5K and pushing forward!

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that AVfM has just exceeded the fundraising goal of $5,000.00!

That being said, the fundraiser will continue for the entire two weeks as scheduled.  There are a couple of good reasons for this.  One, if I were able to raise $5,000,000.00 it would not be enough to fuck their shit up the way I would like to.  Two, and very importantly, nearly 40% of the current total ($2,000.00) was donated by one individual who has been a regular, anonymous supporter.

Without this person, we are still at 60% of goal.

I am not going to change the fundraising goal, but I hope we are able to raise another $2,000.00 before this is over so that we can show that the weight of this does not rest on the unusual generosity of one person.

And of course, the additional $2,000.00 will be used to take the fight directly to our enemies.

That being said, let me take this opportunity to express a hearty thank you to each and every donor to this website. Aside from the one very large gift, we have had donations ranging from $1.00 (yes, we got a paypal for a buck) to $500.00 and almost everything in between. That includes $100.00 from a man who gave it from his unemployment check. That is the second time that has happened here. The first time was during the AVfM Radio drive.

Every last one of these donations is greatly appreciated, and you can trust it will help in this fight.

Thanks to all of you for putting some real timbre in this Voice.


  • E. Steven Berkimer


    I hope I speak for all of us to stop by here, it is truly worth it. You’ve done some amazing things, and it is greatly appreciated.

  • Bombay

    I know mine is not there yet – it is in “process” at the bank. So YES, there is more on the way!

  • reficul

    ehem… ehem…:
    “Paul Elam
    June 27th, 2011 – 22:20
    For $1,000.00 I will photoshop my head coming out of a donkey’s ass.
    Epic or Lame: 8 0″


    • Bombay

      So that 2K was for the photoshop to see Paul’s head coming out of two donkey’s asses! LOL

  • aCastaway

    I am inspired by that great act of generosity.

    Also Paul, regarding the sources used in each entry on, is there a legal/other need to get around the problem of defunct links?

    Sometimes pages on these news sources are removed seemingly for no reason (We might also need to counter the possibility that our targets will start making phone calls to get their evidence of bigotry pulled).

    If you need to, give me the green light and I’ll start working on a small, open source utility that can cache the page and attach proof that it hasn’t been doctored.

    I have contributed some cash but I would also like to contribute some of my skill too if you want it.

    • Paul Elam

      That would be just awesome. You certainly have the green light and we will put it to good use.

      I also have to say how much I think it says. Here we have Valenti tweeting out a distress call, trying to pay someone to remove her personal info from the internet, which can’t be done.

      On the other hand, we have men in this movement with enough technical skills (though I am not one of them) to land an ideological nuke in the camp of the enemies any time they get the urge.

      We are going to become very dangerous to them, very soon.

      • Ycombinator

        “On the other hand, we have men in this movement with enough technical skills (though I am not one of them) to land an ideological nuke in the camp of the enemies any time they get the urge.”

        I run a software company (we built applications for fortune 500 firms and big VC backed startups). If you are looking for technical expertise I can pull some strings to get my entire team working on a project – free of charge!

        I really like what you are doing, Paul, and I want to contribute in any way I can.

        • Paul Elam

          Speechless here. Let me get with MD and see what kind of evil we can come up with. :)

        • zed

          If you need to, give me the green light and I’ll start working on a small, open source utility that can cache the page and attach proof that it hasn’t been doctored.

          I have contributed some cash but I would also like to contribute some of my skill too if you want it.

          I run a software company (we built applications for fortune 500 firms and big VC backed startups). If you are looking for technical expertise I can pull some strings to get my entire team working on a project – free of charge!

          You guys are making my mouth water. (maybe you’ll get your 70,000 slaves rising up to follow you, after all, Paultacus) 😉

          Having been involved with building of upward of 30 Men’s sites over the past 18 years or so, let me throw in my 2¢.

          First, this sort of collaboration – the contribution not just of money, but also of time, energy, and creativity – is what the MM has needed forever. The “Armies of One MRA” stage lasted a very long time, and it resulted in the same wheel being reinvented a few thousand times. It also meant most men plowing the same ground a thousand others had plowed instead of capitalizing on their efforts and adding his own.

          If you guys can take the work that Paul, MD, Keyster and others got started and take it to the next level, this MM thing just might take off after all.

          aCastaway’s suggestion about caching evidence of articles is nothing short of brilliant. Take that idea and turn it into a sort of “best of” sampler of the hundreds of thousands of pages and essays that MRAs have done over the years – a “man-cyclopedia.”

          Wikipedia has a long history of censoring the MRM – the entry on MGTOW was deleted multiple times. The new media is here, and men own it. Instead of bitching about all the censorship in the Has Been Media, men can just take the ball and leave them mired in their own mud.

          I think it is time for a men’s wiki site which tackles and highlights all the news and issues that everyone else is trying to suppress. The real story about Tom Ball was how quickly and completely his story was killed. Multiply that by probably 50,000,000 and you get an idea how toxic this culture has become and how many people are invested in hiding that fact.

          Here are two of my former attempts to develop an encyclopedic catalog of the issues – one man built each of these sites – imagine what a couple of thousand (or 70,000) men could do all working on the same site.

    • Stu

      I had the idea of converting all the linked pages to pdf…..and just giving credit to the original source. How about some free legal advice. There has to be someone out there that can provide the information on how to legally store the information. How about letting Paul know via email. I’m betting most of our links will vanish eventually. Old news is old news after all.

      • archmage_lo

        I wouldn’t know about posting it publicly, but I don’t believe there is any law about storing it off-line as reference material… That way, you have back up if it should be required in court.

      • aCastaway

        PDF sounds like a good idea. I have some experience with *TeX so it’s nothing I can’t manage.

        As far as I’m aware the responsibility lies with the copyright holder to include an exception in their robots.txt file. If they don’t have the exception (or even a robots.txt file) then it’s fair game. That is what I found when I looked up the Field vs Google case.

        However, it says;

        “Serving a web page from the Google Cache does not constitute direct copyright infringement because it results from automated, non-volitional activity by Google servers”[1]

        That might be a problem.


        • aCastaway

          It turns out that serving a copy of these pages would be copyright infringement. The most common kind in fact.

          The only way I can think of getting around it now is to encourage those editing articles to link to the Google Cache version instead.

          • Stu

            Another way around it, would be to pdf the pages for our own reference, and write our own ariticle in our own words….sticking the the reported facts. Use photos from from the original articles, with credits….surely that would fall under fair use….for a non commercial service. Maybe we can use mugshots…..everyone that gets arrested has a mugshot. Lots of them are accessable on the net.

  • James Huff

    Glad to help! I’m really looking forward to this!

  • Adam

    When my paycheque comes through, I’ll slip some your way Paul.
    Love your work (and John & Manuel’s) and I hope you continue to fuck everyone’s shit up. :)

  • Encyclopedia MRA

    wow, Ycombinator what a legend!

    looks (sounds) like keyster’s got it covered but and additional audio production needed, just ask.

  • keyster

    ANYTHING to do with video/audio production, formats, aspect ratios, posting, etc. PLEASE ask. If you have a video/audio that you need edited or spiced up, I can do it. If you have an idea for a video send it, better yet script and storyboard it out. I’ll do the rest. If you want advice on filming, producing your own stuff, how to get started, what to buy, ask.

    We MUST exploit the “new media” paradigm, ’cause this revolution WON’T be televised (with apologies to Gil Scott Heron, RIP).

    For every minute an MRA spends waxing philosophic (and we all do it) in posts on MRA forums, he could be doing something useful for the movement. Don’t got the money right now? Fine. What else can you do to help?

    • MasculistMan

      Activism in emailing our elected leaders and telling them about the evils of feminism and what they are doing to society. Americans can click on the following link for contact information concerning their elected officials:

      Tell them our plight. That is how it is done in the U.S.

      For the Brits I suggest contacting Dominic Raab and tell him your plight,especially when Parliment is considering closing women’s prisons. He is sympathtic to men’s plight so he’s your best bet. He can be reached here:

      Hope that helps.

  • Beau Deters

    Men confront court in court courthouse that Mr. Ball burned himself on the steps of.

    Jim Johnson jailed indefinitely for refusing to fill out financial statement affidavits & men confront the court clerk, attorneys, & attendants, saying,

    “This is fucking bullshit. You should be proud of yourself? This is a fucking fiasco. Are you proud of yourself, Frederickson?…You guys escalate this stuff at every turn, and you end up with people burning them self in front of your building.”

    • Phantom Stranger

      Care if I comment on this?

      Oscillation seems to be a key feature of our society.
      MRA’s prefer to stay the course on the issues.
      Macroscopically, challenges to state officials such as these represent a shift.
      Initially, I may have dismissed it,but it looks more promising these days.
      The cultural climate seems to be more ready to accept our views.

      Virtually overnight, it appears resistance has sprung up.
      Ironically, it took a man burning himself to death to enliven the populace.
      Or perhaps, our message has finally reached these men.
      Later is better than never, I suppose.
      Especially these days, it’s difficult for a small group to reach people.
      Not that we don’t know how to get attention,lol.
      Courageous challenges such as these will be the new norm, in time.
      Especially if we have anything to say about it.

      • Beau Deters

        If my memory serves me right it was FDR or Truman how commented on the hell that the sleeping giant (USA) will wrought when at long last it wakes from its slumber.

        The awakening is occurring, now. The injustice is legion-the movement is just. The system can not withstand legitimate questions & that goes to the crumbled failed foundation upon which it rests.

        This, I do not see as being overnight, has been brewing since we left the precious metal standard in 1971 & all inflation was unleashed. Then jobs were shipped overseas. Then we started importing goods that undercut domestic goods b/c they were sold at big box mart. Inflation, war, erosion of all legal protections, safeguards, & rights & here we are.

        This touched a nerve & the reaction has been overnight though. Millions are being called to this cause-& it is not just in the US, but Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, just to name the ones I am personally aware of.

        The Western world’s way of living is nearing its end. I think it can not come soon enough.

        • Paul Elam

          Actually, I believe it was Commander Tojo that said that of the US after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

          He was right.

          • Beau Deters

            Your correct.

            From Wikipedia:

            Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is portrayed at the very end of the 1970 film Tora! Tora! Tora!, and in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, as saying after his attack on Pearl Harbor, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”[1] The supposed quotation was abbreviated in the film Pearl Harbor (2001), where it merely read, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.”

        • Denis

          Glad to hear you’re changing your tune and giving up on the unsubstantiated insults and accusations. We need to focus on our commonalities and see the big picture, rather than expecting everyone to perfectly fit our own expectations.

          I agree 99% with this comment, except for the last sentence. Although I don’t disagree with the likelihood, I don’t look forward to any impending collapse.

          • Beau Deters

            Check the linked video or the newest post & I think you will understand why I can not wait for a collapse.

            There will be hardship for certain, but a chance for natural selection & survival of the fittest will happen.

            I do not see parasite women, effeminate judges, fat police officers, as ones best suited to survive outside the luxury of the lavish life in which they live today.

            I do see those who can handle the conditions of Fight Club as those who will survive & pass a better line of genetics on to future generations.

            A more Spartan rather than the current feminized society will be better for all that can survive.

          • Adam

            I disagree on your last statements
            “I do see those who can handle the conditions of Fight Club as those who will survive & pass a better line of genetics on to future generations.

            A more Spartan rather than the current feminized society will be better for all that can survive.”

            By a better line of genetics you obviously mean better physique and body strength, which is admirable I guess. These characteristics in future men or women do not promote a rationalising or a scientific mind which is one of the most important ‘inventions’ of the last five hundred years. I’ve heard it said that most brains are as intelligent as each other but the brain will occupy itself with the task at hand required to survive. Only after that need is met reliably can a brain develop to consider beyond itself and the immediate environment.

            I accept the need for civilisation to hit the reset switch in some respects (Hollywood, feminisation, mass media, blatant discrimination without redress etc) but to go back to a dark age is not something I look forward to, and something which I now do not think should be promoted.

          • thexx

            “hardship” – more like the *apocalypse*! I’m sorry, but those who are advocating the collapse of society seem insane to me. Why would anyone want that?

            By any measure, people in western society have never been more free, lived longer and accumulated as much wealth. Talk about throwing out the baby with with the bath water!

            We all will lose our jobs our homes our wealth, our loved ones, everything and for what? – so we can join the rioting hordes burning down our cities.

            I Love what this site is doing!!.. but talk of, and advocating for societies collapse, just makes it easy for people to dismiss this entire site as just another crack pot corner of the web.

            Why not fight whats threatening out society such as unchecked feminism, instead of dooming us all to oblivion and the dark ages!

          • Stu

            You don’t have to advocate it…it’s going to happen. Recognising that is not wanting it….or making it happen. It sucks…..but you might as well focus on the positives that will come with it…..and you might as well be prepared.

            It’s not going to be a fight club survival thing. It’s got nothing to do with who can last 15 rounds in the ring…’s got to do with who can handle the tough times and change their lifestyle to suit….and who can be useful. Those that can only be happy while consuming ten times their weight in shit everyday, and being entertained and comfortable 24/7 aren’t going to make it…..nor should they.

  • Ben

    $100 from his unemployment check? How honorable!

  • rebtus

    Congratulations and thanks for the anonymous supporter. I have had computer problems and expected to pay for a technician. But I think it’s working now, so my check for $100 to you is in the mail.

    • Paul Elam

      Many thanks Rebtus, for the donation and for the years of your friendship to this cause.

  • JIII

    Mr. Elam, my wife has decided to match any donation I have made both on this occasion and moving forward. With that said, she will be matching my previous donation no later than Monday. “you aint heavy, you’re my brothers!”

    • Paul Elam

      Most excellent. Thanks to you and your wife!

    • Stu

      Now might be a good time to take out a few million loan and send it to Paul lol

  • SimonB

    Happy to have made a donation & delighted to see the target achieved so soon.

    Mr. Elam and all others involved, you’re doing great work.


  • yurlungur

    I hope Paul does not mind this as it is off topic, but there are no forums to discuss this anyway.
    Anyone read the comment section on:

    It’s amazing how many people think it’s OK for the media to lie to them so long as it for “the children”
    “Oh won’t somebody please think of the children”

    Anyway I’ve made a couple of comments so far and I invite you people to do so as well.

    • yurlungur

      It’s funny how I fret over ever single sentence I type, but put me in a semi real time situation and I’m churning out reply after reply.

    • Razlo5000

      Anytime I see the phrase “Real Men” in the media, what I hear “CALLING ALL MANGINAS!”.

  • quackademic

    Thank you anonymous donor.

  • Kazzi

    Hey Paul.. I know Stu (my better half by 1 million %) always donates, well I decided I am not going to sit back and do nothing.

    I know its not much but I have donated $20. I know its small but every dollar and every cent does help.

    Not sure what name it will come under – but its Karen via paypal.

    Have a great day.. and let your smiles shine through

    Kazzi :)

    • Paul Elam

      Got it. No such thing as a small donation. And no, I am not saying that to be schmaltzy. Every buck is counting big. We already have enough above expenses for one, maybe two press releases before this is over.

      Your household has been a great friend to AVfM.

      My heartfelt thanks to the both of you.

    • Stu

      2 million % :)

  • J.G. te Molder

    Officially I just became unemployed again. Before today I was officially disabled to do work as a cause of a knee injury I incurred during my job, (had to undergo an operation a month ago.) Today the doctor declared me fit enough to go find a new job. Although our government gives you money during your time sick; that money just barely covers rent, gas/electricity and groceries, and that just stopped as well since I’m no longer considered disabled.

    Donated $35 earlier today.

    • Paul Elam

      A million thanks. We need more people donating, but those that do are just amazing people.

  • Roland3337

    OT. Some breaking news…

    The rape case against the IMF guy appears to be another FRA, made by a money laundering, immigration fraud-ing woman:

  • CSPB

    I am thankful for those that have donated. I have not. I was self-employed, then unemployed with no unemployment benefits and the court refused to adjust my obligations. That quagmire is bottomless.

    But now for the good news, I have a decent job offer and will start in mid-July. I have learned to live cheaply and will be able to slowly address my arrearages, but part of my budget will be donating to AVfM. I can think of no better use for $50/mo (after all that is only one or two dinners or nights out). As a Catholic, I would like to donate to the Church but I have vowed to not financially support institutions that do not truly support marriage and fathers. Empty words and inaction are useless and only end up supporting the status quo by ignoring reality.

    I care deeply about children that are alienated from their fathers and there is nothing more important than fighting this social devastation.

  • no-one

    There are already millionaires behind ‘fucking shit up’ but they aren’t anti the women’s movement for the fact they know it’s not the women’s movement that needs to be “fucked up”.

    I think because they are interested in ‘doers’ they offer their money to ‘doers’.

    If someone were to offer you millions of dollars or back you with millions of dollars so you can fight law suits, I’d like to think you have at least given some thought to how you will fix all the social problems women have taken on under the feminists ideology.

    Countries aware of and finished with feminist ideology are giving millions to cultural ideologies that can move things forward and I am sure they will give it to a group of men if they have an answer and are prepared to work with what is called “The uncomfortable people”.

    Before feminists ideology, there was religious ideology and people would harm others under the belief they did wrong by God.

    Post feminism says people deserve to be punished under ‘the right of the child’ and they harm these people for being human.

    What will the men’s movement offer? What will they condemn people for and what people will they save? What will they offer humanity?

  • no-one

    Mind you, there are radicals who will back the men’s movement . Just ask the extreme religious groups feminists have been fighting for decades and say you are a more mellow strain for men and can destroy their enemy.

    You’ll be a God, lol and rich.

  • no-one

    You show an advertisement at the top of your page for that says most physical abuse on children is committed by women. I didn’t see any obvious stats, nor did I see any humanity in the site.

    Is this just an attempt to make women fall under something a man on a website wants them to?