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I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I just need to make a very brief announcement.

I have had several people message me recently with a link to a website that apparently has the identity of the really loud, obnoxious and completely moronic red-headed woman at the University of Toronto protest.

I am asking everyone to cooperate with me in NOT linking to that website, or posting any of her personal details in the comments here. And I am asking moderators to remove any posts like this should they appear. While she is pretty vile as a human being, the only thing we know for sure is that she was exercising freedom of expression. We encourage that, even from the likes of this woman.

It is our policy to seek out and make public the identities individuals who break the law or who indisputably attempt to harass, bully or abridge the free expression of others in the furtherance of their ideology. Since we do that, treating people in the same way for simply expressing opinions that we don’t agree, or for being ill mannered and garish for that matter, defeats what we are trying to accomplish.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this important matter. PE

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  • http://www.woolybumblebee.com/about Kristina Hansen

    Well said. I have posted this to Facebook and Twitter as well so others will be aware. TY for this bulletin

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Our goal on AVfM has been to publish the identities of people who engage in criminal activity. Other than the fire alarm puller (which Big Red is almost certainly not guilty of) there were no illegal activities that we’re aware of this time in Toronto, only asshat/fascist behavior. So I quite agree, the woman may identify herself if she wishes but otherwise who cares?

  • Aimee McGee

    Being loud mouthed and irritating is not a crime…just a state of being for old Red.

    • Near Earth Object

      “…just a state of being for old Red.”

      I will be out of the loop for the next several minutes—
      sprayed my monitor after reading that one.

  • Not buying it

    The last thing we need is to give more ammunition to these ideological demagogues & since she was exercising her right of free speech so be it , although I wish the moronic cry babies would offer us the same courtesy in conferences where men’s issues are being discussed instead of blocking doors & pulling fire alarms, regardless I will not behave as they do.

  • Rad

    I understand why this is being done. You have to draw a line somewhere.

    But I want to say, she was standing only a few feet outside the door to the event, screaming as loudly as possible, disrupting the process inside. Is that really “free speech”? It’s certainly not violence. But, violence is not the only kind of “force” in the world.

    “It is our policy to seek out and make public the identities (of) individuals…who indisputably attempt to harass, bully or abridge the free expression of others…”

    Where does one person’s “free speech” end, and another person’s begin? If it’s okay to be in the hall screaming with a megaphone…how about on the stairs? How about next to the door?

    How about inside the room? Oh, being disruptive inside the room is where it ends? So, you get escorted back out in the hall where you are objectively as disturbing as you were inside the room. Right.

    Hell, what is the difference between blocking a door and blocking people’s ears, really? The result is similar.

    • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

      Why discourage Red from being our best advocate?

      • Raven01

        You cannot buy PR for the MRM/MHRM such as Big Red provided.
        She didn’t land and stick a single point in her favour. But, she did show fence sitters exactly what feminism is.
        Screaming idiocy over “patriarchy” with less of a plan to do anything about that bogeyman than the “Occupy” movement had.

      • TigerMan

        “Why discourage Red from being our best advocate?”


      • MGTOW-man

        True, Typhonblue…

        but aren’t the ones listening to her “blocking ears” and the preventing of being heard (irrefutably reticulated with free speech) unconcerned with how she acts, but instead hinge on every word she says?

        I agree with free speech even if what they say is detestable. But, when it blocks or interrupts being heard with one’s free speech, then I draw the line.

        I haven’t been one of the hecklers, but her actions are blocking the “being heard” part of free speech. Free speech has not been attained if the audience is intentionally and maliciously removed, rendering the speech moot.

        That is where what she does and what we do here are entirely two different things. We do not block them from being heard. Her actions are a form of censorship.

        Nonetheless, I will abide by PE’s request…and you are right to say she is an unwitting advocate of mens rights when she acts like she does, thus shining a light on feminism’s desperation and manipulation. It is true colors flapping in the wind.

    • 86

      I wasn’t there, so don’t know what the room was like, but I would close the door to the room, and then if that didn’t help, ask the venue operators to ask her to leave, or in this case, call campus security and have them ask her to leave.

      (Perhaps another approach is to ask her to keep her voice down, invite her inside, and offer her the position of being the third person to ask questions during the Q&A period.)

      • Rad

        You can see a lot of it in the videos.

        It is not exactly the same, but try watching and see if you can concentrate on the content of the event, over the background.

      • Disorderly Conduct

        They’ve got a video of the actual event, you have to turn on subtitles to make out what the speakers are saying. Apparently the protesters ironically cleared out after they pulled the fire alarm and part 2 isn’t disrupted.

        I would’ve tried calling the police to file a noise complaint, they were indisputably disturbing the peace. I support Westboro feminists’ right to make jackasses of themselves as long as they’re not disrupting the actual event.

  • Steve_85

    2 wrongs don’t make a right… but 3 lefts do!

    • Disorderly Conduct

      Actually… 3 lefts make 1 left, 2 of the lefts cancel each other out.

      • Near Earth Object

        Actually, actually…regardless of the number of lefts, it’s never right.

        • Umfweto

          No matter how many lefts you have they will never be liberals – no matter how much they want you to think they are.

        • Chris Deslone (aka @mensrightsrdt)

          the immediate goal should be to stop the fight.

          you’re not obligated to drop your defenses, including an in-kind retaliation to stop a fight.

          • TigerMan

            Thing is the organisers weren’t fighting neither were supporters including those from AVFM all the attacks were one sided.
            “In kind retaliation” would be a very gross mistake because we do not currently inhabit a culture that in even handed in such matters. At the very very best we would be portrayed as at least as bad as those now protesting but more likely we would be portrayed as vindication for those protesting.

        • ComradePrescott

          Um… no, actually, 3 lefts will put you in the same direction as turning right once.

          Edit: I tried to draw it using arrows but unfortunately for some reason the comments eat the format of it.

        • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

          Well when it comes to feminism, a man can only ever be left and he can never be right!

          .. and a feminist women can never be left and she’s always right!

      • TigerMan

        Only if zero distance is travelled ie turning of a wheel in a static position. If any distance is travelled then Steve is correct assuming each turn is absolute left ie 90%.


  • Umfweto

    Ignorant free speech often works against the speaker. That is one of several reasons why it must be given rein instead of suppressed – Anna Quindlen

    • The Real Peterman

      “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.” Napoleon Bonaparte

      • Umfweto

        If feminism taught me anything, it taught me the value of real woman.

        Spoilt girls are not real woman.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)

    Breaking the law is one thing and everything else is different.

    Being revolting is not a crime, and paving roads to promote her identity is not either. But, when we do this, we climb down a rung of sensibility and coddle with the feminists who furiously tap on their androids at Starbucks before a matinee.

    Mr Elam reminds us that our focus is promoting a different dialogue, not playing the “blame-game”. It’s exhausting and steals oxygen.

    Thanks for the revisiting of this important request.

    • Umfweto

      Nicely put.

      As much as I dislike feminism on a personal level I accept that it is here to stay. My activism is limited to my personal life at this stage and my strategy is to reach out to the more moderate feminists and explain the MHRM argument from an equally moderate viewpoint.

      If there are some within the MHRM who are seeking to silence any feminist my form of activism will be useless because I won’t want to direct moderate feminists to a movement that disrespects the rights of even the most rapid of societies dogs.

      Also, the radical hate preaching feminists are useful to us all because they clearly demonstrate that feminism does not respect the right to free speech and is in need of serious reform.

      Paul E. is awesome making statements like this. The man sticks to his values and we are all lucky to have him as an elder leader in the movement.

  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

    Agreed. We mock morons and we pad their life resumes; we don’t harass them and we don’t condone harassment.

  • keyster

    I would prefer to know as little as possible about her personally or otherwise. She’s a vile character.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Ditto. …. But … I imagine this particular specimen of PC cultistism sees a future in a taxpayer funded career in illegitimately bossing around other people (actual oppression, as opposed to theoretical “oppression”), so it is quite possible that in the future this Big Red Mouth, fully identified, will eventually find her way into a legitimately public discussion of civil rights violations on the part of the Culture of Hatred she apparently wants so much to dedicate herself to. We’ll wait and watch.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)


      I understand your recoil however, it’s important to understand the expression of nature’s crop regardless.

      We owe our gratitude to the pioneers in the medical field for studying the contents in petrie dishes by analogy.

      She’s quite the repugnant article, and it’s exactly that that needs our attention. We need her voice to be heard, and yes I know that statement is an open field for many great replies here.

  • lensman

    Well, Little Red Frothing Fornication Mouth is funnier, anyways.

    There’s still the possibility that somebody might discover her identity if they type the above description in Google, though.


    OMG! I ACCIDENTALLY came across her credentials about a week ago, but I knew that to publicise that would be to lend her “victim narrative” credentials/weight, so I kept my trap shut! Besides, I didn’t witness her CLEARLY(against natural law) commit a crime, so I knew outing her could ONLY benefit her “victim narrative” and lend weight to her acting against men as a perpetrator vs the MHRA’s at the scene… she didn’t CLEARLY commit a crime, that’s why I’m guessing C[redacted] M[redacted] isn’t on Register-Her.com…

    • Wilf

      I also came across some personal details that she posted about herself some years ago – I assume it is the stuff that you found (and that Paul is referring to). It was pretty easy to find. I also knew that is was not something that should be publicised, but was useful information to have should it become necessary to add her to RegisterHer.com for some future behaviour.

      • MGHOW_AU

        > I also came across some personal details that she posted about herself some years ago
        It probably is, it was too easy to come across!
        > but was useful information to have should it become necessary to add her to RegisterHer.com for some future behaviour.
        Dayumn Right!

  • JFinn

    I like this. Feminists typically stalk anti-feminists (ie good people) to cyber bully them or to try to get them fired from their jobs. We aren’t sleazy feminist pigs.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Perhaps the most cruel thing you can do to an attention whore is…ignore..)yawn(…hmmm…wha?

      • Near Earth Object

        Sometimes, one needs to be cruel to be kind.

        Myself, I think that ignoring an attention whore is therapeutic—for all parties.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DannyboyCdnMRA Dan Perrins

    Red who?
    Oprah tonight folks gotta start getting ready soon.
    Hope to have some good interviews with intactivists by nights end.

  • napocapo69

    Wise recommendation.

  • lensman

    I just had an idea that is either brilliant or completely and utterly idiotic.

    Paul, since you have her name, address and all, why don’t we invite her to present a series of video lectures or articles on how exactly feminism helps men right here on AVfM? She does after all seem to want to educate us ignorant heathens.

    I am completely serious.

    It will give her the opportunity to save face and it will be a good contrast on how she and her group tried to silence us.

    • Umfweto

      I agree..

      Paul, how is that solution you are working on? You know the one on how to help feminists grow a pair?

      Let us know when you are done in yr secret lab with this one. We need the answer!!



    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)

      G’day Lensman.

      It is brilliant your idea. Idiocy will only come from her response regardless if she opens her mouth or not.

  • ComradePrescott

    It’s things like this which give me trust in your integrity.

  • Near Earth Object

    Off Topic But…

    Changing face of feminism
    April 12, 2013 19:51
    Sun News: Charles Adler
    0:00 – 2:50

  • Grumpy Old Man


  • AjaxMurgatroyd

    I have always been strongly in favor of allowing people to say absolutely anything they want to. That way there is no question as to exactly where they’re coming from.

  • Booyah

    Pretty safe with me. I only just realised I was watching a human and not animal from the muppets.

  • Andy Bob

    She will be bitterly disappointed.

    I imagine she was looking forward to hob-nobbing with Amanda Marcotte on RegisterHer.com. Putting the lie to every accusation she attempted to make about the MHRM and AVFM not only undermines her credibility, but it allows us to demonstrate, yet again, our advocacy of freedom of speech for all.

    So good to see Dr F back in action. David Futrelle featured him in a post last week, describing him as ‘puckish’ – a Shakespearian reference wasted on the cretinous crew that inhabits his site.

    Welcome back!

    • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

      Your giving Futrelle far too much credit if you think he could make a pun on the word Puck with Shakespearian Overtones. My take is that when Futrelle says Puckish he’s thinking pushing a little thing black around with a stick at high speed… in body armour … It’s more his ego and fears that comes out, rather than intellect.

    • Roger O Thornhill (George Kaplan)

      Good to see you too!

  • Liam Banks

    Wasn’t “Big Red” seen in the immediate vicinity of the fire alarm when it was pulled, in the company of the group of people responsible for doing so? This likely makes her an accomplice, who would be criminally responsible for the false fire alarm.

    Specifically, “[e]very one is a party to an offense who … abets any person in committing it.” S.21 Criminal Code of Canada. To “abet” is to “encourage another (the principal) with words or acts.” R v. Greyeyes, 2 S.C.R. 825.

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accomplice#Canadian_Law

    Given that the group of feminists, including Big Red, was seen in the vicinity of the fire alarm when it was pulled, and that the group was gathered for the common purpose disrupting the CAFE lecture, there seems to be strong reason to believe that Big Red encouraged the person principally responsible for pulling the fire alarm to do so, making her criminally responsible as an accomplice.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      That would be speculation.

      • Liam Banks

        More charitably, it could be characterized as drawing inferences from circumstantial evidence.

      • BlueBlood

        No, it would be circumstantial evidence, a ‘strand in a cable’ if you will, and cause for further investigation.

    • BlueBlood

      @Liam Banks I’m confused by the downvotes; your point was entirely valid. If she was in the vicinity at the time she is a suspect.

      To infer from that that she has abetted the offender, however, is less tenuous. That’s a difficult charge to prove, and best left unmentioned.

      I doubt the local Police in this case would bother looking into any abetting charges for such a minor offence (in the grand scheme of things).

      Depending on the classification of the offence, it may not even be an offence to which one can abet.

      Let’s wait until she commits something actually worthy of RegisterHer. Rest assured, she will.

  • Seta-San

    Not only should her name be released but should also be on register-her for being a bigot, suppressor of speech by attempting to drown out other speech. She’s also an accomplice to a crime. I thought we had register-her so that women like this could no longer live in anonymity. and finally /r/ finally came through with her name for me.

  • lensman

    And, predictably, Manboobz just wrote an article about how much damage we caused to this woman.

    Ironically, the way he wrote the article, he actually makes it easier for potential harassers to find out who she actually is; I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out who this woman was from AVfM, while it took me about a minute and a half to track her down from Futrelle’s article.

    And here I thought a White Knight is supposed to protect the woman.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      A couple of people I’d never heard of kept putting her name on my YouTube comments. I removed them.

      5 gets you 10 it was Guytitz or his minions. I’m pretty convinced at this point that a good half of his material is stuff he fabricates in whole or in part; this sort of behavior was all but definitively proven on one of St370ne’s videos, when inappropriate comments were dropped by accounts that had been created only hours before and suddenly showed up on Guytitz’ anti-human-rights page.

      He knows how to play his audience. It’s not at all unlike Klansmen who would commit crimes that they then pinned on black people. It’s who and what he is. (Is it supposed to not apply because he’s male? Hardly. Although our situation is not as grim–really it isn’t–people who chuck others under the bus for their own profit are nothing new.)

  • lensman

    Well, I left a comment on his site a couple of hours ago:


    You know, at first I thought that Big Red was an MRA-plant.

    I really did. I mean, nobody sings “Cry me a river” when someone mentions male suicide and higher work fatality rates, right? Especially when moments before he/she is reading a list about how feminists already care and address male issues, right? RIGHT?

    Apparently, I was wrong.

    Seriously though, if you really want to protect this woman’s identity, REMOVE THE [LINK REDACTED] SCREENSHOT/LINK/MENTION IMMEDIATELY. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out who she was from AVfM, but it took me about a couple of minutes of internet searching to find the link to the site with her personal data from your site and that link was the sole reason for it.

    I found the Islamic Death Threat particularly disturbing and serious. She should really contact the police and electronic crimes unit about it. Nobody deserves what those maniacs said.

    I didn’t find Dan Perrin’s response to be particularly threatening. It was more of a “nya nah nah nah nah – thanks for making us look good” type of response in order to rub the whole thing to her face. Immature and cruel, sure, but ultimately non-threatening.

    As for the rest, it’s standard internet trolling, courtesy of 4chan, reddit, and whatever other place where your faith in humanity goes to die. As long as they don’t post fake pictures of her doing horses on image boards, or make a false porn account in her name (like they did with Thunderf00t) she will be fine.

    The good news for Big Red is that the harrassment will cease in about a couple of weeks time, when the internet trolls find the next big thing to focus on -they have a REALLY low attention span- and she will have a whole bunch of victimhood screenshots/badges to show the world about how much men hate women. Everybody wins!

    Frankly, I would like to learn HER side of the story. What exactly was she thinking when she did all this? Was she approached by the MRAs directly? Was she provoked? Did the MRAs accidentally hit a “trigger”? For some reason I don’t think anybody just decides to make a fool of themselves on Youtube.

    The problem with the YouTube Reporting Era is that you can only get snipets of information, which consequently means that you will inevitably miss the big picture. I recall the time when Scientologists harassed the BBC reporter that made the Scientology documentary, captured the exact moment when he blew up and posted it on YouTube to “prove” that he was a lunatic who was biased against Scientology. As much as I find Big Red ludicrous and unlikeable, I can’t help but wonder if something similar happened.

    Big Red should come up and share her story. Tell us what exactly happened. If she doesn’t trust her writing talents she should have someone like you ghost-write it for her. It’s the best she can do.

    Note that I tried to be as neutral as possible, and even gave him a couple of opportunities to approach the subject from a different and more credible angle.

    It still hasn’t passed moderation.

    Why am I not surprised?

  • Grumpy Old Man

    I have zero tolerance for posting personal information, real name, address, phone number, etc. But her screen persona and public antics is game on in my opinion.

    This is not the first time or group she’s gotten face to face with in public and expressed herself in this manner. Thinking the Christian group.

    She should thank AVfM and the MRAs for giving her message so much exposure. Crying foul and playing victim at this point is childish.