Andybob’s Corner #3

We are back, lads and lassies. Gather round and get cozy. Here’s your hot chocolate and wool blanket. Flames are dancing in the hearth, leaping and pirouetting over crackling oak. A gentle clock strikes the hour as friendly shadows softly saunter ‘cross the walls. We are together again.

And Andybob has come to visit.

Take a sip of your chocolate while he settles into his rocker by the fire. Snuggle in all comfy as he gives the embers a nudge with the poker.

And let’s all put on our quiet hats. Andybob has some lessons for us, and we want to hear them clearly.  He knows what’s best for little girls and little boys. And come to think of it, for the big ones, too.

Andybob on:

…White Knights, Raising Children and Daddums

A father issuing threats of violence against any male who may sully his daughter’s purity is expressing white knight indulgence at its worst. Such a man is proclaiming to the world that his little princess has been raised to perceive herself as a perennially blameless victim without agency. She’s a nightmare on wheels.

Daddy has also been the test-drive vehicle in which princess acquired her skills in manipulating men to commit violence-by-proxy. She has cut her teeth and sharpened her claws on this gun-totin’ buffoon. Unleashing an entitled female who believes she has armed back-up in the event of her being displeased is not a great contribution to society. Of course, I do not have daughters. So, I don’t know how I would react to some long-haired yobo taking my bit-of-a-drongo daughter on a date. In all honesty, probably not very well.

Like most gay guys, my views on child rearing tend to be rather draconian – lots of Edwardian overtones of the speak-only-when-spoken-to variety. My nieces (15 and 16) are very familiar with Uncle Andybob’s views on proper behavior.

They include:

  • Speaking in clearly-enunciated sentences;
  • No slouching (the children of gays may grow up insane, but they always have great posture);
  • Having at least a working knowledge of all branches of arts and sciences (you don’t have to be an intellectual – I’m not – but don’t be a dill);
  • Showing proper appreciation and respect for their parents (surly, ungrateful daughters are a curse)

I have always told them that they have been raised with every advantage of love and support, so they have no excuse to ever behave like poor white trash. The prevailing culture celebrates and excuses appalling behavior from girls. It is vitally important to counteract this by setting clear and consistent expectations.

I make certain that the prospect of a lengthy lecture from Uncle Andybob provokes more fear and dread than an unloaded rifle ever could. I don’t lecture my nephew (only 12) about anything. I just make sure that no hateful feminist ever makes him feel ashamed of being a boy. My brother-in-law is a great dad ready to fight any feminist attack on his son.


…Big Girls Wearing Little Girl Panties

Feminist invective has never evolved beyond the kind of lazy and hysterical peevishness which characterizes this little gem:

“Being an incomplete female, the male spends his life attempting to complete himself, to become female.” Valerie Solanas.

Yesterday, I saw a remarkable example of Naomi Wolf’s “diminished market value of female orifices” while commuting on a train. I inadvertently sat on the same seat as a woman who was having a very animated conversation with what I assumed was her university professor. She was one of those peroxided, fake-tanned 40-something women who dress like their 16 year-old daughters. She had on low-rise jeans, a sequined top and a pink, blingy handbag. British accent, possibly northern.

[I promise, hand-on-heart, that this woman was studying…Drama.]

She was attempting to coerce the professor into giving her some kind of extension on a drama assignment. In a loud, gravelly voice that can only be achieved by a 3 pack-a-day habit, she began by using her well-worn charms. “Oh go on, Jason [first names with the prof?], please!” She then progressed to trying to get sympathy. “Things haven’t been going well lately.” Then came a few excuses, “I didn’t understand my assignment. I have been sooo busy”. Then came guilt (accompanied by some pouting), “My holiday wasn’t as long as yours.” Then, to my total astonishment, came an offer of a bribe. “I’ll give you $300”. All this was overheard by the entire carriage – she probably scored an ‘A’ for voice projection.

Finally, when all of her feminine wiles had been exhausted, she started to get nasty and accusatory, “You’ve made things so difficult for me.” Then came appeals to a higher force, “I’m going to complain about your curriculum”. She violently banged the seat beside her when she said this He must have finally hung up on her. Out came her iPad on which she was furiously pounding some kind of message/complaint. Someone called in the middle of this and she said, “Can’t talk now. I’m writing to Jason”.

My heart sank for Professor Jason. Was she making good on her threat? Was she paving the way for some kind of false accusation? All of this occurred in the space of about nine minutes. I was stunned by the breathtaking speed in which the flirty act devolved into demonic anger as she contemplated the range of options available to her to inflict revenge on her professor – all because she was too lazy to do an assignment on time. Professor Jason must feel like he is walking on a minefield. His classes must be crammed full of entitled women.

I see lots of women like her – angry harridans embittered that life is no longer the all-expenses-paid free ride they have always known. Feminism gives these women the power to exact revenge on those bastard men who just don’t appreciate the finer points of mature pussy. Her type will never be reasoned with. Women like her have as much interest in fairness towards men as I have in learning macramé. Avoid them at all costs. Go your own way gentlemen.


…How to Administer Discipline. This Time on Behalf of YOU.

I saw another intriguingly inept attempt to dismiss the MRM. It even mentions AVFM and RegisterHer. Note the assumptions about male privilege – and the commenters who are having none of it.

Here is my response:

“Psychologist Oliver James stated that the reason for this is that men are feeling “sexually threatened”.”

You found some pliant white knight to shoot down men for you. How typical. I hope he at least got a pat on the head for his troubles.

Note the ease with which the justified anger and resentment that men feel about the rampant misandry we face under feminist governance is reduced to nothing more than some sneering and unsupported accusation of male sexual insecurity. After all, men don’t care about anything else, do they? If you wish to claim some kind of moral high ground, then I suggest you avoid such repellent gender stereotyping. The men and women who contribute to the website, “A Voice for Men”, would never tolerate such bigotry.

It is clear that you never intended a fair and balanced approach to the Men’s Rights Movement. It was a hatchet piece from the outset. A hell of a week for women? It has been a hell of a week for men, too, but that never even occurred to these privileged princesses. Claiming that women have been “side-lined’ without even thinking to mention the brutality heaped upon men for millennium  is a good example of how men’s suffering is, as usual, either ignored, dismissed or trivialized.

The feminist response to the growing dissatisfaction of men has been shockingly inept. Sending out a pair of clowns like these to laugh at the suffering and marginalization of men is the kind of contemptuous act that has managed to alienate even gay men, like me. Wake up, grow up, woman up, and start treating men with the respect we deserve.

Shame on you.


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  • Suz

    Well done, Sir!

  • Tawil

    Knap: “I see lots of women like her – angry harridans embittered that life is no longer the all-expenses-paid free ride they have always known. Feminism gives these women the power to exact revenge on those bastard men who just don’t appreciate the finer points of mature pussy.”

    Ne’er a truer word said master Andybob: their beauty faded, manipulations worn thin with the world, special treatment diminishing, they do not ‘go gently into that good night’ but rage rage rage against the dying of the light. Sometimes I think feminism is there to save precisely this constituency.

    • Kimski

      The fact that they have to use a part of the most hated object of the male anatomy to prolong their vanishing looks, is not without a certain exquisite existential irony.

      I don’t need to learn to appriciate the finer points of mature pussy.
      Thoughts like these keep me warm at night.

  • cvar

    Some day I hope to be as eloquent as Andybob.

  • OscarCalme

    Have tried to access the article but the link doesn’t work. Have also searched the New Statesman site and cannot find it.

    I was looking forward to reading the comments but alas they may have been too controversial for the New Statesman. They obviously dont like commenters with alternative viewpoints which is no great surprise for them.

    Does anyone have a copy or alternative link for this article?

    • Sasha
    • Paul Elam

      I think they took it down. I don’t blame them. If I had written a piece of tripe like that, I would try to hide it, too.

      • OscarCalme

        Thanks Sasha that link worked. I’ll get a copy of it. Agree with that thought Paul. I’ll go and read the comments now.

        • Paul Elam

          Link replaced in article. Thanks!

  • Kimski

    I want a book!

  • Wilf

    OT: Did anyone else have problems accessing the site in the last couple of hours. I was unable to resolve, so it looks like a DNS issue.

    • Ray

      I’ve not had a problem today, but about three or four times this week, AVfM was unavailable and my ISP would time me out, while I was trying to get in. I have AT&T so I never know if my bad Internet service is due to their squirrel chewed up wires, or something else.

      I suspect this weeks problems had something to do with AVfM, because I was able to access other sites every time I couldn’t get in to AVfM. I’m not that Internet savvy so I have no deeper perspective on why I couldn’t get in.

    • Kimski

      Heavy traffic?


    • dhanu

      Nameservers were changed. DNS propagation takes 24 to 48 hours and happens progressively across the globe. Afterward, local OS and browser caches take time to stabilize. The former should be complete by now. So it seems like local cache issue. It would go away automatically as you keep visiting the site; refreshing the page a few times should make it appear. Or you can flush your local DNS cache (just search how to flush DNS if needed).

    • napocapo69

      Yes I had some issues with resolving the address this early morning (actually your late night).
      Do not know if it was a DNS issue or an FBI issue … who knows…

  • Bev

    As usual great article.

    This from the Age Hugo Schwyzer knows what caused the massacre.

    Defending masculinity with guns
    Date December 20, 2012 – 7:59AM

    Hugo Schwyzer

    Fragile masculinity was not the sole cause of last Friday’s massacre. Lax gun laws (themselves rooted in our national myth of violent self-reliance) and mental illness also played a part. So too did class privilege: Lanza, like most rampage shooters in America in recent decades, had grown up in comfort in bucolic suburbia, the son of a vice-president at General Electric. Privileged white men aren’t the only ones to suffer from mental anguish, but as a result of our national history, they are disproportionately likely to imagine that they are entitled to foist their pain onto others in a terribly public way. Privileged white American men are also the ones most likely to feel the rage of “frustrated entitlement,” keenly aware of the disconnect between the affluence and autonomy they were taught was their birthright, and the anxiety and rejection that seems to characterize their daily experiences with others.
    In killing others before dying on his own terms, Lanza, like so many rampage killers before him, lived out a perverse male fantasy of total control. When Australia saw that horrific fantasy lived out in Port Arthur in 1996, it took strong steps to ensure that such a tragedy could never be repeated. For all our expressions of grief in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, Americans – particularly white men – remain stubbornly enchanted by the freedoms that they imagine the gun represents. Too many of us still want our Man Card, and, in a way unique to our country, we will sacrifice our own children to get it.

    The storm around Hugo centers on the story — originally on his blog, although the references have since been deleted — of an attempted murder-suicide that took place in 1998, while Schwyzer was under the influence of drugs. As the story goes, Schwyzer blew out the pilot lights on the stove in his apartment and turned up the gas while his ex-girlfriend was passed out. When neighbors smelled the gas, they intervened (Schwyzer cannot comment directly on this, for obvious legal reasons).
    Schwyzer’s past also includes other problematic stories of (consensual) sex with his students (he is currently a professor of history and gender studies at Pasadena City College) during his addict years.

    • keyster

      And when Nidal Malik Hasan walks into a room at Fort Hood, Texas and kills 19 people and wounds 29 others while screaming Allahu Akbar! – – it’s considered “work place violence”.

      The War on the Hetero-normative Privilaged White Male, goes on unabated. All manner of repression and suffering of women and the minority majority is his fault…and now he’s lashing out because he’s losing his Power.

      The concept of White Male Privilage is standard rhetoric within curriculum across academy, not just Hugo but all Gender/Ethnic/Social studies. He’s not angry. He’s hopelessly guilt ridden.

      • Bev

        Agreed It seems to me male feminists are more strident in their hate of their own sex than many female feminists. Some of the worst shit comes from them. Look at others like Michael Flood etc.

        • Kimski

          Pussy beggars.
          They’re just going through the motions of a well and thoroughly proven system to get layed: Agree with the female, no matter what she’s saying.

          It works because some women are idiots.

          Anything that polishes their ego goes, and the fact that they seem unaware of men knowing this, makes them even bigger idiots. They actually believe this kind of shit, and the guy couldn’t care less.

          I know what I’m talking about from personal experience.
          ‘Nuff said.

    • napocapo69

      That article was really a piece of crap. We’ve got to the point that masculinity, expecially white masculinity, is not anymore a virtue but a problem, and it is tied to mass murders; an “elegant” way to say that those that possess guns have a small penis….
      I do not have guns …. uhm

      Tearing apart the sarcams, it is really stunning the fact that the mental issues of that guy are considered less relevant that his white heterosexual male status.

      Furhter, it is funny to note that in the article the author highlights the “reasons” men own guns for this and for that…saddly in this specific case the guns were the mother’s ones

      I wonder if such crapware has been written from someone with a degree in gender studies??

      • Bev

        Hugo Schwyzer teaches gender studies.

    • The Real Peterman

      “School gunman Adam Lanza learned to shoot from his gun-collecting mom”

      Still, I’m sure it was men’s fault somehow, right?

    • cvar

      That’s odd, I could have sworn a mentally ill man was the cause of the massacre, not his penis size. Shame we can’t get any of this self righteous vigor to be applied to research into mental health instead of trying to make the next massacre be done with a baseball bat instead.

      I won’t make any claims about what could have happened that day if schools weren’t a gun free zone, as it’s unknowable and down that path is madness. But I can’t understand why the distinction on how they were killed is so important. Whether it was guns, knives, bats or fists, it doesn’t matter. It’s the ‘why?’ we need to be solving and everybody is busy arguing the how.

      If it’s supposed to be a joke, it’s not funny.

  • Augen

    Gun rights is definitely not my cause, just not high on my priority list.

    But bullshit in defense of any argument right or wrong is hard to swallow without the gag reflex engaging.

    I hope whenever folks see an article like that, they respond like the first commenter to Valenti when she spewed predictable … keep it really simple: “it was his MOM’S guns”, end comment.

  • Greyfeld

    Nice stories, though I feel kinda bad for your nieces. May I ask why they get the full AndyBob lecture treatment, but your nephew doesn’t? Is it due to the age difference?

    • andybob

      Australian boys and girls receive very different messages from the feminist-dominated culture in which they live. My approach to my nieces and nephew must differ to counteract this massive disparity.

      Boys are constantly told that there is something intrinsically wrong with them. They are led to believe that they are either hopelessly stupid (especially when compared to girls) or prone to acts of violence (especially against girls). These messages are everywhere: in the media, inside their classrooms – even their own prime minister tells them they are evil misogynists.

      My nephew doesn’t need any lectures from me. What he needs is encouragement and an awareness of his rights and intrinsic worth as a human being. He’ll be critiqued if he ever needs it – so far, he doesn’t because his parents are doing a great job.

      Girls, on the other hand, are constantly told that they are perfect and more important than boys. The message is so prevalent, that it is necessary to counteract it with some serious reality checks.

      My expectations are firm, but delivered with love and just the right amount of humour. Young people are crying out for direction and boundaries. The trouble is, the kind of boundaries feminists are setting for boys is suffocating them with a destructive mix of self-loathing and guilt, while the lack of boundaries they are setting for girls has created countless entitled nightmares.

      Feminists can get their grubby mitts off my family. Andybob’s fighting back.

      • The Real Peterman

        What did the Prime Minister say? I’d like to have that bookmarked for future reference.

        • andybob

          Here is Julia Gillard’s speech in full.

          The message now entrenched in the public mind is that the definition of misogyny is any criticism of any woman for any reason – up to, and including, the prime minister.

          Quite a neat little trick, wouldn’t you say?

          • Kimski

            I’ve found an excellent reply for that one, but I would like to wait and see what happens on another front first.

            But you’ll get your reply no matter what, I promise.

            It may be quite long. 😀

          • The Real Peterman

            Thanks Andybob, that is very interesting indeed.

          • Never Blue Again

            I don’t get it….. How Someone like Julia gillard could be a prime minister of a country….. ? Specially a developed country like Australia ?

            If a prime minister of a country could be offended so easily by ridicule or bulling (even if it is true) then how she is expected to lead the country and defend it ….. ??

            It seem like if some other country need to conquer Australia all they have to do is ridicule Julia Gillard Enough. They even may not have to drop a single bomb. Julia Gillard herself will throw all her bomb to those who ridiculed her. And then they will come walking freely.

      • Dr. F


        Mate you are in nipping and snapping mode.

        Ok, so you’re not going to have any kids of your own, but I tell you you’re like that bear in a Gary Larson cartoon.

        (So you can picture it.) A large bear is in the background watching a couple of dopey kids tossing a baby bear back and forth to each other as though its a beach-ball. The caption reads:

        “And the Henderson children were never seen again.”

        Grubby mitts and Andybob’s family do not mix well I believe.

  • Primal

    “Cock coalition”. Now that has real resonance. Beats ‘Vagina Monologue’ or ‘Slut Walk’ hands down.

    • The Real Peterman

      Is there a “Cock Walk” in the future?

  • O’Sullivan

    I don’t need the blanket, I’m already quite comfortable with my beret and scarf covering my face and my fatigues covering the rest of me.

    I especially loved the part about the lady on the train trying to coerce her professor into… something. A lot of women don’t realize how their sexual value drops like a stone after a certain age. This lady might not realize it herself even now!