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  • Do you want to publish a book?

    This is an early call for manuscripts. AVFM Education, LLC is opening a publishing house in the near future. Zeta Press (under construction) will house a wide range of literature addressing issues faced by men and boys. It will include literature not acceptable for mainstream sensibilities, which means it is the stuff you want to read. It will also host an array of other interesting nonfiction and fiction offerings.

    Simply put, we want to build the red pill library from hell.

    We have agreed to contract with a highly experienced editing team and will provide cover art graphics for those who desire it.

    Our contract with authors will be very competitive. We will provide you with extras like an editing progress account (RT) that allows you ongoing communication during the editing process and automated...

  • Wikimasters, Editors, and Writers Wanted *Apply Now*

    Fight Wikipedia censorship! Add to and improve the AVfM Reference Wiki. Volunteers needed for writing, proofreading, and organizing.

    Please create an account and then follow instructions here

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ICMI 15: Building Bridges Between Men and Women in the 21st Century

Paul Elam explains the narrative of the Second Annual Conference on Men’s Issues coming up in Houston. The focus is on building bridges between men and women in the 21st century, and how these bridges cannot be built without first tearing down the wall of gynocentrism.

Family of feet warming at a fireplace

Welcome to AVFM

Traffic to AVFM has been buzzing for quite a while now. Paul Elam takes a moment to welcome to new readers, and to explain to them why they are here.

twisted film for photo or video recording

Lauren Southern: Why I am not a feminist

Will any of those who attack Lauren Southern, telling her she “just doesn’t understand feminism,” have the self-awareness to think it’s maybe they who don’t understand the word?

Anita Sarkeesian 2013 750

Who is harassing Anita Sarkeesian?

The professional damsel in distress who vehemently protests damsels in distress is damseling her distress yet again. Sargon of Akkad takes a look at just who is harassing whom.

funny horse with a silly expression on it's face

Monty Python and the meaning of satire

At A Voice for Men, satire makes a serious point, one that is often lost on our critics. B.R. Merrick takes a serious look at the pain inside our humor.