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Boys raped more often than girls

Who’s raped more often, boys or girls? Turns out, it’s boys. And who does the raping? Looks like it’s a tossup between men and women. Don’t believe it? Psychotherapist Tom Golden looks at the research. Please share this article far and wide.

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    This is an early call for manuscripts. AVFM Education, LLC is opening a publishing house in the near future. Zeta Press (under construction) will house a wide range of literature addressing issues faced by men and boys. It will include literature not acceptable for mainstream sensibilities, which means it is the stuff you want to read. It will also host an array of other interesting nonfiction and fiction offerings.

    Simply put, we want to build the red pill library from hell.

    We have agreed to contract with a highly experienced editing team and will provide cover art graphics for those who desire it.

    Our contract with authors will be very competitive. We will provide you with extras like an editing progress account (RT) that allows you ongoing communication during the editing process and automated...

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Welcome to AVFM

Traffic to AVFM has been buzzing for quite a while now. Paul Elam takes a moment to welcome to new readers, and to explain to them why they are here.


Funding an end to fundraisers

Welcome to AVFM’s most out of the ordinary fundraiser, and without a doubt one of the most important ever. Financial supporters will want to read all of this appeal, as it will explain the enormous transformation AVFM is undergoing. I will try to get all this out without writing a book, and hopefully without diluting […]

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Therapy and male circumcision grief

Genital cutting societies deny that male circumcision is a human rights violation and that men in particular suffer physically and psychologically from the procedure. They’re wrong.


MGTOW: know them by their words

Categorizing people by ideological criteria is airy and abstract, but recognizing the words they use when speaking is a simpler way to identify their concerns. Peter Wright attempts to group MGTOW according to their habitual speech patterns.

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Eating while MGTOW: Buck buck chicken

Eating while MGTOW doesn’t have to be elaborate to be good. August Løvenskiolds muses that vexing feminists while you are preparing your food is the best seasoning of all.

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An Introduction to the Men’s Rights Movement.

Robert has penned this article as a straightforward explanation of the men’s rights movement. Its intended audience is those who want to know more about the movement and will genuinely consider what they read with an open mind.