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Boys raped more often than girls

Who’s raped more often, boys or girls? Turns out, it’s boys. And who does the raping? Looks like it’s a tossup between men and women. Don’t believe it? Psychotherapist Tom Golden looks at the research. Please share this article far and wide.

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  • AVFM seeks app writer volunteer

    Are you an MHRA? Can you write apps for iPhone and Android? Are you willing to do that for AVFM on a special project? Please contact us.

    A Voice for Men seeks a volunteer with solid app writing experience to help us develop an app that will be linked to the AVFM brand. If you have the qualifications and are serious about following through, we would love to hear from you. Your efforts could be of great assistance to this website and to our cause. Please contact Paul Elam at paul@avoiceformen.com for more details...

  • Wikimasters, Editors, Translators, and Writers Wanted *Apply Now*

    Fight Wikipedia censorship! A Voice for Men and WikiMANNia are working to increase knowledge of men's issues through two wikis: the AVfM Reference Wiki for scholarly references, and WikiMANNia for general-interest men's issues. Volunteers needed for writing, proofreading, and organizing. Some knowledge of the German language will be helpful but *not* required.

    Please write to editorial_team@wikimannia.org...

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Welcome to AVFM

Traffic to AVFM has been buzzing for quite a while now. Paul Elam takes a moment to welcome to new readers, and to explain to them why they are here.

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In His Own Words: Narcissistic Woman

“The first time she physically attacked me, I instinctively pushed back… I quickly realized that I would lose if I defended myself, and should just take the beating.”

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All in the same boat—really?

Feminism is not about equality, it is a one-sided totalitarian ideology that in its very essence deprives people of peace and harmony, says Herbert Purdy.

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In His Own Words: Surviving Crazy

“Both parents are to blame,” was said repeatedly, especially when Crazy’s behaviour was clearly wrong and indefensible. And while they were blaming “both” they were always looking at me.


Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

Beware of things that aren’t what they seem. Giving a nice-sounding title to a bad idea doesn’t make the idea any better.

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Keeping up with #GamerGate

GamerGate has never been about the Men’s Human Rights Movement. But it has been about the reactionary hatemongers who attack it, using the same lies about them that they’ve told about Men’s Human Rights Activists for years.