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Angry Harry on AVFM, Paul Elam and the demise of feminism

With thanks to Harry from the AVFM Staff

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  • sputnik

    My God! Feminism: It’s a protection racket!

    What a thought.

    On another note– It really is quite fascinating to find in feminism yet another human movement that serves — by militating against sex and sexuality, in the case of feminism — to facilitate population reduction without regard to anything remotely resembling proper planning — “family planning”?— anyone? — and utterly without any perception of the possible disastrous consequences thereof.

    Not sayin’ conspiracy. No, not at all. Was there a conspiracy to keep slaves enslaved? No, it was a widely shared, profoundly ingrained, aberrated belief. Where feminism is concerned — as with so many such things — there are eddies of conspiracy around and within the mainstream of the movement, but it isn’t accurate to characterize the whole of the thing as such. It’s a culture. Ain’t nobody had to get together an’ conspire; jus’— birds of a feather flock together.

    So it is with fundamental gynocentrism, which, when all is said and done, once served as a beneficial survival mechanism, but which has finally been pushed far beyond any semblance of a survivable balance.

    But we can place feminism alongside eugenics, in this regard, along with underlying, dark ideologies that seem to motivate certain unthinking environmental movements, and alongside the global warming fear-mongering campaign — sorry if you disagree, but the facts are a bit too obvious, and the lies are no less egregious than the sort highlighted near the bottom of the following page

    and alongside Malthus, genital mutilation, most drugs, vaccines — the true statistics on which would blow yer mind, folks — and other such stuff. War?— anyone? How about Government, in general? (Careful! Do not go to “”. You’ll get a virus!)

    Or, the simple fact of the existence of a nuclear tonnage sufficient to wipe out the planet several times over. It’s as if we jus’ dyin’ to kill usselves!

    Now, this all tends to suggest that there is some underlying commonality to all these apparent causes, perhaps something buried far more deeply in the human psyche than the slavery compulsion, but for the nonce, there is nothing that is proving to be more effective along the line of population reduction than feminism in all its manifestations. An’ it ain’t jus’ the wedge being driven between the sexes, with the MGTOWs and the Japanese “Grasseaters”, on the one hand, versus feminists or other, merely disaffected women, on the other; the more “educated” a given population of women, the fewer children they’re having, to such an extent that the worldwide birthrate is rapidly approaching the replacement rate. Within a generation, it’ll happen, and you should understand that the decline is an exponentially decreasing one.

    Odd, but you may not have heard… You thought the danger was in over-population? (snicker)


    The economic hardship this scenario presents is a catastrophe of unknown character and dimensions.

    Go to this page for the pro and the con.

    And yet, of all the odd phenomena I listed above, feminism is proving the most subtly effective in this regard. It don’t quack like eugenics, and it don’t smell like a shootin’ war, but it’s happening. Erin Pizzey has the following observation to make in her conversation with Edward Rhymes and Dean Esmay

    Erin @ 49:34 “I was talking to a very eminent woman historian… And I was saying to her, ‘There is no
    part— I can find anywhere in history of anything like this happening between men and women, anywhere.’ And she agreed. She said, ‘This is really the first time that—This gender war that has been fought for the last fifty years has almost destroyed the fabric of the western world.’ And other people would laugh at me, and say I’m paranoid, and I’m making it up.

    “But I’m not.”

    As Harry says, we ARE going to reverse this, but, “How long do you want the process to take?”

    Surprise, but we ain’t got much time, actually and factually, before things get really strenuous for our very own children.

    Betcha didn’t realize just how important you are, you MHRA, you!

    • andyrwebman

      You really won’t do your cause any favour mixing up all those other causes with it. Many people who loathe feminism nonetheless opine that Global warming is a reality, and that the planet cannot support an infinite number of people.

      I beleive that the key to differentiating between unjustified controlling behaviur and necessary action is to strive always for minimal controls on individual freedom – tackle those issues that must be tackled, leave folk alone otherwise.

      I’m not trying to be nasty to you, but mixing up men’s rights activism with global warming denial won’t do the movement’s reputation any good.

      • sputnik

        You’re not incorrect: those with a low ability to confront evidence will get things wrong, and berate those who do get it. Ideology, you know. Also, obviously the planet can’t support an infinite number of people. And, I’ll certainly cop to a libertarian outlook, myself. The foo shits, as my mother always used to say.
        Nonetheless, a pause for a big-picture review is often edifying, and the various phenomena with similar characteristics — controlling or tending in the direction of population control or reduction — is truly remarkable. The problem is that nobody is aware of the complexity of the math involved in exponential population calculations. As another commenter has noted in response to me long since, it involves the second derivative, as they say in the calculus biz: the rate of change of the rate of change. And if it’s exponential on the way up, it’s also exponential on the way down, in the first place. Accelerate the rate of change downward, and it goes blap.
        Hence, Russia — not exactly a first choice destination for immigrants from equatorial climes — is looking at a population reduction to about half of its 2003 peak no later than the year 2045!— and government efforts there to pay women to stay home and raise families ain’t gettin’ many takers. The rest of the western world isn’t far behind, we all know about Japan, China is worse off than Japan after China’s one child policy, and feminist oriented NGOs are workin’ hard in sub-Saharan Africa, which is the only remaining large part of the world where the birth rate remains substantially above the replacement rate.
        Odd, but true, and decidedly contrary to popular belief, popular belief — on many issues — being rather routinely in need of challenge.

  • Stu

    Awesome rant. Couldn’t have put it better myself lol

    • Angry Harry

      Both your statements are true!

  • Kimski

    Yeah, Harry get’s it…


  • G Trieste

    When men, as a subset of the species, put their minds collectively to a problem, whether it be reaching the moon, inventing and manufacturing VLSI integrated circuits, effecting heart transplants, and just about anything we put our minds to accomplish.

    Feminism’s catastrophe upon western society was accomplished mainly by stealth under mens’ noses, and under the guise of equality and egalitarianism, and the natural instinct to protect women, mostly due to the unrecognized neoteny inherent in the female of the human species.

    It is when this slow growth cancer has spread into not equality, but downright societal and legal denigration and discrimination of men that we have just begun waking up to what happened to us, again right beneath our noses while we weren’t even aware of the danger crystallizing against us.

    And awake we have begun to become. The stirring of a sleeping dragon have begun, and there will be a societal correction, and probably a backlash, as men and women, who are both fundamentally fair minded, realize what has been done to us all, and what needs to be done to correct it.

    • MGTOW-man

      Very well said! Thank you.