every video.

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  • Draigo Luther

    Hi Alyss, Great interview.

    • Riku

      I’ll join here. Good to have you around.

  • Daniel Qian

    The feminist backlash against a simple “thank you” to men is entirely postdictable (what with hindsight being 20/20 and all), since gratitude and hatred are incompatible frames of mind. I can’t prove it scientifically, but I’m convinced that you can’t feel both at the same time, in the same respect.

    For an ordinary person who just thinks that some guys are jerks, gratitude toward the rest could come easily, and might even inoculate them against misandry; but to a full-blown gender hater, thanking men for anything would feel like a slap in the face — like you’re denying their whole worldview — merely because of its essential anti-hateyness.