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Radfem Hub: The underbelly of a hate movement

A shocking expose, complete with details and the identities of individuals obsessed with power, supremacy and murder. This classic report by Robert O’Hara and “Agent Orange” should be read by anyone who claims that feminism is just a benign movement for equality.

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  • AVFM seeks app writer volunteer

    Are you an MHRA? Can you write apps for iPhone and Android? Are you willing to do that for AVFM on a special project? Please contact us.

    A Voice for Men seeks a volunteer with solid app writing experience to help us develop an app that will be linked to the AVFM brand. If you have the qualifications and are serious about following through, we would love to hear from you. Your efforts could be of great assistance to this website and to our cause. Please contact Paul Elam at paul@avoiceformen.com for more details...

  • Wikimasters, Editors, Translators, and Writers Wanted *Apply Now*

    Fight Wikipedia censorship! A Voice for Men and WikiMANNia are working to increase knowledge of men's issues through two wikis: the AVfM Reference Wiki for scholarly references, and WikiMANNia for general-interest men's issues. Volunteers needed for writing, proofreading, and organizing. Some knowledge of the German language will be helpful but *not* required.

    Please write to editorial_team@wikimannia.org...

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Welcome to AVFM

Traffic to AVFM has been buzzing for quite a while now. Paul Elam takes a moment to welcome to new readers, and to explain to them why they are here.

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JudgyBitch a traditionalist?

Janet (aka JudgyBitch) Bloomfield, AVfM media director, has received an attack from the Meangirl department for being a “traditionalist” or “gynocentrist.” Here Janet sets the record straight in a personal account of her journey through university and on to eventual family life.

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Anonymous message to #GamerGate

When we saw reports that Anonymous would be attacking GamerGate, we thought someone was confused. Then this made it make more sense.


ERA: Gaining equal rights for men

Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment has long been discussed in men’s rights circles, but there was none more passionate about the project than MRA David Ault, who actively lobbied for its ratification from the 1970s. The following article was written by David in 1996.

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Raising free sons and their sisters

How we raise our children now will set the course for the future. Let’s teach our sons to respect themselves, and girls to respect and love them for who they are.

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North Dakota, help your children!

Study after study has shown that children do better with equal access to both parents after divorce. North Dakota has an opportunity to step up and do the right thing in November!