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Boys raped more often than girls

Who’s raped more often, boys or girls? Turns out, it’s boys. And who does the raping? Looks like it’s a tossup between men and women. Don’t believe it? Psychotherapist Tom Golden looks at the research. Please share this article far and wide.

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  • Wikimasters, Editors, Translators, and Writers Wanted *Apply Now*

    Fight Wikipedia censorship! A Voice for Men and WikiMANNia are working to increase knowledge of men's issues through two wikis: the AVfM Reference Wiki for scholarly references, and WikiMANNia for general-interest men's issues. Volunteers needed for writing, proofreading, and organizing. Some knowledge of the German language will be helpful but *not* required.

    Please write to editorial_team@wikimannia.org...

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Welcome to AVFM

Traffic to AVFM has been buzzing for quite a while now. Paul Elam takes a moment to welcome to new readers, and to explain to them why they are here.


A Voice for Men has a new mission statement

As AVFM has evolved into a much larger organization, it has become necessary to provide a more concrete and definitive statement of our mission and goals. Here they are, from Senior AVFM Staff.

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Female power, influence, and privileges: 1835

Written 43 years after Mary Wollstonecraft wrote ‘Vindication of the Rights of Woman,’ and a decade before the Seneca Falls Convention, this essay provides a very different perspective on the power, and status of women of the time.

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Circumcision: The double standard of genital mutilation

It always comes across as peculiar when feminists dwell on women receiving the legal right to vote a few generations ago, and yet men still don’t have a legal right to genital integrity! Joe Wilson brings our focus back to the flesh and blood issue of male genital mutilation, which deserves attention from everyone genuinely concerned about human rights.